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Chapter 446 - Heads or Tails?

Chapter 445 – l have an announcement!

Liam only needed one look to see why the nagas were easily torturing everyone. Sure, they had higher levels and also definitely better attributes, but there was also another hidden factor.

What the other guild members hadn ’t realized was that there was a small radius of poison cloud surrounding each Naga which made them more vulnerable and perhaps also affected their speed and other attributes.

With so many things happening simultaneously, many players wouldn ’t pay attention to the small details and dot damages but sometimes that made all the difference.

These naga elites shouldn ’t have been aggroed in the first place but since they were aggroed they needed to be taken down as fast as possible so as to not burden the tanks.

However, they were not able to do this because the nagas were not the only enemies they were dealing with. This was why the Gladiators were going down rapidly.

Liam observed this and he did not make the mistake of going close quarters to these naga elites.

He picked his target, the naga that still had quite a bit of health left, and started using the few nether spells he had learned.

[Nether Vines Grapple]

[Nether Firestorm]

While the former held the naga elite in place momentarily, the latter unleashed a torrent of burning nether onto the elite.


The naga slammed down its lamia lower half in pain, taking out all of its anger on the poor tank who was trying to handle it.

The guy went flying away and now the full attention of the naga was on Liam.


The naga ’s hiss came out as a roar as it leaped towards Liam, dropping its coiled body next to him.

”Nope. Not happening. ” Liam understood the creature ’s intentions very well.

It wanted to trap him as well within its poison cloud so before it could land, Liam already moved back several paces away.

Of course, this just happened to be in the midst of a bunch of players from the Gladiators guild.

He sent out two more [Nether Firestorm]s towards the naga one after the other, not giving the monster any break and before the naga could once again catch up to him, he was gone from that spot as well.

Caught between him and the almost flying naga, only the players standing near them suffered. The naga toppled them like bowling ally pins, laying waste to the players wherever it went.

Using this, Liam also tracked it all the way through whatever was left of the Gladiators guild.

The guild members, already on the verge of tears started spilling out bloody tears after seeing this. How was this even a fight anymore? This was just plain bullying!

At first, when they had realized that the group of players standing in front of them were from the Crimson Abyss guild, they had thought that this was their lucky day.

The reputation of the guild was as such. It was supposed to be a guild for show with lots of money bags and pretty women.

There were even rumors that the S- Rank of the guild was a decorative one. If one paid more gold coins they could get the ranking as well.

But… now…

They could only blame themselves for stepping on the lion ’s tail!

With the naga ’s rampaging and the rest of the guild members falling for the direct attacks from the opponent, the Gladiators finally collapsed without any leg remaining to stand upon.

Two of the naga elites were also down, and only four more remained, with these monsters also having just half of their original health points.

”EVERYONE! DON ’T SLOW DOWN! ” Liam shouted. ”Let ’s finish what we started and enter the dungeon first! ”

Hearing his words, everyone did not dare to even sigh in relief and continued focusing their attacks on the elites.

Now that no one was around to disturb them, the group split themselves into four and finished the remaining elites in no time in a very organized fashion.

Technically, it was only three elites because Shen Yue had taken control of the last one and used that naga to attack its peers.

At some points, her damage output was even comparable to Liam and Mei Mei which really showed the importance of hidden classes in the game.

Seeing the little girl pull her weight with her legendary crown and the beautiful sister pull her weight by enchanting the monsters, everyone else as well yearned for special classes or at the least special items.

However, then their eyes flitted over to Derek who stood like a huge immovable mountain and blocked every single attack from the naga elite that was almost twenty levels above him.

The man looked like he had sparred with nagas all his life as he was able to predict where the next attack would come from.

With everyone working together smoothly and considering that the nagas were already gravely injured, it did not take long for the group to finish off the remaining four elites as well.


Almost all four nagas fell down at the same time and glittering loot clattered out of their corpses.

The group collectively gasped at the sight of the massive harvest, not just from the elites but also from the hundreds of players they had PKed. War was truly profitable!

”Everyone collect as much loot as possible and get into the dungeon portal in 2 minutes! ”

Still not allowing anyone to take a break, Liam hurriedly urged everyone to enter the portal. Clearly, there was something else going on.

So understanding the urgency, the group as well quickly finished all the loot cleaning up and before the two minutes, every single member of the party was inside the dungeon portal.

When Luna entered she still had a bunch of items gripped in her mouth. She tossed them down along with some coins.

”Idiot, you didn ’t swallow anything, right? ” Liam picked up the fox and mercilessly shook her with her head upside down.

And surprisingly, just like he had said, a few coins fell out of the fox. Liam chuckled wryly and put her back down again.

Only after entering the dungeon, he felt relieved. ”Alright. Everyone, take a break. We don ’t have to start the run immediately. ”

He sat down on the ground, the tiredness from the battle finally catching up to him. Others as well had similar exhausted expressions.

After all, everyone had fought with 200% of their attention. They gave it their all because even the slightest mistake could have cost a lot.

So now they were fully exhausted. Nevertheless, the group was in high spirits after the win and everyone began to excitedly pile up the loot to take a look.

This quickly changed the atmosphere into a festive one.

Surprisingly, some of the items were better than the ones they had equipped so many players in the group switched out their old ones.

But even after this, the huge heap in front of the group was dazzling brilliantly. These items might as well be gold coins. When converted this would become a huge sum of money.

Of course, a majority of it would probably go to guild development but some of it would also come to the players.

Thinking about this everyone couldn ’t help but subconsciously count their dollars. Some even started talking about vacation plans, buying properties, and such.

Only Shen Yue and Mei Mei bitterly smiled, looking at each other.

”Brother, when are we going to break their bubbles? ” Mei Mei inched closer to whisper to Liam.

Liam silently nodded, looking around. These people had all pledged their loyalty to him and the guild so it was about time that everyone knew the truth.

There was no point in keeping things hidden anymore. They were going to learn about it quite soon even if he didn ’t do it.

”When huh… this is as good a time as any… why not now? ” Liam smiled and stood up. ”Everybody. I have an announcement! ”

”WHAT! Ah! Brother! I was just randomly saying! Are you really going to do it? ”

Mei Mei started panicking but seeing that her brother looked serious she became silent, and quietly observed.

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