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Chapter 464 - Cant scratch even the surface

Chapter 463 – BFFs

Liam took his time to observe the stone tablet properly.

He held it carefully in his hands, well, at least as carefully as he could because the thing weighed like a mountain, and it was not easy to lift it or place it in his lap.

But luckily, only the front side of the tablet seemed to be special with something inscribed on it, so he did not have to examine it up close for too long.

After a few minutes, he placed it on the ground, slanted against the wall just like the other person had done.

Liam then took a deep breath, calmed himself down, and sat in a meditative pose in front of this tablet. He looked at it and then stared at it as best as he could.

This stone tablet was a precious treasure. There was simply no doubt about it. Even at first glance back at the ogre ’s special alchemy room, Liam felt a special pull towards it.

He could feel it clearly. There was something profound about this stone tablet. He couldn ’t exactly place his finger on it, but the feeling was unmistakable.

If he could just understand what was so special about this block of stone, then perhaps he would be able to make some huge developments in his alchemy skill.

But for now, this seemed to be just wishful thinking…

Liam tried his best to grasp the profound feeling and decipher the things from the stone tablet, but it was to no avail.

After about an hour, he decided to take a short break and saw that Mia had messaged him.

”I am here inside the PVP tower. ” He responded to her with his whereabouts, and Mia immediately arrived at his doorstep.

”So fast? Did you need something? ” Liam smiled and opened the door.

The alchemy chamber had automatic air circulation and purification functions. Otherwise, black smoke would have blown out when he did.

However, there were no automatic cleaning facilities. It was only Luna running around picking up things, so the inside of the room looked like it had been through a lot.

Mia curiously peeked and then stepped in. ”Yes, I wanted to talk to you about something. ” She nodded.

Coincidentally, she was also wearing a simple, clean white robe, something similar to the ones the divine temple priests wore.

It covered her entire body from her neck to her legs with a slit on the side that revealed her long snow-white legs and toned thighs.

In fact, the entire robe clung to her body snugly, outlining every little curve and dip.

And unlike Liam, she had not even taken any elixirs thus far, so whatever her appearance was inside the game, she had the same in the outside world as well.

After staring at a stone for hours, this was a good change. Liam chuckled inwardly and sat down on the ground, pointing her to the spot in front of him.

Mia as well sat down, adjusting her robes a bit so that the slit didn ’t travel up and reveal everything about her lower body.

She always felt very conscious in front of this person, who might as well be a wolf waiting to gobble her up.

”So I see you are still wandering in the divine temple… ” Liam probed.

”Ah. Yes. Both Alex and I have been doing quests in the divine temple. I wanted to talk to you about this only. ” Mia took a deep breath and then started explaining calmly.

”There are a lot of highly rewarding quests in the divine temple these days, and they are handing out experience points and reputation points very generously. ”

”So both me and Alex have been doing these quests non-stop to see if we could get any hidden class quests or other unique special quests. ”

”I also had another idea. Our guild currently has a lot of members. ”

”I know you said that we will roll out the inner member and the outer member contracts after a while, but I did not want to miss this opportunity. ”

”I am not sure how long these divine temple quests would last. I was thinking we should select a group of priests or paladins and nurture them. ”

Liam couldn ’t help but smile seeing the usually cold and confident Mia nervously explaining things. He raised his hand quickly and stopped her.

”So these things you can do on your own. If you are still feeling not confident enough, just send me a message. You don ’t have to meet me in person and waste your time. ”

”You don ’t have to ask me permission for everything. I trust your judgment. Cough. Cough. I should be more clear. I trust your judgment, not your sister ’s. ” He chuckled wryly.

Mia as well awkwardly smiled and nodded. She knew how Alex could be impulsive sometimes, so she didn ’t say anything.

”And this is a good idea, ” Liam added. ”To groom a batch of priests and paladins huh… ”

Seeing that he was thinking about something else, Mia became curious and asked, ”Do you have anything on your mind? ”

”Yes… I don ’t think you know, but we have four new best friends, and actually, your idea might help them a lot. ”

While he was fighting the giant Level 80 death knight in the nether realm, Liam noticed something interesting.

Just like how the nether was empowering him, it was surely empowering the death knight as well.

Because when he had fought the monstrosity back in the Xion realm at the necromancer ’s cave, where he had found it for the very first time, its strength was not this much.

Perhaps it underestimated him and did not show its full strength. That was also a possibility, but chances were that the death knight got a few buffs in the nether realm just like he got.

And this meant that… it would also potentially be weakest when fighting against the divine affinity players just like him.

So if they had a team of well-groomed priests and paladins… the next time they faced the thing which Liam had a feeling could be soon… then they might no longer need to run away.

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