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Chapter 463 - BFFs

Chapter 462 – Special event?

On a nice sunny day… at the trade capital of the Gresh Kingdom, Yleka city…

Several players of the popular mysterious game ’Evolution Online ’ was casually walking on the streets, chatting with their friends or loved ones.

However, in the midst of this pleasant city atmosphere, suddenly something dark flew above everyone ’s heads, disrupting the leisurely vibe.

”Huh? What is that? ”

”That looks like an airplane! ”

”The fuck? Where did airplanes come inside evolution online? Wash your eyes, idiot! That ’s a flying mount! ”

”You are the idiot! Your mom is the idiot for giving birth to you, and your dad is the idiot for ejaculating you! I am not talking about that one. I am talking about the other one! ”

”The other one? ”

The group of people tilted their heads up to see another huge shadow crossing them again, but this time, the shadow was enormous, mean, and lean, streamlined like a jet plane, and it zoomed past them, taking only a fraction of a second.

And it did not stop there…

Right afterward, three other big black jetplanes whooshed past them, lifting up all the robes of those who were standing on the street. Many colorful sights were revealed.

”Dang! What is happening in the city today? ”

”Maybe some special event! ”

”Let ’s go and check it out! ”

All the players in the city had seen this strange occurrence, so they hurriedly chased after the black shadows which were now circling the PVP tower at the center of the city.

And these were not mere shadows… because their speed had considerably reduced, everyone could finally see these creatures clearly.

They were ravens! Red-eyed huge monstrous ravens!

And most players could only see the question mark on top of these birds, so they couldn ’t fathom their exact level, but they were definitely high-leveled birds!

What were these huge ravens doing inside the city? What was going to happen now?

Everyone watched the birds with their eyes peeled open, waiting for some pies to drop from the sky.

Only two heads stared at this bunch of ravens with apprehension. Liam and Luna were both panting.

In the end, Liam almost did not make it. It was touch and go. He had to leap off of Luna ’s back and dash into the tower hall with every ounce of mana in his body concentrated in his legs.

Only because of this he made it. Otherwise…

Wiping the sweat off his forehead, Liam laughed nervously and then waved his hands at the ravens glaring at him with their sharp red eyes.

”Good luck. ” He whistled and casually walked inside, expecting the bird to now peck at the tower relentlessly before something bad happened to them.

Luna as well smirked and followed him, with her three tails swishing left to right stylishly.

The five ravens could only helplessly stare at their prey walking inside without being able to do anything.

But unexpectedly, these creatures did not even attempt to ram at the tower or anything crazy like that. They simply stared and then left as if they already knew what to do and what not to do.

Like their levels, their intelligence was also extremely high.

Liam stopped and noticed this with a grave expression on his face because this was not good news. This was bad news. ”Could they see the formations blocking them? ”

The thing was.. he could also only see question marks. He did not know their actual levels.

It looked like this time the crazies had upped the difficulty level several folds instead of going to the next step. Just what was this quest that forced him to do it so blatantly?

The more it forced Liam, the more he grew wary of it and did not want to attempt it. With the limited time he had he did not want to take on risky things unnecessarily, but the thing was…

Did he really have a choice?

”I should not worry about that right now. ” Liam immediately entered the elevator and pressed the button for the 100th floor.

He had reached here the last time he had entered the PVP tower, so now he was able to access the same floor.

Ding. The elevator promptly arrived at the destination, and he walked past the numerous players crowding around on the floor.

The place was vastly different compared to the last time he had visited with a variety of new shops, both players owned and NPC owned, but Liam did not bother to take a look at anything.

He directly went over to one of the alchemy rooms, the highest grade available, paid the coins for it, and settled there.

”Ok. Here goes nothing… ” Liam took a deep breath and started making the concoction one more time.

He repeated all the steps listed in the recipe and regulated the mana for the cauldron as best as he could.

This was the most complicated recipe he had attempted up until now. So much so that every time he went through this process, there was one improvement or the other in something.

His mana manipulation improved, his mental focus improved, his knowledge about the herbs and handling of the herbal essence improved.

Every single time he attempted this concoction, he always improved a little bit. However, all of that was still not enough.

He had sunk about 48 hours now in this recipe, and it was still not enough.

Liam calmed himself down and tried not to think about the past failures. He only focussed on the cauldron in front of him.

Soon… a few minutes passed by… just like this in complete and utter silence. Of course, except for the constantly sizzling and roaring cauldron.

And the next instant…


Another huge explosion rocked the small alchemy room. The cauldron blasted completely, parts of it flying everywhere, and Liam and Luna both coughed up black smoke.

”Another failure huh… it is fine. ” Liam rubbed Luna ’s back.

Letting out a small sigh, he took out the precious tablet that he had stolen from the ogre demon city lord back in the nether realm.

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