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Chapter 458 - l will let you beat me up later

Chapter 457 – Do you want to jump ship?

”Dude! They are RUNNING AWAY! ” Madan shouted. ”Look at them running away like rats! ”

”Hmph. They are running away with my crown! You are not getting away from me that fast! ”

Anya was the first to move as she dashed towards the bunch of players, specifically aiming for the little girl with the flashy crown on her head.

To see her prized possession on a good for nothing little girl felt like a slap on her face. She bit her lips in frustration and weaved her staff, readily sending out an attack spell.

For her, it didn ’t matter that a dozen people were running around the little girl. Only her crown was important.

Without it, even the idiots in her group were looking down on her, and she hated it.

[Entrapping Vines]

[Laser Leaves]

Anya did not hesitate and started with the strongest attacks in her arsenal. These were not flashy skills, but they got the job done, and more importantly, they had never failed her.

Her eyes twinkled as she watched the leaves dart forward faster than bullets or anything else directly aimed at her good for nothing target.

While the vines sprouting on the ground beneath her feet hold her steady, these leaves should slice that tender neck right off.

Anya sneered in disdain and sent out two flying vines to grab the crown that was anyways going to be hers. The little girl was not even aware of what was coming behind her back.

A small celebratory smug smile tugged the blonde as she dashed forward with her long legs, but before she could take another step, suddenly something shifted.

The leaves that were about to strike the girl ’s back were instead blocked by a shield. A big guy had appeared out of nowhere.

”Hmph. ” Anya gritted her teeth in frustration and sent out several more [Laser Leaves]. However, Derek blocked every single attack.

The healer was utterly helpless against the tank that stood in her way. She instantly turned to look at Madan and Barret, who nodded and quickly ran to catch up to her.

”Let ’s see how you are protecting that little bitch now. ” She muttered and continued running behind the group.

Now that Anya saw things more clearly, she noticed something. Though everyone seemed to be haphazardly running, there was also a certain formation.

It was very subtle, but it was there. If she was not a healer who was used to seeing everything from a wider angle, from a bird ’s eye point of view, she would have definitely not caught it.

The little bitch was not as unguarded as she thought. It looked like they knew what they were doing after all.

”They are trying to split us up. ” Anya mouthed.

”Huh? Should I go back to Kouske? ” Madan scratched his head, sending out his hound and three other beasts after the group.

”No, ” Barret answered instead of Anya. ”This is our main mission this time. We need to retrieve the crown. Let ’s stay on that. Kouske is more than enough to handle Liam on his own. ”

”Hmmm… will he really be okay? That Liam is a problematic fellow. ” Madan looked worried.

”Hmph. There is nothing he can do against the death knight. Like that person said, he will lose this time. ” Anya scoffed.

”What, Anya? You never trust big brother ’s words, and today you choose to believe him? ”

”He He. Looks like what big bro said is true. Some people only want to believe in fate when there is something good waiting for them. ”

”Shut up. I never said that I did not believe him. I was only saying we should take it with a hint of salt. Whatever. Let ’s just go and get the crown back. ”

Madan wanted to cook up another witty repartee, but the other two left him behind in the dust, so he whined and dashed forward to catch up with them.

”Damn it. Why are you making me run so much! ” The two skinny bastards were much more agile when compared to him.

In the end, he whistled to call back one of his beasts and gave chase to the fleeing crimson abyss guild members.

The three of them were in their level 40s, and they were able to chase quickly. It almost seemed as if they were going to reach the group.

But weirdly, at this instant, something unexpected happened. The group once again split into two.

”Your funeral idiots! ” Madan grinned because anyone who saw this situation knew that it was best to stay together and fight.

In fact, if they stayed together and fought, they might even have a chance, a very very slim chance, but now…

”Let ’s go. ” The three of them did not care about the other members of the crimson abyss guild and only chased after the three they were really interested in.

This time Madan, Anya, and Barret, all three of them started sending in attacks at the one woman, one big guy, and one little girl who was running away.

However, most of the attacks were still skillfully evaded by the trio.

Derek helped Mei Mei block some while Shen Yue ’s slender body was like a blade of grass that bent along with the storm to remain unyielding.

”Waaahhh… why can ’t beauties like this be there in our group? ” Madan licked his lips, seeing her beautiful figure running in front of him. The view was perfect!

”Shut your pie hole, Madan. ” Anya scoffed and glared at Shen Yue, ”Can ’t you see? They are not average players. Let ’s speed this up. I need that crown back in my hands. ”

”Fine. Fine. As you say so… jealous bitch. ” Madan spat out the last part. He then started using [Freezing Arrows], albeit his own blend of freezing arrows.

Five arrows zoomed forward in the air with breakneck speed and just like before this time as well Derek, Mei Mei and Shen Yue blocked them.

However, Madan grinned. This was because the attack was not over yet.

The arrows that were cleanly blocked unexpectedly shimmered as they struck the ground, and the spot where they landed released an icy aura that still affected the three people within the radius.

The trio ’s movement speed and agility instantly dropped, and the three of them as well came to a screeching halt as there was no point in running away any longer. They were caught!

On the other side, the other three as well came to a halt.

While Anya and Barret glared at the three of them, Madan clutched his stomach and caught his breath. ”Hello! Hello! Hello! Pretty lady, do you want to jump ship? I can marry you right now! ”

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