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Chapter 440 - Who is the real fool?

Chapter 439 – Watch the fools running away

”Lord Ghet, could you tell me which alchemy recipe you are most comfortable with? We can start from that one. ” Liam suggested, while he simultaneously cased the joint.

This place was not going to be that easy to steal from.

First and foremost, the garrison leader ’s level was far too high. Liam could not even see his level. All he could see were the question marks.

Secondly, the place was also located smack dab in the middle of the city. So it was heavily guarded and not to mention, this room, in particular, was very tightly monitored.

This was definitely going to be a headache. Liam sighed and continued paying attention to the ogre who was still explaining to him the basic health potion recipe.

Someone who cannot even manage to make the basic health potion recipe? Why even bother breaking your head over this?

But Liam also appreciated the demon ’s stubbornness, determination, and his refusal to give up. The thing was… these qualities were not always rewarded.

Sometimes it is just better to give up and move on!

Because he was refusing to let go, the poor demon was suffering so much. ”Alright, I will definitely try to help you, Lord Ghet. ” Liam nodded and he meant every word.

The poor demon was working so hard only because he had the invaluable treasure in his hands. If he no longer had that treasure, wouldn ’t that make him give up and attain some peace?

Liam smiled warmly as a plan started forming in his mind. ”Lord Ghet, I am currently a little tired from the travel. Can we meet here in a couple of hours? ”

Grunt. The ogre snorted and clapped his hands. ”You two, take the Thol city garrison leader with you and attend to him. ”

He then silently went back to practicing something in a flashy cauldron that looked very exquisite.

Though his words indicated that he was showing respect to another garrison leader, his actions were very clearly rude.

However, Liam couldn ’t care less. He hurried along with the two demons who led him to one of the chambers in the same building.

He was not even taken to the main garrison tower, another sign of disrespect. But Liam, still smiling, entered the room and asked the others to leave.

He then locked the door and started his work immediately. Ransacking his inventory slots, he fished out a big black stone similar in color and texture to the tablet he had just seen.

”Yup. This should do it. ” He grinned.

A few minutes later…

Resting on the ground in front of Liam was Luna and near her, there was a stone tablet almost identical to the one that was in the garden above.

”What do you think, Luna? Does it look the same? ”


The fox bobbed her head in agreement.

”Well, it doesn ’t matter. To that guy, it probably looks the same. ” Liam carefully placed the stone tablet back into his inventory and then stood up from the ground.

It was time for the show!

He walked out of the room and first went to another eatery to eat his fill. Only then did he return back to the special alchemy room where the Karakus city Lord was already busily working hard.

”Oh, there you are! ” The ogre snorted seeing Liam at the entrance. ”Come. I have waited long enough. Let me see what pointers YOU can give me. ”

”Ok, Lord Ghet. As you wish. ” Liam cleared his throat and continued, as he circled the ogre.

”Lord, if I may point it out, it is best to close your eyes and meditate for a while before starting alchemy practice. ”

”And also… it is best to keep the surroundings free of disturbance. ”

The ogre demon rolled his eyes at Liam as he was pretty sure that the guy was simply showing off. Nevertheless, he waved his hands and sent the few guards out of the room.

Liam ’s strength was too low to consider him a threat so the ogre did not think much. He closed his eyes and mockingly added, ”Should I start throwing in the herbs also with my eyes closed? ”

”No, my Lord. You can open your eyes now. ” Liam smiled.

”Now what? ”

”Add some water and then add the herbs. ”

The ogre rolled his eyes again and then gave Liam a death stare before doing all the steps.

But just as he placed his hands on the cauldron and used nether to fire up the cauldron, the next instant, everything blew up! BOOM! a???0?e? F u?? . c 0 m

The ogre looked aggrieved seeing that once again his efforts had been in vain. Coincidentally, Liam also looked very shocked.

He had not expected this. The ogre had done everything perfectly and yet failed to make something as simple as the basic potion?

How could this even be possible?

The only thing that Liam could think of was the nether. Was nether really this turbulent?

He himself had never tried using to date to create potions or pills. Maybe he would also have the same problem?

Liam snapped out of his thoughts and quickly dodged as something came flying at him. The big ogre had actually picked up one of the debris and tossed it at him in anger!

”Why are you still standing here? You told me that you will help me achieve success! Where is it?! Thol city garrison leader, is this enough, or are you going to continue this charade? ”

”Do you take me for a fool? I have been practicing for so long and a greenhorn like you wants to give me pointers? HMPH! ”

”Did you think that you cheat me? Did you think I am so easy to fool? You want me to put in a good word with his highness? DREAM ON! ”

The ogre grunted furiously. Perhaps the demon was so embarrassed to fail in front of somebody else and became really agitated.

He grabbed whatever he could get his hands on and started throwing things at Liam.

On the other side, Liam was absolutely stunned. He had never expected the ogre to behave like this. However, this was also a chance for him.

His job here was completed a while ago when the ogre had closed his eyes for a couple of minutes. So this was as good a chance as any to make his exit.

In fact, the sooner he left the better because he did not know how long his creation would hold up. Perhaps after the ogre calmed down a bit, his work would be exposed.

He needed to leave before that.

And since the demon was personally chasing him out, a better outcome couldn ’t have happened.

”Sorry, Lord Ghet. I will take my leave now. ” Without turning back, Liam hurriedly dashed out. The moment he was out of the building, he already summoned Luna and jumped on her back.

He did not even bother running all the way until the city gates and the duo instantly lifted up in the air to fly away right in the middle of the city.

All the demons standing were extremely shocked. Was something huge going down in their city?

By now news had spread that the Thol city garrison leader was visiting, so everyone looked towards their own leader for some explanation?

The huge ogre had by now walked out of the building as well. He stood calmly and leisurely, not bothering to chase after Liam or anything.

He simply looked up at the fleeing person and sneered in contempt. ”KE KE KE! Look at how he is running with his tail in between his leg! ”

”KE KE KE! Trying to swindle me? You are 10 years too early! ”

The other demons standing around also joined in and everyone started laughing at the figures in the sky who had become small dots by now.

”The Thol city garrison is a joke! ”

”Trash city! Trash leader! Our city is the best! ”

”The demons there are also stupid! And the city is the absolute worst! I heard everyone is extremely poor there! ”

The horde of demons gathered in the square, crowding around their leader to boisterously chat and laugh about the Thol city and the cowardly garrison leader who was running away from them.

The ogre as well was haughtily enjoying the show while laughing alongside everyone else.

After all, it was not an everyday occurrence to see another garrison leader run away like this! So pathetic and shameful!

This further fueled the crowd and to earn more brownie points, the demons started cursing the weak Thol city garrison leader furthermore.

The crowd became completely rowdy and their laughter rang out for several miles.

And in the midst of this commotion and hubbub, suddenly a thin and short demon hastily ran over.

He squeezed into the crowd and desperately tried to reach the ogre who was standing at the center of all of this ruckus.

His eyes were bloodshot, and his body was trembling but he was determined to make his way through as if his life depended on it.

”LEADER! LEADER! ” The demon shouted at the top of his lungs, finally reaching near the ogre. ”Leader! Something terrible has happened! The alchemy garden disappeared! ”

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