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Chapter 450 - 5 minutes...

Chapter 449 – A test?

Liam had no idea if this was even going to work but he knew that he had to try and come up with something and he had to do this while the naga was still not serious and simply toying with him.

He closed his eyes as with his eyes open he couldn ’t fully focus and this in itself was contributing to the illusion. He needed to see the world around him as if he was truly blind.

In fact… Liam clenched his fists and let go. He needed to see the world around him after shutting down all of his other senses.

Perhaps this was his only way out of this illusionary mess?

He had not done anything like this before so Liam was not 100% confident that he could accomplish this feat, but he was short on time and this was the only solution that he had come up with so far.

He tried to ignore the sound coming from the naga ’s movements, the feeling of the crisp air on his skin, and the solid ground under his feet, only focusing on the nether around him.

Almost instantly, the world around him cracked, shattering completely.

”It worked? ” Liam couldn ’t believe it. When he opened his eyes again, he found himself coiled around, still within the grasp of the same naga. So he never broke free?

”So… you figured it out huh… ” The naga hissed.

Liam ignored him and looked around. Beside him, the other ghosts were relentlessly bumping into the thick coils of the naga, trying to break him free.

Luna as well was opening and closing her small mouth repeatedly, assaulting the snake ’s coils with big intense red flames one after the other.

Seeing that that was not enough, she was also going crazy scratching away at the damn thing with her paws as if there was no tomorrow.

”You have a very loyal pet… ” The naga hissed.

Liam ignored him again and frantically tried to free himself from the grasp of the creature.

”Struggling is useless boy but seeing that you are not completely an idiot… how about I give you a special offer? ”

”If you can hold on for 5 minutes against my clone, I will let you leave this place. Are you willing to try? ”

”Or you can just become my snack and wake up again? ” The naga grinned, pulling Liam closer to his mouth.

Liam was completely stunned not because of the shock he received from seeing the naga ’s ugly face up close but because of the last part of what the naga mentioned.

Wake up again…? Does that mean that this naga was aware of the players in the game? Or rather the intruders in this world?

Just who was this person?

More importantly, a person of this power level could have simply prevented anyone from disturbing him in the first place. Why go through all of these? Unless he was testing…

”I am willing to take the test, ” Liam spoke what he was thinking.

The naga grinned, ”Aren ’t you a smart one? I have high hopes boy. Don ’t disappoint me. ”

Before Liam could blink, he once again found himself standing on solid ground. ”No, this is still not real. ” He couldn ’t see Luna or the other soul undeads around him.

Instead, four nagas materialized in four corners boxing him into the center of the square. Weirdly, all four nagas resembled the same naga who had held him captive up until now.

Just what sort of a test is this?

Liam gripped his sword and shook his head. There was no point in thinking too much.

Before the four nagas could make a move, he started pulling all the nether around him towards him. Liam was now almost covered by a thick nether aura that wrapped him like a black blanket.

Hissss… Instantly, the nagas around him started moving, not giving him the chance to attack them freely.

The four nagas moved at lightning speed and Liam could only barely see them.

[Nether Firestorm]

[Nether Firestorm]

[Nether Firestorm]

[Nether Firestorm]

He did not hold back and attacked them with everything he had. Four vortexes of powerful flames roared in four different directions. The entire cave became burning hot.

”Marvellous! ” Someone hissed from the background.

But Liam did not allow himself to get carried away, he gripped his sword tightly and started making the next preparations. Something told him that things were not going to be this easy.

And just like he had expected, the four nagas were completely unaffected. When the actual attack landed on the nagas, not even a single damage number popped up.

”They are not real! How do you expect me to fight against them? ” Liam shouted in frustration.

If the bastard wanted to test him for some reason, it was fine but at least have some shame to conduct a fair test.

What the hell was he supposed to do against illusions that will never take any damage?

Seeing Liam ’s frustrations, the other party roared loudly in laughter, his movements still not stopping. ”No boy! I am not an illusion, I am very real. ”

As the voice echoed throughout the cave, Liam felt as if his head was spinning. Where there were only four nagas, now somehow there were forty nagas!

He blinked and tried to see through the illusion but in the next second, the forty nagas became four hundred nagas!

”Do you see now? It ’s all me. BA HA HA HA HA! ”

Liam ’s hand trembled as he silently tried to gain control of something. Anything. But the truth was that this entire situation was not in his hands anymore.

All he could do now was…

”5 minutes. I need to hold on for 5 minutes. ”

He narrowed his eyes and with a wave of his hand, he manipulated the nether blanket surrounding him into hundreds of nether bullets that shot forward to pierce the clones or the images or whatever they were.




All the nagas collectively hissed making his head spin and his vision blur. And when his vision cleared, there were now only three nagas circling around him.

Liam tried to summon nether once again but suddenly he couldn ’t sense any nether at all.

”He He He. Sorry, boy. You used up everything. ” The same voice thundered in the big cave and the three nagas rushed towards Liam with their tridents.

They wielded the tridents like spears and thrusted them towards him, completely locking him in at the center.

”He He He. Your condition is not looking good, boy. It looks like you will fail this test. ”

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