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Chapter 444 L Am Not Playing This Broken Gameanymore!

Chapter 443 – This is the nether realm

”What are these idiots thinking? How can just a handful of players deal with our guild ’s strongest teams? Are they relying on these two golems? ” Gladiators guild leader looked around anxiously.

He was standing at the backlines as he was primarily a healer and because of this, he was also able to get a good overview of the battle.

”No, if they relied on just this, then our guild ’s win is already confirmed. Look at the health of the golem. It ’s already down to half. ” The woman next to him muttered while casting a spell.

All of their healing and damage outputs were reduced by half for some reason so she was casting twice as fast as she usually did without paying much attention to mana conservation.

”Hmmm… I can also see that. That golem won ’t last much longer now. It would be different if that golem could actually do something complicated but this one is way too simple. ”

”This battle is almost over. There is no way these people are going to last long. Rearguards. Stand alert. Their next move would probably be to take on our healers. ”

”We should defend them at all costs. As long as our healers are alive, this battle is over. ”

Just as the other side, prepared to go on the offensive mode, the group of 40 was also wondering about the same thing.

How were they going to deal with this huge army? Did they even have enough juice?

Unlike the guilds they had faced before, this one was a lot more capable and they were also well-equipped. Not to mention, the weakest player was already Level 30.

The Gladiators truly lived up to their top guild name tag.

Even after Mei Mei ’s buffs and debuffs, the damage they received was still fearsome. At this rate, their group was going to be obliterated within seconds.

”Boss, do we have a plan? ” Shin Soo anxiously shouted in their group chat.

”Of course, we have a plan. Look to your right. ” Liam along with the group of stealth players finally reached their target and began taking action.

However, unlike the other side expected, their target this time was not the healers standing safely at the rear end of the guild army.

Instead, the group of stealth players reached the dungeon portal that was wide open.

And instantly, as soon as they approached the portal, six spheres of swirling nether materialized. From within these spears, six gigantic monsters appeared.

”Nagas? ” Liam couldn ’t help but gasp in shock as he did not expect this to happen. What the hell were nagas doing in the nether realm?

Either way, this was not his concern right now. As soon as the six elites were summoned, the group of stealth players quickly retreated under Liam ’s command.

Of course, he also knew that it was extremely difficult for a mere group of 40 players to take on 500 players. He never intended to do that from the beginning.

Now that there was a third party on the playground, the mechanics of the battlefield instantly changed.

The nagas started randomly tossing out massive currents of attacks in different directions and since the majority of the place was occupied by the Gladiators guild because of their sheer numbers, they were the ones who received the brunt of the attack.

And Liam did not stop there. ”Now, we attack the healers! ”

The chaos and commotion that ensured completely turned the situation on the battlefield. Using this, Liam and the group of stealth players reached the other side and started attacking.

Healers were the backbone of any largescale battle formation but this was not the reason why Liam chose to attack the healers.

There was a reason why Mia and Alex were not currently with them, grinding alongside the rest of the group. This was because they were currently standing in the nether realm!

Here, the divine affinity players who typically constituted at least half of the healing population suffered the most.

[Nether Scythe] Liam grinned and a gigantic black smoking scythe appeared on the rear side of the Gladiators ’ battle formation.

Just as he was casting that, Mei Mei also gave another individual buff to Liam which instantly increased the size of the scythe by a couple of levels.

Now, the thing loomed like death itself covering almost fifty players at a time.

”Now. ” Liam manipulated the scythe to come down sweeping.

The giant black weapon of pure sizzling energy struck like a swinging pendulum and in its wake, a series of ridiculous damage numbers popped out




Because of their reduced attributes, these damage numbers were higher than some of the healers ’ total health and they directly started dropping dead like flies.

They couldn ’t withstand this single attack and almost half of the healing section got wiped out.

The very first move Liam made after coming out of the [Stealth] dealt a death blow to the guild ’s battle formation.

Neither side could believe this outcome as both friends and foes alike stared at the monster among them in shock.

What was this insane attack power?

Following Liam ’s lead, the few rogue players, hunters, and a couple of brawlers also stepped out of the [Stealth] and started hunting down whatever was left of the healers ’ section.

The Gladiators guild leader and the vice guild leader standing next to him suddenly felt their throats parched. What the hell just happened?

Within a single minute, the well-organized, well-oiled machine had fallen into utter pandemonium.

Where the fuck did their healers disappear to? How could there be so many casualties? Just what attack did the other side use?

At this point, the Gladiators understood one thing. There were opponents that they could mess with and there were opponents they should absolutely not mess with.

And this time, it looked like they had made the wrong decision.

However, it was too late to withdraw now. The melee players at the rearguard of the group rushed towards Liam and the group of players.

They might have taken out their healers using some tricks but in reality, this smaller group was now completely isolated from the already small group of 40 players.

So what if they did not have healers? The other side also did not have any healers!

And it was not like they could afford to cast that same insane aoe spell again! It was time to take out this bunch of players!

The group of fifty players started directing all of their attacks at the group of eight who were at the wrong place where they were not supposed to be.

However, before they could take another step, another huge scythe appeared above their heads…


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