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Chapter 441 - Clash!

Chapter 440 – Who is the real fool?

”WHAT? WHAT are you telling me? ” The ogre demon instantly turned several shades red. He grunted in anger and took one big leap to land directly in front of the building.

He then rushed towards the special room as fast as he could, almost blindly. Hearing that something had happened to the special room, his heart almost stopped.

This was the single most important thing he had in his possession. Even the King had agreed with him that the stone tablet was a priceless treasure.

Because of this one treasure, he had become famous and his rank had risen from a mere platoon leader to a garrison leader and a city Lord in lightning speed!

This was even when he had not yet managed to understand the inscription on the stone tablet.

If could somehow manage to gain something and somehow understand the words on the tablet, then his future would truly be limitless.

He might even get a ticket to the abyss and become a member of the elites.

This stone tablet was simply far too precious. If he lost this… then everything he had planned would crumble.

The ogre sweated profusely and shook his head. He did not want to think about such a frightening circumstance!

However… when he stopped in front of the room and saw the previously lush magical place turn into something dull and empty, he knew that something was definitely wrong.

His heart dropped. He gulped, opening and closing his dry mouth, and walked over to the stone tablet that was now flat on the ground in the big empty room.

The ogre couldn ’t help but sigh a little in relief. Whatever may be wrong, at least the stone tablet was still here.

So maybe not all hope was lost. He let out a deep breath and very carefully picked up the stone tablet, holding it gently with both his hands.

”Why? Why does it feel different? ” The weight was a bit off.

Or maybe because he hadn ’t lifted the tablet up in so long, he had forgotten it. He scratched his head.

The ogre then very cautiously turned the stone tablet, front, and back and took a look. Though it seemed like it was the same, something about it was different.

Just as he was thoroughly examining the tablet to see what could have changed and what happened, suddenly it slipped.

He was holding it properly but because his big thick hands were sweaty and shaking and he was also extremely anxious, he dropped it by mistake.

Everything happened too fast and the ogre ’s head was already overheated from thinking about the sudden change.

So he was not able to catch it in time and he could only dumbfoundedly watch the tablet hit the ground.


The stone tablet hit the ground and the next instant several cracks appeared on it.

Gasp! The other demons in the room were all stunned silly. How could cracks appear on a priceless treasure from a mere 10 feet drop?

Even they knew that something like that was impossible and yet it had happened. So that could only mean one thing…

This stone tablet was a fake!

This explains why the room suddenly changed and why the tablet cracked after falling to the ground, but where was the real one? Who took the real one from a place so heavily guarded? A.L.L N.O.V.E.L F.U.L.L

Just as this thought floated across all the demons, suddenly the image of a person fleeing on a white fox entered their mind.

So this was why the Thol city garrison leader was running away?

All the demons gulped as they realized this small fact.

More importantly, they were all simply standing around and laughing loudly at the fool ’s actions… when they could have been chasing and catching the culprit?

Their Lord must have also realized this?


Suddenly another loud sound echoed as the ogre Lord wordlessly lifted his thick leg and stepped onto the already cracked stone tablet.

The next moment, the stone tablet burst into a million pieces, bits and pieces and dust flying everywhere.

All the demons shivered and the ogre turned around to look at the bunch with a grave expression on his face.


”I don ’t care where that bastard is! Even if we have to comb through the entire Kingdom, bring him to me! NOW! ” The ogre angrily stomped out of the alchemy building.

Watching their Lord leave, the other demons as well hastily scurried away and the loud war horn blared through the entire city.

Within just a matter of minutes, the whole city was in a complete uproar!

And meanwhile, the person responsible for everything…

”Luna, keep going. Don ’t slow down even for a second. If you are tired, tell me. ”

Liam ’s heart was almost beating out of his chest. This was the riskiest move he had made from the beginning of the game until now and he somehow pulled through!

No, actually, he was not out of the woods just yet. He only has a head start.

Liam hurriedly opened the system interface to message the rest of the group when unexpectedly Mei Mei messaged him first.

[Bro, we again found a new dungeon here. Actually, it might not be a dungeon. It is something. Can you come over to take a look?]

”Good timing? ” Seeing her message, chuckled wryly. He wanted to get the hell out of here as fast as possible but something like a dungeon might also work.

He would effectively be ’hidden ’ as long as he was in the dungeon and so he might as well use this chance to run a few rounds and gather some raw materials from the nether realm.

Dungeon drops were always different from the field monster drops so there was a high chance to get a recipe book or skill scroll or other precious materials.

Besides, this was also a good chance to bring everyone ’s level higher.

Running dungeons repeatedly was the best way to bring up a group ’s level while also simultaneously honing their skills.

Time for some power leveling!

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