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Chapter 462 - Special event?

Chapter 461 – No more running!

”Hmmm… As long as I do not have a mana core, I would have to keep running from all of these idiots. ” Liam leaned on the tree he was sitting beside and muttered absent-mindedly.

After running for so long, he wanted to take a break and think about some things, and it didn ’t take long for him to notice the obvious.

His fans suddenly multiplied!

There were now too many people behind him in both realms.

”Tsk. This is very inconvenient. I need to settle some debts quickly. ” Liam munched on roasted meat Shen Yue had given him previously and drew circles on the ground.

There were too many things to do, and the big war should be ending any time now. The timeline was also a big mess. Everything was happening faster this time around.

At this rate, the last and final update might really end up happening sooner than expected as well.

After the game first launched, they were now officially closer to the end of the three months mark.

If the war between the Nether realm and the Xion realm ends and the Xion realm stabilizes, then the next phase would kick in, followed by the changes to the real world.

At this point, the various governments and the people would realize the truth about the game and the deaths inside the game.

At first, they would try to block it, but it would be useless as it was literally impossible to make sure that no one entered the game.

Seeing that they had no other choice, then the governments would jump into the game as well with full force.

Not just them but all the industries, corporations, and every single organization in the world would enter the game, trying to get a piece of whatever pie this was.

Then the game would truly become outrageous, individual players no longer having many chances to develop themselves.

Before this happened, Liam wanted to establish himself and make a clear difference between himself and the other players, but now he seemed to be pushing that boundary.

”I need to make that mana core as soon as possible… ” He let out a small sigh.

This was a very real roadblock that he was facing. Either he had to do it, or he had to get someone else to make it.

Liam would have given up if not for the alchemy tablet that he stole from those guys. He wanted to see if he could get some insights from that tablet.

But for that, he first needed a place where he could completely be at peace and not keep looking over his shoulders every other minute.

”Hmm… I am now wanted in both realms. Where can I work where nothing can possibly attack me? ”

The guild residence was out of the question because if Level 80 ravens started pecking at the walls, even their S rank guild would collapse.

It would be different if he did some of the upgrades. Then the guild residence could even hold out against a Level 100 beast horde.

But those upgrades were insane gold sinks. He did not have that kind of gold at the moment in his hands. More importantly, it would require not just gold but also other materials.

”So that is out of the question… where else could I peacefully camp for a few days? ”

Liam silently gazed at the crooked circles on the floor that he had drawn, and a place came to his mind.

”Alright. That should do it. ” With a big grin, he packed up everything and made the portal to return back to the Xion realm.

”Luna, remember. As soon as we go through this, we need to make a run for it. ”

Liam stretched his limbs. This was going to be a test of his agility and speed, but once he did it, he would be safe for the time being.

The small fox as well mimicked his actions, and the both of them prepared themselves. The next second, the duo blasted through the portal.

Liam jumped onto Luna ’s back in one smooth motion, and the white fox then shot forward through the air and the clouds like an arrow.

”Where are we? ” Liam hurriedly pulled up the system interface to check. They were on the outskirts of Yleka city, which was perfect for them.

”Luna, it looks like luck is on our side this time. Let ’s go east. Get to the city, and don ’t stop until you reach the huge tower in the city. ”

Liam sucked in a big breath of air and prepared himself for anything that could happen. As the white fox dashed forward, he peeled his eyes open for any signs of the damned ravens.

And the birds did not disappoint him.

Just like he expected, the sky soon started to rumble, and a tear in the air appeared. Something big and huge stepped out from within this tear. It was a claw!

”Fuck! Luna! Fast Now! ”

Liam started making a huge ice ball. They had almost reached the city, and now they just needed a few more seconds.

”Come on. Come on. Come on. ” He mumbled, eyeing the big claw that was now a full black-feathered leg. If this bird actually attacked them, they were dead meat for sure.


The duo arrived at the city safely.

Luna let out a small sigh, and she looked like she was reducing the speed, but Liam immediately warned her.

”No! Don ’t stop until you reach the tower. ” He pointed to the tower in the distance. Sure, the city was safe and had enough soldiers to protect them even against higher-tier beasts.

The issue was that those soldiers would take their time to arrive typically, and by then, he would have already been skewered by this giant raven.

So even within the city, they wouldn ’t be safe. The one and only location in this entire city where they would be safe no matter what was the PVP tower!

And this was also Liam ’s target!

Others might not know this, but the PVP tower was a very mysterious tower, and equally mysterious was the tower master who sat at the top most floor of the tower.

He was not an ordinary person, and the tower itself had several protective inscriptions, runes, formations, and talismans guarding it.

Even during an invasion, no one would be able to touch this tower or, for that matter, any other tower in any other Kingdom or city.

So this was the one and only place where Liam would really be able to focus on his task without having to worry about the bunch of birds.

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