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Chapter 445 - l have an announcement!

Chapter 444 L Am Not Playing This Broken Gameanymore!

Seeing the sky darkening over their heads once again, the players turned pale. How could this ungodly aoe attack appear again so soon?

Shouldn ’t this person be already out of mana? Even if he was using mana potions to recuperate, it shouldn ’t ve this fast! Just what was happening? What sort of casting was this?

Even the spell casters standing in the group were dumbfounded. A few of them had aoe spells but they were nothing in comparison to this scythe of death.

”Hurry! Cast mana barrier! ” 

The players standing on the periphery got the hell out of dodge but those who were already within the range and also engaged with the other players couldn ’t move so easily.

A few barrier spells went up to protect these people, only barely helping them escape the sure-shot death. 

The massive scythe clashed with the several small barriers, resulting in both the attacks evened out and the danger being momentarily averted.

However, before they could sigh in relief, once again another giant scythe appeared. Seeing this one of the warriors became so enraged that he tossed his shield angrily on the ground!

”What the fuck is this game? Why the hell is it so unbalanced! I am calling bullshit, damn it! I am out! Just kill me already motherfucker! ”

Many others also had similar frustrated expressions and gnashed their teeth in disgruntlement. 

The spellcasters could not even afford to do that as they crazily re-upped their mana to once again start casting the barriers.

But unfortunately for them, even this was not enough. By the time they downed the mana potions and started reloading the barrier spell, the scythe already descended down, claiming almost half of the health.

One more attack and the entire group would get annihilated. 

”What are you all doing? Attack! Attack! Kill him! He is the one casting the scythes! ” The party leader guiding the melee players shouted.

The group of them started running towards Liam but before they could reach him, he already started running away while simultaneously casting the next nether scythe.

”Don ’t let him escape! ” The other melee players continued to chase after him with pitchforks. 

However, the third attack still descended and since everyone was on a move, the barriers couldn ’t be set up properly, and once again few players lost a huge chunk of their health.

Average Level 30 players had about 3000 health so they could only eat three scythes at most. Most players at the back now barely had any health left.

While those players continued suffering, the players at the vanguard were also equally suffering. The two golems were quickly brought down but the six giant nagas were quite a handful.

The formation was completely broken because of the haphazard firing of their lightning balls and also the commotion at the back.

Using this as an opportunity, the other party started taking out the players one after the other.

And when they tried to break the harmony in the opponent ’s team, the tank at the front was like an immovable mountain that prevented any melee player from cutting through.

Derek ’s every attack was like a truck that directly sent the players to another world.

The guild that started with a whopping 500 players now felt suffocated because of the pincer attack from both the back and the front end.

The number of casualties started mounting and without the healers to support the group, the big numbers quickly dwindled.

However, unlike them, Mei Mei and Kang Minah were smoothly handling the healing part. 

Though Mei Mei did not have too many healing spells, the one or two she had seemed more than enough to bring up the health of the people near her.

But the main reason why the front was crumbling was in reality someone else. Nobody noticed but Shen Yue was standing near one of the naga elites.

Thanks to her recent level ups, she had gathered some free unassigned stat points which she did not hesitate to dump into her charm to get ahead of this sticky situation.

This was the reason why at least one of the six nagas were repeatedly and strategically targeting the Gladiators guild members with the big fat lightning balls.

Each of the attacks took out three to five players and this decimated the entire structure of the army.

Within minutes, the battlefield turned messy and chaotic and in between this, Liam messaged Mei Mei to remind her. 

”Don ’t just randomly attack. Target the players whose health is low and try to deal the last hit. ”

ρꪖꪁⅆꪖ ꪁꪫꪚⅇ​ꪶ​ Mei Mei nodded in understanding. She still needed to collect this spirit force. She checked the stats on the item again, only to see that the spirit force was already 4/1000.

So she was doing something correctly.ρaꪁⅆa ꪁꪫꪚⅇ​ꪶ​

Mei Mei gripped the staff in her hands and started casting more [Earth Spikes]. 

Unsuspecting players with half of their health still remaining were assaulted in their read end out of nowhere, the protrusion from the ground randomly popping out and tearing through their armors and guards.

Almost each [Earth Spike] contained a player ’s corpse hanging on it for display which quickly became a frightening scene. 

It was as if they were in a cursed graveyard where the several corpses were hooked up for scaring away the others.

Mei Mei herself was witnessing the full power of the legendary item for the first time. 

She couldn ’t bring out its full potential earlier when she was grinding one or two beasts at a time, but now that they were dealing with so many players at a time, the difference in the attributes was clear as day.

This item was tagged legendary for a reason!

The opponent crumbled without even being able to land a single attack on her.

Mei Mei quickly rode the momentum and killed a few more players before checking the progress on the upgrade once again.


[Emerald Crown]

[Rating: Legendary, Level 1]

Health: +1000

Mana: +1000

Vitality: +100

Defense: +100

Stamina: +100

Agility: +100

Strength: +100

Intelligence: +100

Passive Skill: Life Bloom – The spirit of nature courses through you to rejuvenate your soul, mind, and body; All your stats are refreshed every five minutes.

Active Skill:  Spirit Bloom – Call forth the spirits of nature to assist you and your allies. The spirit of wind increases agility by 5%; The spirit of fire increases strength by 5%; The spirit of earth increases defense by 5%; The spirit of water increases vitality by 5%

[To upgrade absorb the spirit force of one thousand players – 7/1000]

”So it ’s not directly proportional to the number of players I am taking out? ” Mei Mei was confused slightly. However, she did not have time to think about it right now.

She quickly closed the status screen and went back to nuking the players as the battle now seemed to be within their grasp.

The group of five hundred players was almost down to the last hundred and one out of the six nagas elites was also circling the drain.

Seeing this, all the Crimson Abyss guild members were floating on top of cloud nine with their morale and confidence boosted high up.

However, the group leader at the back had a different expression on his face. Liam repeatedly checked the skies.

Not good! This was taking longer than he expected!

The demons chasing behind him could be here anytime now and they were not like the Gladiators guild members whom they scammed by summoning the Elites.

If the demons arrived every single player in their group would be instantly obliterated. 

Liam paused for a second and then stopped fighting at the rear, slowly making his way back to the front.

He stopped in front of one of the naga elites that was thrashing around a tank from the Gladiators guild and looked at it with his eyes narrowed.

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