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Chapter 436 - Bandits

Chapter 435 – Fool me once…

When Luna landed on the ground, still sitting on top of her, Liam started tossing the huge sacks, one after another forming a pile on the ground.

He did not have to explain to anyone what these sacks contained. They already knew the answer!

And more importantly, the number of sacks did not add up. If their calculation was correct, then their leader had somehow obtained more herbs than what they originally had.

”Brother! How did you get everything back? ”

”Oh. That was easy. A simple smash and grab. ” Liam smiled, jumping from Luna ’s back.

”There is no one guarding the transport carriage carrying these sacks. So all I had to do was deal with the single guy. Very straightforward daylight robbery. ”

Ah… everyone was dumbfounded.

So this was what Liam was doing while they were busy grinding. He followed the demon and tracked the whole process thereby easily finding the loophole.

He then not only retrieved what was theirs but went above and beyond to steal extra as well. How could it be any more perfect?

They still had their herbs and had also leveled up twice!

Shin Soo particularly was very happy as he felt that this was the first time he had contributed something to the group.

”Boss! Can we do this again? ” He asked, a big greedy smile plastered on his face. If they could just milk this a bit…

However, he did not get the response that he wanted. Like pouring cold water on his dreams, Liam broke his bubble.

”We can only probably do it one more time. There should be another shipment of herbs heading out in a few hours just before the night falls. We can try at that time. ”

”But this won ’t be as easy. Things might get a bit tricky. So we need to be more prepared this time. ”

”Ah. That is so unfair! ” Mei Mei had also wanted some more free fast exp and so did the rest of the group so they couldn ’t help but feel a bit disappointed.

Liam looked at the bunch and shook his head helplessly. These guys were too spoilt!

”Listen up. You guys should not underestimate these demon cities. Each city has a garrison. They had an army of demons ready to set off on their command. ”

”This army is many times more powerful than the NPC armies of the Gresh Kingdom. They will wreck us and slaughter us all with their sheer numbers. Do you understand? ”

”Have you guys forgotten the rift battle? We only got this precious chance because we caught them off guard. ”

”They don ’t seem to value their herbs too much. So let ’s use this chance well and not get greedy. ” Liam flicked his sister ’s forehead.

Hearing his words, everyone else sobered up as well. At least they can repeat this one more time, right? That part was a little comforting.

Liam did not have to remind them again as everyone quickly divided all the herbs among themselves.

After that, the group redid their disguises slightly different from the previous disguise and once again set out to the small demon city.

This time around, the city was a lot more chaotic. The demons were bustling about here and there busily. There was palpable tension in the air, probably because they were robbed. ??? ????? fu?? . c?m

Also, there were now a lot more demons standing around the herb hawkers.

The big guys were still exchanging copper coins and experience points for herbs but the security had definitely doubled and all the demons looked extremely pissed.

They were no longer simply hawking but bullying and manhandling the passersby to ’donate ’ herbs for their cause.

”They must have a daily quota to meet. ” Observing the behavior of the demons, Liam was sure about this.

”They must have been happy that they managed to meet their quota earlier but since everything was stolen, they are angry. ”

”Ok this time, let ’s not go all at once. Don ’t even go near them. Just cross them and they should take care of the rest. Give it like 10 mins break and the next person can go. ”

Everyone nodded in understanding. Shen Yue decided to go first and try her luck since she had her charm working for her.

Of course, unlike the other demons who were pulled over and almost frisked, she received an entirely different treatment.

She elegantly took out one herb after the other, handing over everything to the demons who were thanking her by kneeling on their hands and feet.

A couple of minutes later, she was done and she managed to level up one more time. She then returned back to the group like a champ with a sweet smile on her lips.

”Ok. Me next! Me next! ” Mei Mei licked her lips and ran over excitedly, only to be stared down by the demons. She sighed helplessly and then gave them all her herbs.

How could she possibly get the same treatment as Shen Yue? She did receive experience points in return but she walked back to the group with an unsettling feeling. Life was not fair.

Liam smiled and patted her. ”Don ’t worry. We will teach them a lesson later. ”

Mei Mei perked up after hearing that and stared at the bunch of demons with hatred as if she was mentally already skewering them.

She might not be as enchanting as sis Yue, but she was also good-looking, damn it! She only lacked in one department! Was that such a crime?!

And just like Mei Mei, the others were also ’bullied ’ into exchanging their herbs. This made their life easy and experience points rained down non-stop.

In a good mood, everyone joked around as the group headed out one after the other and collected all the experience points for a second time by exchanging the same batch of herbs.

Sweet free exp! This was life!

However, after this part got over, then came the second half, the more difficult half of their mission. They now needed to get all the herbs back.

The group walked out well before the last person submitted so as to not arouse any suspicion but unlike last time they stayed close by, lingering around the city outskirts.

Not long after, a carriage headed out. This carriage carried all the sacks filled with herbs. There were about 25 sacks loaded in the carriage, a haul even bigger than the previous time.

However, before the group of players eyeing this single carriage like hawks could feel relief, five other carriages headed out right behind the first one.

And each of these five carriages was jam-packed with tall and sturdy demons, all sitting next to each other, carrying several weapons.

Liam was right. The demons had amped up the security this time around!

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