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Chapter 453 - Herbs.Check

blins worship her. ”

”They did everything for us! ”

”They went in between holes, cracks, and crevices and picked up all the herbs in the region. Isn ’t she awesome? 100% girlfriend material! ”

This kid! Liam rolled his eyes again. Why is she trying to set me up even when she knows that the world is coming to an end?!

He shook his head helplessly and then gave an awkward pat to Shen Yue. ”That ’s good thinking. Keep it up. ”

The two women looked at him as if he had murdered someone so Liam quickly decided to leave that area.

”Did those goblins have some cave? I need someplace private to try out the concoction. ” He murmured and slipped away after putting transferring all the herbs into his inventory.

Watching him run away from them, Mei Mei gave the poor girl a hug. ”Sorry, sis. One of these days, we will get him. ”

”No. No. ” Shen Yue gently smiled. ”Let ’s not trouble your brother. I only want to share his load. Come, let ’s go back to grinding. ”

”Herbs, usually don ’t respawn so soon but we can clear the mobs nearby. ”

”Sis Yue… you are… too good for my brother. ” Mei Mei gave her another hug and the two of them then ran away to continue their work.

Meanwhile, Liam quickly dashed into the empty cave and cleared a couple of demonic goblins that had respawned.

”Luna, come here. Quick. ” He called the fox and began setting up things.

Kyuuuuu. The white fox speedily arrived the very next instant.

”Stand here and guard me. If any goblins spawn, kill them. Got it? ”

Kyuuu. The fox nodded her head.

Liam gave her a pat and then hurriedly went back to examining all the herbs in his collection. This was it. After searching almost seven zones, he finally had all the herbs that he needed.

He went through the recipe another couple of times and took out all the herbs listed in the recipe. Luckily for them, none of the herbs happened to be rare herbs.

They were able to obtain everything that they needed just from scouring the different areas in the nether realm.

These were probably available in the Xion realm as well and they could have gotten it if they had looked hard enough.

Liam was confident about this because now that he could take a look at everything together, he could see that none of the herbs were nether touched herbs.

They did not have any specific nether properties. This made sense because the recipe itself was something he obtained in the Xion realm.

If there were any nether realm specific herbs to begin with, then the recipe would have been different.

In any case, Liam didn ’t have to worry about all of that. He only had a vague idea that the herbs might be available here because of the Gu family ’s track record.

And just like he hypothesized, he searched the areas and now had also successfully obtained the herbs. It was finally time to try and create this potion.

With this, he would be able to form the mana core and officially take the first step as a Level 50 player!

Though Liam had been long since waiting for this moment and the blood inside his body was boiling with anticipation, he still tried not to get ahead of himself.

After all, the old beggar had warned him about the difficulty of this recipe. Would he really be able to make it?

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