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Chapter 443 - This is the nether realm

Chapter 442 – 40 vs 500

”Should be around Level 30. So not total idiots. ” Liam sheathed his sword and once again entered [Stealth] to move about in the wilderness.

The fact that these guys were searching for their group worked in his favor. If he could pick out a few of these groups, the strength of the opposite side would automatically come down.

However, he needed to hurry as the death of these players would have already warned the rest of the group. So they were probably in the midst of the regrouping right now.

This meant that Liam had to hunt them down faster than they could regroup. ”This should be interesting. ”

He cut through the brambles swiftly and since everyone was rushing towards each other, the whole field became a game of bumper cars, except when they bumped into Liam, they were kicked out of the field altogether.

The players were also not too far away from each other so they quickly fell one group after another.

”What the hell is happening? ”

”Is there another guild here? Who is killing everyone? ”

”Is that group? ”

”Damn it. What part of scouting do these idiots not understand? ”

”We might have to wait for everyone to respawn and ask them. ”

The guild members began to scramble, not understanding what was going on. But clearly splitting up right now was the bad move.

However, the guild did not allow things to get much worse. The guild higher ups immediately took back the reins.

”Everyone stop moving randomly. Only move in big groups. These guys are strong. Only our elites can handle them. ”

”Let ’s just regroup and bust these suckers. We can negotiate with them in the graveyard. Move now. ”

Liam chuckled as he instantly noticed the difference in the movement patterns of the groups. They changed their behavior so he as well changed his.

”I am coming now. ” He messaged the group and then rushed towards them.

”Brother, what happened? Who are these people? ” Mei Mei greeted him first with a hug.

She was wearing a dark green robe that matched her emerald crown and looked like a princess.

”Nothing. Nothing. No need to panic. Didn ’t you need something called spirit force to upgrade your item? Time to test out what that is. ” Liam warmly smiled.

”So what is this place that you guys found? Derek fill me in. ”

”Yes, Sir. ” Derek who was silent up until now quickly started explaining.

”There is a portal in this zone that looks similar to a dungeon portal. ”

”However, there are some special seals around the portal and when we tried to get in, six level 50 elites appeared from these seals. ”

Mei Mei jumped in at this part and finished Derek ’s explanation. ”And when we were fighting these elites, the other guild members sneaked up on us and started attacking! ”

”So unfair, brother! We put so much effort! We did so much damage! ”

”We would have finished off the six elites! But because of those stupid people, we had to retreat! ”

The little girl gnashed her teeth and everyone else as well had similar aggrieved expressions.

”Alright. Alright. Calm down, everybody. These things are common and they are going to become a lot more common. So don ’t sweat it. ” Liam chuckled faintly.

Everyone immediately became surprised. Their boss became kind and forgiving all of a sudden?

However, Liam was not done yet. He stretched his hands and asked the group, ”Shall we pay our friends another visit then? ”

”Alright. Everyone quickly fill up on your consumables. Let ’s start now. ”

Liam once again activated [Stealth] and a few others who had learned the skill also activated it. The group then started making its move toward the dungeon portal.

This was where the other guild had also reassembled, stationing all of their men. Clearly, neither side was willing to give up this spot.

The difference was that… the first group now had an additional person on their side.

After both the teams made their move, it didn ’t take long for everyone to arrive at the same destination.

The wilderness also did a poor job of hiding the presence of the various players, so as soon as one side came closer to the other side, the battle had already begun!

On one side, about five hundred players stood tall, all equipped decently with at least unique grade items.

But on the other side, though the players also seemed to be equally well equipped, their numbers were pathetically small.

Only a couple dozen players were standing.

40 vs 500

It was not too difficult to guess what the outcome of this battle was going to be and the ’winning ’ side sneered at the small group of players who did not know their place.

”What a bunch of idiots! You should have just paid upfront the gold coins! ” Someone shouted loudly. This person was sitting on a huge mammoth like beast with fearsome horns on its head.


The long-range attackers including the hunters and the mages started dealing damage first sending out a barrage of attacks.

However, before these attacks could land, a huge golem appeared out of nowhere, and around it there was a forcefield that blocked all of these attacks.

”What the hell? Golems? This guild is the one with the golems? ”

Just as they were reeling in shock after this revelation, they also realized something else. All of a sudden their attacks felt weaker.

What was happening?


”EVEN THE GOLEMS WILL BREAK! ” The guy sitting on the mammoth shouted loudly. It looked like he had some skill to amplify his voice because his commands thunderingly rang out.

On the other side… Liam clicked his tongue in envy. ”What a useful skill! Something like this will definitely raise morale in a battle. I wonder where he got it. ”

As a reincarnator, even he did not know where to obtain this skill. Standing by his side, Mei Mei let out a long breath.

”Brother, I finished all the buffs and the debuffs. ” She smiled excitedly.

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