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Chapter 451 Was Everything An Illusion?

Chapter 450 – 5 minutes…

The damned naga was still taunting him but Liam did not have the time to be frustrated with him.

5 minutes!

He needed to hold on for five minutes!

If he couldn ’t use nether anymore, then…

Liam instantly used mana to bring up an ice block on one side and he used his purple sword to block the moves from the other two nagas or rather naga images.

Once again no damage numbers popped out but… his block was not perfect and one of the attacks grazed against his shoulder.

As if the item he was wearing did not even exist, the attack cut through the metal and reached his body, even drawing some blood.

”So… the opponents are not real… there are no damage numbers… there are no experience points… but the blood is real? ” Liam smiled bitterly.

Before he could even finish that thought, the next attacks started pouring in. He did not get any time to think or manipulate mana to conjure any spell.

With the attacks raining down on him, he could only do one thing, the thing that he was most familiar with.

Liam slashed down his purple sword at the incoming trident and pushed it back. He completely let go of every single thought in his head and focussed only on the tridents coming at him.


The sharp sounds of metals clashing against each other reverberated throughout the big empty cave as the one man and the three nagas relentlessly battled.

Liam was only barely holding on because, in the beginning, he was able to match the speed and agility of the three nagas.

However, with every ticking second, he was slowly and surely falling behind. It was only 5 minutes that he had to hold on but those 5 minutes felt like an eternity now.

Wherever he turned there was a naga striking him with the trident. At least they were not using other attacks. Otherwise, Liam would have long since lost the fight.

What exactly was the naga trying to test him for?

He did not have the time to think about it at the moment.

Liam had to give his 100% here to the fight. He watched the three naga ’s each and every move and tried to predict their attack pattern.

He couldn ’t keep up with their speed so this was the only way possible for him to keep up. However, when he tried to study their attack pattern, all he could see was a jumbled mess.

It looked as if they were all after images of each other.

The real one… was he even here? Liam couldn ’t help but doubt everything in front of him.

However, the blood trickling from his hand was undeniable. The real one had to be here!

As his purple sword flashed brilliantly, blocking and parrying the three nagas simultaneously, Liam suddenly found a small opening.

After a few seconds, their movements had already become a little predictable.

He would have seen it earlier but because everything happened so fast, he was only able to spot this weak point now.

The next second when the three nagas jutted their tridents towards him, without hesitation Liam used up 20% of the mana he was saving and enhanced his speed and strength.

He then used one of the nagas to push himself and jumped up to avoid the attacks from the other two, and without giving them the next attack, he instantly slashed down using the full power that he could muster.

[Spirit Slash]


Finally, one of the three nagas was pushed back. Using this to his advantage, Liam quickly broke the encirclement and this gave him a few seconds.

But unfortunately, it did not last long. The nagas once again cornered him in no time and Liam once again had to mindlessly swing his sword in all different directions to block the attack.

And he was only second minute in…

Three more minutes… he needed to hold on for three more minutes…



Sparks flew around from the metals clashing against each other. Liam was able to brace the attacks for a few seconds but he was once again overwhelmed quickly.

And this time, the nagas also changed the attack pattern.

”Damn it. I have no other choice. I have to use that. ” Liam panted breathlessly and sucked in a big mouthful of air before pulling his sword back. ”I can do this! ”

The three tridents should have immediately struck him but weirdly they did not. His body started spinning like a top and the sword that retreated now flashed around even more brilliantly.

[Sprit Wrath]

This skill when typically executed had the power to command hundreds of swords from the earth, each dealing a ridiculous amount of damage, 1000% to be more accurate to the enemy that had incurred the wrath.

However, doing something like that would be extremely foolish right.

Liam desperately needed a breather but using this skill would empty his tank and only make him extremely vulnerable to the subsequent attacks.

This was why Liam did not use the skill as it was. He modified it and used a lighter version of it. The skill that he used now only commanded one-tenth of the power of the usual [Spirit wrath].

The three nagas were struck with a dozen swords that popped up under their coils and skewered them like roasted snake meat.

And because he lowered the intensity, the attack was also not too draining and Liam continued to move, distancing himself from the snakes as much as he could.

He also withdrew some flasks from his inventory and dunked them in one after the other. Stamina, Mana, and Rage.

He downed everything down and stared at the three nagas in front of them who were once again hot on his trail.

They dashed towards him from three different sides and this time when Liam looked at them there was a strange light in his eyes.

This was the fourth minute. The last before the final minute. If he could hold on for another 120 seconds, then he would have passed this test!

”COME AT ME! ” Liam gripped his sword and materialized two ice spheres using the mana that he had just regenerated.

The two balls of ice did not hit anything and rather remained swirling around him.

Only when the nagas blurred to appear next to him, Liam used the two spheres to directly block the trident attacks.

This momentarily reduced their attack speed and he once again used this to place distance between the trio and himself. His goal here was not winning or killing them.

He could long since tell that something like that was impossible.

Instead, this was a cat and mouse game.

He was the mouse and they were the cats and he needed to survive for another 100 seconds!


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