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Chapter 459 - You were saying?

Chapter 458 – l will let you beat me up later

Shen Yue looked at the guy in front of her with disgust and anger, but she did not dare underestimate these opponents.

She gripped her daggers tightly, eyeing the opponent that she wanted to target.

If she could charm the fatty and attack the woman along with Mei Mei, then they could easily finish her off and help Derek tackle the other berserker.

She quickly made the mental calculations and signaled Mei Mei while simultaneously using her [Beguile] skill.

At the same time, Barret as well rammed forward with a green aura enriching his strength. It looked like he had the same idea as he directly pushed to take out the weakest link, Mei Mei.

But Derek blocked him, and the two tanks ended up butting heads against each other. Shen Yue saw that and hurriedly cast her spell. The first time hadn ’t worked out.

”Cool. Cool. Calm down, pretty lady. Your charm won ’t work on me. ” Madan laughed and took out a shining gun.

Bang. Without a single wrinkle in his movements, he steadily took out the gun and pressed the trigger.

But Shen Yue wasn ’t exactly slow either. The moment she saw that her spell was not working, she had already started working on her next move.

Both the hunter and the healer should equally be weak against close combat, so either of them was a good target.

However, before she could make a choice, the decision was already taken for her.

She twisted her body and rolled on the ground to avoid the bullets, immediately jumping up and running towards the fat guy.

”Ba Ha Ha Ha Ha! This is the best fight ever! Oh my god! How can someone look so sexy? But I am sorry, miss. I am a little hard to get. You first have to play with my pets. ”

Madan ducked out, easily evading Shen Yue ’s daggers, and resummoned all of his pets one after the other.

Shen Yue gritted her teeth and quickly backed away from the huge beasts that spawned in front of her, every single one of them barring their teeth at her.

Liam was correct. These players were not the normal opponents.

Shen Yue gritted her teeth and fought with the hound, the bear, and two things that looked like a mash-up of weird creatures.

Meanwhile, Mei Mei and Anya were busily throwing spells at each other. Mei Mei had more offensive spells, and Anya had more defensive spells, so they were essentially at a stalemate.

And just like that, Barret and Derek were also evenly matched. Shen Yue ’s gaze flitted over to them briefly before settling back on the beasts surrounding her.

However, just as she did, she noticed something from the corner of her eyes. There were… two Dereks…

Shen Yue was completely stunned. She, of course, recognized this technique. Derek learned that by just sparring with Liam for one day?

And just how long had it taken for Liam to learn the same thing?

What were these guys? Monsters?

At this rate, she would never ever be able to reach them, stand shoulder to shoulder with them. Shen Yue gripped her hand and spun her body around faster.

If Derek was using this technique, she wanted to use his momentum and take out at least one of them.

She sparred with the beasts surrounding her, and at the same time, she tried to get closer to the berserker.

”Not so fast. ” Madan noticed this instantly and grinned as he shot forward several arrows toward the woman.

Shen Yue ’s speed was already reduced, and with four beasts on her trail, she was not able to budge. Unless…

She made a quick decision and dodged only some of the attacks while taking the rest head on. She then ran as fast as she could and used [Beguile] on Barret.

Even though what she did was very abrupt, the berserker only sneered at her as a thick red aura enveloped him. It looked like he was already prepared for it.

Shen Yue ’s efforts were wasted, and she hurriedly downed a health potion, once again dancing around and fighting the four beasts that did not let go of her.

Madan also did not give her any room for escape, and he shot forward another batch of arrows. These ones were weirdly glowing yellow.

”Yes, these are my custom-made arrows. Aren ’t I awesome? Beauty, it ’s not too late. I can still marry you. Ha Ha Ha. ”

Between the beasts and the arrows, Shen Yue was completely trapped. Seeing that she had locked herself, Derek made a move.

He aggroed three of the four beasts surrounding her and gave Shen Yue some breathing room, but this led to him getting pushed back, and Barret did not let the chance slip by landing two heavy attacks on him.

Shen Yue bit her lips. She felt like she was really useless if her charm did not work, and she hated it. She did not want to be a dead weight.

She was tired of being weak and helpless. She waved her dagger around, blocking the attacks from the hunter.

Since she started playing the game and learning how to fight, she had improved leaps and bounds, but it was still not enough.

She was still weak and useless.

No. I should stay calm. Shen Yue reminded herself and prepared to use the last two powerful attacks in her arsenal.

If she was going to die here, she was going to take someone along with her. A L L-N O V E L-F ULL

And just as she prepared to cast [Mesmerize], suddenly another idea struck her. She had tried her [Beguile] skill on the hunter and the berserker, but what about the healer?

She saw Anya completely involved in her fight with Mei Mei, the two women both verbally and physically assaulting each other.

She only had one chance at this. In a split second, she used her finishing move [Blade Dance] and diverted Madan ’s attention while simultaneously arriving next to Anya.

And then…


Bingo! It worked!

Shen Yue grinned as she quickly made the healer attack the hunter. ”Mei Mei, help Derek! Now! ”

Though very much shocked, the little girl understood what was happening and she immediately changed her target.

Shen Yue then turned to the hunter who had pretty much toyed with her for the past few minutes. She might not be as strong as him, but along with Anya, she definitely was.

Seeing the two women coming towards him with daggers and staff in their hands, Madan gulped. ”Ladies… please… this is not the ménage à trois that I want. ”

”Shut up! ” Shen Yue shouted as she started sending out one attack after another. Anya as well did the same, rage and anger etched on her face.

For some reason, it looked like this person wanted to beat up the poor guy whether she was under the spell or not.

”Stop it, you mad woman! Snap out of it already! I will let you beat me up later, alright. Just snap out of it already. ”

Madan ’s health was drastically dropping, and the guy shouted at the top of his lungs.

He could manage one of these women, but the two of them were too much even for him. He was completely out of his league.

The effect probably lasted only for some seconds, but it looked like he was going to die before then.

Madan gritted his teeth and tried to move back to evade some of the attacks, but it was useless. However, he was not planning to lose just yet.

The problem was Anya. So he decided to deal with her. He quickly drew an arrow and sent it flying towards the healer.

Just like always, Anya as well dodged it, but it was not a simple arrow. A net popped out of the arrow and trapped the healer, who was caught like a butterfly.

She struggled for a couple of seconds, and that essentially wore out the rest of the time she was under the effect of charm.

”Anya! Fast! Cast a protection spell! Otherwise, you will once again fall for it. ” Shen Yue hurriedly tried to recast the spell, but the healer was faster.

She did not need to be reminded. She had already cast the protection before anyone warned her.

And of course, once she came to her senses, she immediately dashed towards Mei Mei once again.

Clearly, she couldn ’t care less about what happened to the other members of her team, and that was this group ’s main weak point.

Shen Yue could clearly see it. They did not work together as a group at all. She used this chance to continue barraging her attacks on the hunter.

”Bitch! At least throw me a heal before you leave, you ungrateful- ” Madan spat out and struggled to defend against Shen Yue.

But before she could close him, Anya rolled her eyes at him and sent a heal anyways, quickly reversing the situation.

She also healed up Barret and all of Madan ’s pets, making the group ’s effort so far completely worthless.

”Ha Ha! What are you going to do now, beauty? I have seen all of your tricks. Now you have to see mine. Don ’t run away from me. ”

Madan took out another whistle from his inventory and blew on it. This time a huge beast started materializing in front of Shen Yue.

It did not even completely appear when it had already lifted its leg to stomp on the woman. ”That ’s a dinosaur? dragon? ” Shen Yue was absolutely speechless.

She quickly tried to move, but the beast had an insane speed that she had not experienced before.

From the corner of her eyes, she could also see the special frost arrows on Madan ’s hand once again.

”Game ’s over, pretty lady. ” Madan grinned and shot the arrows forward.

Just as he expected, Shen Yue was also not able to evade them. Her speed reduced several folds she was going to become a flattened meat paste. There was no doubt about it.

But just as it was about to happen, suddenly, a golden shield appeared in front of her. ”Sis! I got you! ” A voice shouted out loud.

”What the hell? ” Madan blinked when he suddenly saw another person standing near Shen Yue. He had a shield in his hand.

And before he could understand what was happening, three other players appeared, all of them surrounding him.

The rest of the crimson abyss guild members were here!

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