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Chapter 457 - Do you want to jump ship?

Chapter 456 – That ’s my crown!

”Bitch! That ’s my crown you are wearing! ”

The words struck like thunder, and Liam did not have to look to know who it was. He instantly bolted, moving to stand next to Mei Mei.

He did not want her to die, but more importantly, he did not want her to die and drop the legendary item.

Standing in front of them, the long leggy Russian blonde glared at the sister and brother duo.

She hissed like a vampiress looking at her prey but seeing Liam, she quickly backed away several paces rejoining her group.

Standing beside her were three other players whom Liam recognized all too well. Of course, there was also the fifth person.

Liam looked at the huge death knight and clenched his fists tightly.

”Have you come here to return what is mine? ” He sneered, his gaze particularly landing on Kouske.

”YOU! ” Anya shouted, her entire body trembling in anger. ”Give me back my crown! Right now! Right this second! ” She stomped her feet on the ground.

Standing next to Liam, Mei Mei ’s eyebrows shot up at the crazy woman ’s claim. ”No, this is my crown! ” She as well stomped her feet on the ground in a similar fashion.

Liam only smiled and didn ’t say anything to hold her back. He never had any interest in sparking a conversation with this group.

He already knew why they were here.

His only concern now was how to get out of this because if it were just this four, he would have already killed them and camped in their graveyard. The problem was the giant deathknight.

With that monstrosity here, there was no chance for him to win this battle.

Perhaps a Level 20 player could kill a level 40 elite, but a level 50 wouldn ’t be able to do the same to a Level 80 or, for that matter a Level 70.

It was because all the creatures higher than Level 50 had a qualitative change in their everything, including attack power and defense strength, all thanks to this small thing called mana core.

And this death knight, even from the looks of it, definitely possessed a mana core. Liam ’s attacks probably wouldn ’t even scratch it.

It one-shot killed him back then, and it would again one-shot kill him without batting an eye. So how were they supposed to escape this thing?

Liam ’s mind spun quickly as his gaze lingered on the four players standing in front of him.

”Liam! You cowardly dog! You can ’t run anymore! Your bad time starts now! Today. You are the one who is going to lose, and you are the one who is going to suffer. ”

The chubby hunter grinned, petting his big demonic two-headed hound.

”Why should we run? There are only 4 of you. There are 40 of us! Do you really think you can take us? ” Shin Soo could not stand still after listening to Liam being disrespected.

The others also gathered around closer, the tension in the air palpable.

”Ba ha ha ha! Look at this guy. Do you really think that an average joe like yourself can take me? ”

”You can ’t even stand straight in front of me without me allowing you to do so! ” Madan snorted haughtily.

Anya as well glared at him with a bitch face. ”Why are these mutts barking? ”

”Today, you guys cannot win no matter what happens! Just prepare to die. Don ’t tell me I didn ’t warn you. ” Madan chuckled.

”You already know that you are going to win? ” Liam finally spoke up. This was bad. This was very bad. Inwardly he was panicking, but he tried to remain calm.

However, he was still found out by Kouske.

”Madan, that ’s enough. No need to talk to these people. Let ’s finish what we came here for. ” Kouske muttered gravely and then waved his hand.

The next instant, a huge rumbling sound echoed. The big death knight started glowing brightly, along with the sword in his hand.

”Everyone move back, ” Liam shouted. ”I will keep the deathknight busy. Everyone else, run now! ”

However, he was not done yet. After shouting, he again messaged in group chat, ”Derek, Shen Yue, and Mei Mei. You three should try to draw the other four away from the death knight. ”

”I cannot beat this death knight. You have to take care of the guy summoning it. Don ’t underestimate these four under any circumstances. ”

”Each one of them is capable of rivaling me in strength or maybe even stronger. So don ’t let your guard down. ”

”If you think that you cannot win, then both of you should help Mei Mei escape the combat zone and log out. Her legendary item will drop if she dies. ”

”Now go! Either kill them or escape, do it fast. Run! ”

Several things about this abrupt ambush were unsettling but what was most troublesome were still the words the fatty let slip. They were going to win? What did that mean?

Why were they here? How did they find out? Are they tracking something? Perhaps him? Were they tracking him through some method?

Liam shook his head. He couldn ’t afford to focus on the ’why ’ at the moment.

This could even be a coincidence. They had stayed in this single spot for almost an entire day, and these four might have accidentally caught the scent.

After all, he had taken something precious from them. So maybe they were searching for them and found them because they stayed in a single spot for too long.

Anything could have happened. That was not important right now. What was important was… the giant death knight standing in front of him.

The fate that he had managed to steal only half of had come back to bite him in his ass, but luckily it was still in the nether realm. In here, he was the King!

[Nether Scythe] Liam started with his strongest move.

Thick wisps of nether gathered around to form a massive scythe like storm clouds gathering around to smite the earth with lightning and thunder.

Before the death knight could make its first move, Liam hurriedly brought down the scythe on the huge thing and the four guys standing near it.

Meanwhile, behind him, the rest of the group started running.

Not one of them hesitated or questioned Liam ’s words. They started running as fast as they could without turning back even once.

Kouske and the other three as well saw this. Their attention turned from the huge scythe Liam conjured that was easily blocked by the level 80 death knight to the players fleeing the scene.

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