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Chapter 44 - Bear King Part2

Berat blinked, staring at the unbelievable scene in front of him. ”What the hell? ” He had indeed expected a massacre, but this seemed to be happening in the wrong order.

Instead of many players hunting and chasing one person, the single person was hunting and torturing the big group. That too the other party had completely given up and everyone scattered like marbles.

Berat gulped nervously. Just hearing the screams of the men as a bystander was just too realistic for him.

As he continued watching the chaos unfolding in awe, suddenly a couple of men ran in his direction towards him.

Hmm… Berat ’s gaze shifted and he spontaneously made a decision.

”Earth Bind ”

”Earth Bind ”

Immediately the ground where the two men placed their feet liquefied and their legs got caught in the marshy muddy mess. Before they could get out of this, the soggy mud quickly solidified back again, binding them both in place.

”Fuck! Who the hell are you bitch? ”

”Ah. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Stop the spell man. What did we do to you? Why are you even here? ”

Berat, however, ignored their pleas and waved his hand at Liam. ”Boss, I have two here. ”

At this point, he knew that there was no way his presence hadn ’t already been noticed by Liam. So without hesitation, he simply called him over.

”Hey! No. No. No! He is going to cripple us! ”

”Bastard! Who are you? ” The two men screamed at the top of their lungs.

Liam hadn ’t expected this so he was amused. ”Oh. Not bad. ” His voice sounded in the distance and the next moment he was standing near Berat.

Both his fists shot forward simultaneously as he twisted the insides of both the men and within seconds, they as well ended up dead with a special status added to them.

Watching this up close was definitely scarier than watching it from a distance. Berat couldn ’t help but take a step back. What was this guy doing to them?

He had heard the word ’cripple ’ in the midst of their screams. So he wondered what was happening.

However, he didn ’t have the guts to ask Liam openly as it would only take him another second to do to him what he had done to the other men.

”I think the others ran away. ” He awkwardly mumbled instead.

Mhm. Liam hummed, dusting his hands, and taking a look around.

Everyone had indeed run away but he managed to catch and wrangle at least a dozen which was more than enough to teach them the lesson that he wanted to.

”Well. That ’s that then. At least for a while, they shouldn ’t be bothering me. ”

He casually picked up all the pieces of equipment that were dropped here and there and then started walking away without sparing another glance at anything or anyone.

Ah! Berat saw that and quickly ran to catch up to him. ”Boss, do you need any help? I am a bit free right now. Ahem. And I am already here so… ”

Liam chuckled and continued walking. ”You are free? Alright then. Follow me. ”

His words were so shocking that Berat almost couldn ’t believe them. He agreed so easily?

At first, he was pleasantly surprised, but then he began to feel nervous. Was this guy planning something particularly devious for me?

He remembered those miserable screams and shuddered subconsciously.

The two of them walked in silence for a while covering a lot of distance. The more time passed, the more nervous Berat became. Now he simply wished that he had rather rejected him outright.

”By the way, what class do you play? ”

Liam ’s voice broke his thoughts and he quickly blurted out. ”Mage, boss. ”

”Not bad. ” Liam nodded and then he suddenly paused in the middle of the forest. ”Alright. Keep spamming your skills and try not to get in the way. ”

”Huh? What? ” Berat looked around in confusion. Being constantly worried about the person next to him, he hadn ’t exactly paid much attention to the surroundings.

He craned his neck from right to left in alarm to see where they were and what they were going to fight. Was this guy testing me?

But he didn ’t have to wonder about this for long, as the very next instant, a loud roar sounded from behind them.

Thud! A gigantic beast jumped out and galloped towards them from within a dense cluster of trees. It was a huge grizzly black bear with blood-red eyes.

”Fuck! It ’s here! ” Berat shouted.

The bear was gigantic and its shadow fell like a dark blanket around them. More surprisingly, the animal had a golden silver glow around it, indicating that it was at least an elite monster.

Berat hadn ’t even crossed Level 10, so when he tried to observe the health and status of this beast, it only came up as question marks.

All players were only able to observe the strength and details of a beast in their level class and judging from everything, this bear ’s level class was at least one above his.

The beast ’s presence was so overwhelming that Berat could feel a significant mental pressure weighing him down. He was not able to react easily at all.

However, unlike him, the person next to him had already moved.

There was even a hint of a smile on Liam ’s face. He was looking at the big black bear lovingly?

Ah… Berat became dumbfounded. Just what level is he at?

The two of them were not in a single party, so he couldn ’t get any detail at all. He had been waiting for the guy to add him to his party but clearly, no such thing was going to happen.

Berat wanted to cry quietly.

He still suspected that Liam had strong connections which gave him extra information about the game but his skills and techniques were even more terrifying.

And somehow, he had ended up working as an unpaid intern for this monstrous guy.

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