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Chapter 460 - The prediction was not wrong

Chapter 459 – You were saying?

”They are all here? But how? ” Madan was utterly dumbfounded.

”Dude! You might be strong, but don ’t think that we are all weak! We were never planning to run from the beginning! ” Shin Soo shouted as he took over tanking the huge beast, covering for Shen Yue.

Shen Yue then quickly appeared next to Madan and started unleashing all of the dagger moves she had learned so far.

The hunter now became completely helpless.

If it was just one person, he could dodge, but while he was trying to evade her attacks, ice spheres, fireballs, arrows, and all sorts of attacks started piling up on him.

It looked like the entire guild was trying to put him down first, concentrating all of their attacks on him.

”DAMN IT ALL! ” He quickly tried to back away and become invisible, but Shen Yue ’s daggers did not allow that.

She used [Blade Fury] and took out a bunch of daggers from her inventor, throwing them all out in a horizontal sweep.

Madan ’s location was immediately found out, and since he had used one of his pet ’s skills [Absolute Defense] already, there was nothing else he could do except die quietly.

”This is what happens when you overestimate your abilities. ” Shin Soo righteously declared, which made the dying guy roll his eyes.

The truth was that they had never underestimated them. Obviously, they had accounted for the fact that the opponent had 40 players in their group while they only had 4.

But the thing was that… they had something to make up for this drawback!

A giant colossal Level 80 death knight!

This battle should have never dragged out for this long. It should have been an instant blood massacre!

So how the hell was things playing out in this fashion? Where did their calculations go wrong?

Was it their fault? Did they lack proper coordination? Perhaps if Anya hadn ’t shot forward with focus only on the Crown, things wouldn ’t have become this bad?

Maybe if they did not think that everyone was running away afraid of them, they would have been more careful? Did they really underestimate their opponents?

No. In reality, those were just secondary reasons.

Those all just happened and could have been easily overcome. So what the hell went wrong?

As Madan ’s consciousness faded away and his lifeless dead body hit the ground, he finally realized the main reason why they were in this predicament…

This was all because… of that one person.

The fact that these people were able to fight back, counterattack, and even manage to kill him was also all because of that person.

The person who was keeping the death knight occupied for so long!

They had not underestimated anyone ’s abilities, but even they did not think that a Level 50 player could hold out against a Level 80 death knight for so long?

Only because of that, they were in the current situation where they were up against forty players and outnumbered.

If the Level 80 death knight had been free to assist them, this situation would have never happened.

These forty players who were arrogantly putting them down would have instead been crushed like ants.

Everything only went downhill because their deathknight was still busy somewhere else.

How the hell was that monster doing this? Shouldn ’t he have gotten one-shotted by now? Just what was happening over there?

Meanwhile… a few miles back…

The person whom Madan was thinking about was still strongly standing… at least for now…

[Nether Scythe] The powerful attack that Liam had used did not even manage to scratch the surface of that monstrosity.

Liam gritted his teeth and looked at the giant death knight. They had now successfully separated the two halves of the group, but they were still not out of their predicament just yet.

The biggest threat was still alive, and he did not know how long he would be able to hold on.

CRASH. The death knight swung its sword, striking down Liam.

Liam, on the other hand, didn ’t move away from it. There was no point in doing so. He couldn ’t outrun it, he was not able to damage it, he was not able to do anything to it.

He was like an ant fighting against a dragon. So he only took a couple of steps back and summoned a thick black wall of nether around him on all sides like a barrier.

[Ding. You have created a new skill – Black Box]

The death knight ’s sword slammed against this defensive barrier, and the black box broke into a million pieces, shattering completely.

The death knight then furiously tried to strike him down once again using another sword move, but Liam reacted in the same way by summoning another [Black Box].

From the beginning, he never planned to beat this thing. It was impossible.

So, for now, he was just buying time. If he couldn ’t do any damage to this thing, then he was determined not to take any damage from the thing. A L L-N O V E L-F ULL

Also, every time he summoned a [Black Box], he took a few steps back, slowly moving away and away.

Seeing this, Kouske was furious. ”You are not getting away this time, Liam! No matter what tricks you are thinking of pulling, you might as well save them for another time! ”

”This time, it ’s our win! It ’s already decided. ”

Kouske grew frustrated waiting for the death knight to do something useful or even Liam to do something stupid.

However, he could still only sit idly and watch this fight from the sidelines.

This was because… though one side was attacking and the other side was putting up barriers in a repetitive fashion… this happened at a ridiculously fast-paced speed!

He wasn ’t even able to see anything properly, much less intervene. All that was visible to him were black structures getting broken down and reconstructed repetitively.

But how was he doing that? How could he continuously keep up this sort of defensive barrier? Was he able to use mana potions and nether so effectively?

More importantly, how was he conjuring such complicated magic spells without any sort of downtime or even casting time?

Every single attack from the death knight struck like thunder, the Level 80 killing machine sending out one attack after another relentlessly.


However, for every attack the death knight dealt, there was one more barrier popping up. There was simply no end to it!

Just how long did Liam possibly think that he could keep this up.

”Think about it, Liam! What is your end game here? You took the emerald crown from us! How about you give it back? Maybe we can talk about other things after that. ”

”Even you know that you cannot keep this up. ”

”Give it up. We are winning. Stop it, and let ’s talk like adults. ” Kouske gnashed his teeth and muttered the words.

He did not even know if his words were getting through because this was not a fight he dared touch.

Black wisps of energy erupted like flames engulfing the whole place. The speed alone was something beyond his level.

If not for the death knight, then… Kouske shuddered to think about the results right now.

No, even with the death knight, nothing was set in stone. He could feel it. A feeling of fear. He feared the guy in front of him very much, and he did not even know why.

They were going to win this time? It was predicted! Nothing could go wrong!

”You better listen to me! Your teammates are paying for your arrogance right about now. My team would have already killed half of them. ”

”If you stop now and concede, at least the other half will live. Don ’t be selfish and think about others. I think you know what death inside this game means. ”

”Are you willing to sacrifice everyone else just for the sake of one item? ”

Kouske hastily tried to convince Liam. However, a feeling of panic started arising in his heart because no matter what he said, the other person did not seem to care in the slightest.

Maybe he couldn ’t hear him?

Just as this thought floated in his mind, suddenly, a name greyed out in their group.

”Huh? ” Kouske ’s eyes widened in shock. For a second, he couldn ’t believe it. ”No, this is impossible! ”

And before he could digest this, the other two names as well greyed out one after the other.

”YOU WERE SAYING? ” Liam loudly laughed, his maniacal voice ringing out in all directions. ”I am thinking… hmmm… I am going to refuse your offer. ”

”Now, how about I give you an offer? Return the item that you stole from me like a petty thief! ”

”Otherwise… ”

”You will never get a chance to see the other three alive… ”

”You do know what dying inside the game means, right? ”

Liam grit his teeth and summoned another [Black Box] as the death knight continued pummeling him.

Even though he had a perfect affinity with nether, his body still accumulated some fatigue every time he was manipulating the massive quantity of nether.

But the other person did not know this, so he was fine for now.

”So how about it? Return this cute thing back to me. He He He and I will let you and your little friends live. ” Liam let out another burst of maniacal laughter.

”You know what… maybe don ’t… then I can have more fun take it right out of your hands! ”

”What is mine. Will be mine. One way or the other. ”

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