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Chapter 437 - Wanted

Chapter 436 – Bandits

”Not yet. ” Liam got out of the [Stealth] mode and joined the party. ”If we attack now, the entire city will slaughter us. So not yet. ”

The group of demons in the few carriages was something they could still handle but not the whole garrison.

Everyone laid low and finally, about an hour later, their chance arrived.

”Now! ” Liam shouted. This was the best location to stop the carriages and attack the demons. They were in the middle of nowhere, and the closest city was still quite far away.

There was no way for the demons to call for reinforcements.

Liam, Derek, and Shin Soo made the first move as the trio jumped in front of the carriage and slashed down at the bull hounds.

They aimed for the legs which instantly made the carts wobble and crash against each other.

”Who is there?! ”

”Bandits! ”

”Beastmen? ”

”ORAAA! These must be the same thugs who robbed you before! Kill those bastards! ”

The demons started shouting and pouring out of the carriages one after the other.

A few of them were even high-leveled but thankfully most of them were around levels 40 to 50 so they were not too out of the league.

Otherwise, handling this group would have also been out of their hands.

Liam dashed forward and blocked the two demons as they charged at him with their hammers.

”This reinforcement is stronger than I expected. Mei Mei, take out the golems. Also, start casting. Time to show off your crown. ”

”Yes, brother. ” The little girl stood next to Luna as she started chanting one spell after another.

She started with the enemy debuff spell and then threw in the ally buffing spell and by the time, she was done, the strength of the bunch of demons was reduced by a whole ten levels.

The power of the legendary item clearly stood out!

”This is awesome! ” Mei Mei tilted her head, wearing her crown proudly, and then took out the two golem balls and tossed them on the ground.

The next instant the two giant metal golems appeared.

The defense golem stood next to the casters while the attack golem started walking around and pummeling demons into thin crust pizza.

The other players in the party as well attacked the demons rapidly without giving them an inch to fight back.

With the buffs from Mei Mei ’s casting, they felt invigorated and each of their attacks struck heavy damage.

The demon that was under Shen Yue ’s charm was also doing significant damage.

The other demons did not understand why their ally had switched sides and were caught off guard. Shen Yue used this opportunity to quickly finish off the guys.

”As good as always I see. ” Liam chuckled. The others did not know, but while fighting Liam also silently observed everybody else ’s combat abilities and skills.

He wanted to see how they had all improved in the short time they were out grinding on their own.

Would there be some surprises? Maybe some players who showed talent beyond their potential? ??? ????? fu?? . c?m

Unfortunately, there weren ’t any. How could something like that be so easy?

Only Derek was shining as always. Shen Yue was now more fluent in using her daggers and she also shone but it was mostly due to her special class.

And of course, Mei Mei had the legendary item and she was going all out as well, but other than that, the rest of the players were above average at best.

Liam was not someone who believed that genius and talent was something people were born with. He believed in working hard for it.

He used the second chance he got and worked hard to come to where he was today. And for these people, he would have to be their second chance.

Perhaps if they faced some life and death situations, they could also bring out the hidden talent and potential within themselves, but was there any place like that?

The only place he could think of was the old ruins where he had obtained the black dragon sword. Maybe it was time to pay a visit to that old man again.

If he could somehow scam the guy into training some of his teammates, then their group would perform a lot better.

Liam put a pin on this thought and then he continued wrecking the demons in front of him.

With the whole group fighting together, the fight did not last long and the demons were quickly taken care of.

Luna only popped up now and she started running around and collecting the drops. Everyone grabbed a couple of sacks each and the group was out of there within minutes.

”Pfft. Brother, we again managed to get more herbs than we already had. ” Mei Mei giggled, but then she remembered something and her excitement died down a little.

”No more free exp… ”

”What is the plan now, brother? Are we going to one of the dungeons I and sis found? I want to test out my spells in the dungeon. ”

Mei Mei adjusted her crown and opened the system interface to take a look at the map. ”There is one near this place. ”

She looked up to Liam to see his expression when she got rewarded with another forehead flick. ”BROTHER! ” The little girl pouted rubbing her forehead.

Liam chuckled and shook his head. ”Don ’t be in such a hurry. I am not done with this herb collection quest just yet. ”

”Huh? Are we going to do this again, boss? ” Shin Soo scratched his head. Even he knew that it was a bad idea to do so.

”No, not that. ” Liam pointed his finger in the direction where the carriage was headed to. ”You guys keep grinding. I think I need to check out that city more. ”

”I want to find out just where all these demons were transporting the herbs to. ”

”Boss, you can ’t be thinking about… ” Shin Soo looked petrified and so was the rest of the group members.

Knowing Liam so far, they all understood him pretty well. So they understood what he meant as well.

While they were all happy, content, and overjoyed with just exploiting this small loophole and getting some free experience points, Liam was on an entirely different level.

He already had his eye on the motherlode.

”Heh. You guys. We need this. I am not doing this out of boredom. ” Liam chuckled faintly.

It was not that he was fond of looting other people ’s stock supplies, it was just that it was the fastest way to get his hands on a diverse supply of herbs.

So when the shortcut was right in front of his eyes, how could he let it go?

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