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Chapter 438 - The genius alchemist

Chapter 437 – Wanted

Once the group was in the clear, Liam first sorted out all the herbs from the giant sacks. He wanted to see if he got any new varieties of herbs from their little excursion.

But unfortunately, even though there were a few new herbs, they were still not the ones he needed for the elixir recipe. He also did not know what they could be used for or their names.

Nevertheless, he organized all the herbs that he knew and as well as those he did not know and placed everything in his inventory slots.

”Tsk. Tsk. I am already full. ” Liam clicked his tongue. He then hopped onto Luna ’s back and the duo lifted up heading straight to the city ahead of them.

”Here we are. ” The two of them reached the place in a few minutes and once again, Liam changed into the black robe that covered his body and his face.

Normally, a hooded figure like this would stand out but in the busy city, he was just one among the many.

Just like Itaka city this Karakus city was also a considerably big city.

Liam easily blended into the crowd of demons and walked over to the big brick building where the carriage had stopped the previous day.

”What is this place? Some sort of a storage bank? ”

He walked closer but before he could enter the place, he was abruptly stopped at the gate. ”Halt, do you have an appointment to meet with the Lord? ”

”Hmmm? ” Liam was confused. The demons only addressed their garrison leader as Lord within the city so this was the garrison building of the city?

”No, I don ’t have an appointment. I will come back later. ” Liam smiled and silently withdrew.

It seems this place wasn ’t an ordinary one. He had to first gather some information about the city and come back to pay a visit again.

Liam took a walk and settled in one of the eateries. He paid the guy a few copper coins and ordered a lot of food items.

And a couple of minutes later, he slowly started.

”So many carriages coming into the city lately, I wonder what is happening? ” Liam casually stretched his hands with a yawn as if he was merely thinking out aloud.

”Ha? What are you talking about? Don ’t we always have a lot of carriages bringing us herbs? ” The demon who was frying the meat laughed loudly.

”What are they doing with all the herbs? ” Another demon asked.

Liam did not have to make the conversation anymore as the bunch of demons sitting in the small eatery started chatting amongst themselves.

”Ya, lately there have been a lot more carriages? Is our Lord trying something new? ”

”No, it ’s because some other city Lord ’s daughter is sick. Our Lord is the only alchemist in the vicinity. Of course, everyone would come to our Lord for help. Ha Ha Ha. ”

”Yes, Yes, our Lord ’s talent in alchemy is the best. ” Liam added to their gossip, thinking he was mingling in with them.

However, unexpectedly, his words elicited a bout of loud laughter from the other demons.

”Who is this greenhorn trying to brown nose? The Lord is not here to reward you, chap. Ba ha ha ha ha! Save all the flowery words for later. ”

”Our Lord is the worst at alchemy. Why do you think we get so many carriages and we are always procuring herbs? Ha Ha Ha ”

”No demon is good at alchemy. Ha Ha Ha. ” A L L N O VEL F U L L . C0M

”Why are you idiots laughing? It ’s our tax money that is being burned as herbs. ” Another burly demon sighed. The mood immediately turned sour and the demons changed the subject.

Liam as well paid up and left the eatery. He now had a good idea about what was going on here.

The Karakus city Lord was an alchemy enthusiast though not a very successful one. What was it about demons that made them bad at this? Liam pondered.

This was also probably why the herbs were never guarded. All the pieces of the puzzles were coming together.

The only negative point was that Liam had hoped to loot a bunch of herbs from this place. However, after hearing about everything he doubted if any of them remained.

The demon probably already went through them by practicing with them? Or maybe not. Either ways, he needed to do a bit more investigation.

And he couldn ’t do it by keeping a low profile like this.

Liam once again walked over to the same big building. ”Is this maybe the guy ’s training spot? ”

”Halt. ” The demon guarding the place once again blocked him. However, this time Liam did not simply leave.

He removed the black hoodie from his head. ”I am the garrison leader of Thol city and I want to meet with your Lord to discuss an important matter. ”

”Ahh! Please forgive me, my Lord. I did not recognize you. ” The demon standing guard immediately became nervous and quickly ran over inside to convey the information.

Meanwhile, Liam casually waltzed in and the other demon standing guard did not dare to stop him.

”Not bad. ” Liam looked around. The building itself was very simple and spacious. There were a lot of demons rushing here and there, looking very busy.

”The guy must be training hard. ”

BOOM! Before he could even finish his thoughts, a loud explosion resounded. After that, Liam heard a loud disgruntled noise and followed by heavy thudding footsteps.

Jumping down the winding staircase at the corner of the hall, a huge ogre appeared in front of Liam.

”Hello there, famous garrison leader of the Thol city. ” The ogre snorted in disdain.

Liam ’s brain instantly spun as this wasn ’t a situation that he had foreseen. This demon already knew about him? That changed everything.

He looked at the big ogre who was probably a hybrid of something species as he had some uncharacteristic leaves growing out of his horns.

This demon was definitely not planning on making friends with him. Did he just get himself caught in an enemy ’s territory?

He did not expect the news to be spread this far.

Did every single city in the Kingdom or perhaps the Empire already know about him? Was he a wanted person?

Sighing softly, Liam lifted his hand. ”I come in peace. ” He already had a plan.

He did not even have to think so much about it. The way the ogre looked at him, it was plain obvious and a plan automatically took shape.

”Karakus city garrison leader, please hear me out. I need your help. ” Liam smiled politely as if he was in desperate need of the demon ’s help.

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