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Chapter 434 - lts all about that Give and Take

Chapter 433 Herbs! Herbs! We Accept All Typesof Herbs Here!

After reaching the city outskirts, Liam first asked the group to wait and he entered the place alone to check things out.

Unlike the rest of the players or at least those who did not have high enough demonic or nether affinity, he did not have to worry about anything and can pretty much enter any place freely in the nether realm.

Unless he picked a fight himself or there was some sort of special circumstance, the demons would not bother him too much.

But the same could not be said for Mei Mei, Shen Yue, and the rest of the group. They would have to disguise themselves and even then they had to be constantly wary of their surroundings.

At any given time they could be sniffed out and exposed. Then the entire city would burn them and eat them for dinner.

However, all of that did not apply to Liam. He casually walked on the streets of the city and just like the intel, there were several oddly shaped demons standing and peddling for herbs.

They did not even take a look at what herbs they were collecting. It seemed like they were simply hoarding whatever they could get their hands on.

”Oreyyy! What are you looking at? Do you have any herbs to contribute? Either piss or get off the pot. Do not crowd the space. Keep moving. Keep moving. ” 

The demon in front of Liam shouted at him. From the looks of it, he was too much of a small fry to know Liam ’s status so he simply treated him like any other random demon.

”Ah right, sorry boss. ” Liam took a step back and smiled. 

After that, he took several steps back and quietly sat down in a rickety looking eatery, all the while not removing his eyes from the group of hawkers.

The bunch of them continued shouting energetically for a while and several demons as well came by depositing herbs every once in a while.

As the sun started dipping, one of the demons, coincidentally the one who shouted at Liam moved around and started collecting all the deposits.

It was quite a big haul and filled two giant sacks, almost the size of the demon himself.

The demon looked smugly at the harvest, grabbed the two sacks, and then started walking towards one of the bull hound carriages at the entrance of the city, dragging the two sacks with him. 

Satisfied and proud of his day ’s work, he jumped onto the carriage along with his haul and sped out of the city. 

And a couple of minutes later… the person who had been sitting all this while finally made a move. 

Liam ’s expression was as calm as ever as he once again started casually strolling along the streets, towards the city ’s main gates.

But just as he reached the gate and stepped out… his speed suddenly increased several folds. He activated [Stealth] and sprinted in the direction where the carriage had disappeared.

The tracks were very obvious and not too difficult to spot and the carriage itself came into view within moments.

ᴘ ᴀɴᴅ ᴀ ɴ ᴏᴠᴇʟ ”So there you are… ” Liam hung back and watched the demon calmly from a distance. 

There was no security whatsoever surrounding this carriage. There were not even additional carriages for company guarding this main carriage. 

It was almost like the person was taking along something that was utterly useless.

”Hmmm? Did the demons not value herbs? ” Liam was puzzled. 

If he wanted, he could take all the herbs from this guy right here and right now and there would be nothing anyone could do about it.panda novel

He watched the carriage for a while, stalking it carefully, all the while not showing any intention of making a move.

He waited and watched it all the way until it reached another city, several miles over. The carriage then casually entered the city gates without any pomp and show.

The demon even paid the guards at the gate the entrance fees.

”Hmmm… ” Liam stopped in his tracks. 

He undid his [Stealth] and then once again started following the city by heading in through the same gates, but this time he did it more inconspicuously.

He followed the carriage all the way until it stopped near one of the tall brick buildings. 

This seemed to be the destination as after arriving here, the demon stopped the carriage, jumped out, and dragged the two sacks along with him.

Liam stopped there and did not follow him anymore. He did not even linger in the city and started walking back out of the gates.

”That was interesting. ” He muttered to himself, a subtle smile dancing on his lips. 

Although this was a time consuming process, it was definitely a necessity because he now knew something very crucial. From the beginning to the end, the carriage was completely unguarded!

Slowly, a plan started forming in his head.

”Luna, come out. ” The small white fox popped out of his hoodie and after walking for a good distance, the duo lifted off into the sky, flying back to their group at top speed.

The rest of the group was currently busy grinding three-tailed dome scorpions. They did not wait idly while Liam was away and everyone was busy honing their combat skills.

They split into groups of two and were clearing the hordes, but not all of them did this. 

Derek always hunted alone because he was simply too efficient at killing. If someone partnered with him, he would only be effectively carrying them.

Except for him, the others typically teamed up but this time, there was another surprise. 

Shen Yue and Mei Mei, the usual duo team had split apart this time. Equipped with the legendary item, Mei Mei ’s damage was simply too much.

She was massacring the scorpions left and right and this did not leave much space for Shen Yue to contribute anything.

Before she could strike with her twin daggers, all the little girl needed to do was cast a single earth spike. 

The dome of the scorpion was split in half and the beast screamed in pain before collapsing on the side lifelessly. 

”Mu ha ha ha! ” The little girl grinned ear to ear and simply ran around picking up drops. On top of her head, the emerald crown was dazzling brilliantly.

”This is too good! ” Mei Mei tried to be very serious as she now knew the truth but it was hard to not get excited with so much power in her hands.

”Come at me you bunch of weaklings! Mu ha ha ha! ”

If this world was a game, then she was currently on cheat mode!

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