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Chapter 461 - No more running!

Chapter 460 – The prediction was not wrong

”What are you… ”

Seeing the thick wisps of nether obeying Liam as if he was their Emperor, Kouske trembled. He was also a necromancer just like Liam, but they couldn ’t even be compared on the same page.

How the hell was he so strong? Kouske looked at the man in front of him dumbfoundedly.

Their leader ’s prediction had gone wrong. Their group had died, and now they were under the threat of complete annihilation?

They had the winning card. Shouldn ’t they be winning right now? How did everything go wrong? He did not even know what to do next.

They had attacked from a position of strength, but how were they supposed to prepare for a Level 50 player fighting equally with a Level 80 monster?

More importantly… their big brother ’s prediction went wrong? This was impossible!

However, just as the thin man trembled pondering if they really had no other choice except to surrender here… suddenly, something felt off.

Someone was coming, or rather… it was not a single person.

Both Kouske and Liam instinctively turned around to see a huge army of demons coming toward them.

Some of them were on land and some on them were in the sky, riding some sort of bat faced mount.

But the sheer number of them was enough to strike fear into anyone ’s heart. Both Kouske and Liam stared at the incoming demons and both of them were at a loss for words.

However, Liam was the first to recover because he could tell exactly why they were here.

”Damn it. They noticed me! Did the fight here cause too much disturbance? ” He erected another barrier to block the death knight.

Barely holding back with this monstrosity was his limit, there was no way he was going to manage these many demons. Was he going to die today?

This was checkmate. There was no escape from this situation.

As if answering his predicament, something even more strange happened. Kouske had recalled the death knight to stand by his side.

It was clear that he had assumed these demons to be on Liam ’s side.

Only Liam knew that that was not the case, but he couldn ’t care less about clearing this misconception or using this situation to his advantage.

If he gets caught in this swirling whirlpool, the only way out was death! So the moment he got the split second chance to do something, he immediately entered [Stealth] and ran.

He ran as fast as he could away from the crime scene towards the fox that was hiding further away from the scene of the battle.

Without a single moment of hesitation, Liam then hopped onto the fox and the duo bolted away like there was no tomorrow.

At the same time, Liam also furiously typed in the chat, ”Keep running. Don ’t stop. ”

Everyone was surprised because they had assumed that they were going to camp the graveyard for the drops from the three players but they did not question Liam ’s command.

Every single member of the crimson abyss guild dropped what they were doing and fled the scene in a rush.

Meanwhile, Kouske only realized what happened after a few seconds. When he turned around, Liam was not there. Not even a single house fly was there in the vicinity.

”He ran? ” Kouske now understood. He had mistaken things. The demons and Liam were not allies. Rather Liam had used this chance to escape.

”Damn it. ” He let out a long sigh and quickly started working on the next things.

Only himself and the death knight were still standing and the demons were coming right at them.

Thankfully, the demons were still at a distance away. So he quickly dismissed the death knight and fled the scene as well. He messaged the others as well to flee.

The group only met back after a few miles, hiding their figures amidst the dense thorny forest.

Today ’s mission had ended in failure and all four of them had grave expressions.

Anya, Barret, and Kouske looked too serious to speak anything and silently walked side by side. Only one person opened his mouth.

”Ah… so many of my arrows were lost this time. ” Madan clicked his tongue, making everyone turn towards him.

Anya gave him a death stare. ”My emerald crown is still with that little bitch! Who the fuck cares about your damned arrows! ”

The leggy Russian blonde then turned to bark at their small makeshift group ’s leader, ”Kouske! Where is the victory that we were foretold! Hmmm? What the hell is this? ”

”I knew it was going to be like this before itself! ”

”All of these predictions, these stupid foretellings, everything is false! That guy is just messing with us! We gained shit today! ”

Anya ’s flat chest heaved up and down as she relieved her frustrations by continuously spewing out Russian curse words.

At first Kouske did not say anything but he then stopped to look at her. ”You should shut up. Don ’t forget that you got that crown in the first place thanks to that person. ”

”Now you are bad mouthing him because something went wrong? Weren ’t you the one who foolishly chased after that little girl? ”

”If you had stayed back and fought, maybe we could have killed Liam this time. ”

Anya was completely speechless. ”How dare you! Don ’t you dare try to put this blame on me! You couldn ’t finish that annoying prick even with a Level 80 death knight! You do not have the rights to place this blame on me! ”

This one again spiraled another bout of arguments between the group which went out of control. After a few minutes, Kouske who had become silent again opened his mouth.

”I know you guys think that we lost today. You all did die. So we did lose something today. But as I see it, we also gained a lot today. ”

Huh? Everyone was completely confused with Kouske ’s words.

”What are you talking about? ” Barret asked.

”I am talking about that guy ’s true power! I know how to beat Liam. ” Kouske smiled. ”I now know all of his secrets. ”

The three of them stared at the thin necromancer in front of them with confusion hoping for an explanation.

Kouske nodded and explained everything to them without leaving them hanging. ”According to my estimate, that person should have an S tier affinity to nether. ”

”Huh? S-tier? That ’s impossible! Do you think high-grade affinities are that common? ” Anya scoffed.

”Hey. Think before you speak. ” Madan interjected. Unlike her, he understood it immediately. Liam definitely had an S- tier affinity. Perhaps even an SS- tier affinity.

That was the only explanation as to how he was able to hold his own against the Level 80 death knight!

”What I am saying is true. Which means, the next time we fish them out, I know exactly how to trap him. ” Kouske nodded. ”Don ’t worry. You will get your crown back soon. ”

”Hmm. It looks like the prediction was not wrong after all. ”

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