Re: Evolution Online

Chapter 441 - Clash!

As his stealth came undone, he unsheathed the purple sword and smoothly slashed down the weapon.

SPURT. Blood splashed everywhere and the priest died without ever being able to see who killed her.

Everything happened so fast and by the time the other members of the group realized what had happened, Liam already moved on to the next target, the warrior knight.

Standing behind the guy, he slammed a huge fireball onto the opponent and was prepared to send in another attack, but the tank dropped dead with just the one attack.

”Oh, too weak! ” Liam shook his head.

”What the hell did you say?! ” Two other melee players rushed toward him brandishing their weapons.

One was carrying a sword while the other was carrying an ax and the two of them looked extremely confident despite their teammates lying on the ground.

In close combat melee players had the most advantage as it took time for the spell classes to cast their magic.

And after seeing Liam, throw out the giant fireball, the two players couldn ’t help but come to the conclusion that he was a casting class.

He had probably only managed to kill their knight because of the element of surprise.

But now that the intruder was revealed and not in stealth mode, the two players did not expect any more threats and rushed forward to quickly finish off the bastard.

”This is your bad day bucko. You picked a fight with the wrong guild. ” One of them shouted, swinging down his ax.

Liam who was about to send another fireball slamming down on the guy suddenly released the mana and stepped back, only dodging the attack and not giving them anything in return.

”Oh, my bad. This might have all been a big misunderstanding! What is your guild name by the way? ”

The man standing in front of Liam looked at him in confusion. Something was not right. This person was saying words like misunderstanding but why is he smirking?

”We are from the Gladiators guild! Moon Kingdom ’s top guild! Do you understand now? ” The guy continued swinging his ax and the other player as well slashed down at Liam relentlessly.

”It is too late to apologize now. Let us kill you ten times and maybe then we can start talking. Hmph. ”

The two of them grinned, expecting Liam to feel fear now and just as they wanted, Liam ’s movements also slowed down as if he was no longer planning to dodge.

The two became even more energized on seeing this. ”You only have your own bad luck to blame. ”

The guy with the ax activated his finishing move [Blood Berserk] and he started spinning wildly. The swordsman grinned on seeing this because he knew that the fight was already over.

Blocking against [Blood Berserk] was a huge headache and especially for a magic class, this move was a dead end, a fatal blow.

However, unexpectedly, the spinning started slowing down.

In fact, the skill had not yet been completely activated. ”What happened? ” The swordsman moved forward only to see that his friend was actually spinning without a head.

To be more precise, only his body was spinning and his head was already on the ground, but before he could feel sorry for him, his own head as well landed right next to the other guy ’s head.

Just who the hell was this person they had run into? He stared at Liam dumbfoundedly.

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