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Chapter 465 The mysterious stone tablet

Chapter 464 – Can ’t scratch even the surface

”Eh? Who are these players? ” Mia blinked, her eyes now falling on the stone tablet in the room. Instantly, she could tell that this was not something ordinary.

She had only not seen Liam for a couple of days, but he already had so many new secrets?

Liam smiled and shook his head, ”I will introduce you guys soon enough. ”

”For now, focus on what you told me. If the divine temple is really being generous with quests, then this is a huge chance. ”

”Just like you said, you take a group of trusted players and get the maximum out of this. Just make sure that you are trusting the right people. ”

”It ’s better if you make them sign the guild contract. ”

Mia nodded. She as well had a similar opinion. With everyone ’s lives on the line, just word of mouth was no longer enough.

”Alright, then I will take my leave. ” She could see that Liam was busy, and neither of them had time just to sit around and chat, so she quickly prepared to leave.

”Good luck. ” Liam wished her and then went back to staring at the stone tablet. However, he was not focusing just yet.

His thoughts were still on the divine temple. Based on both Alex ’s and Mia ’s words, the divine temple really did look restless. They were making moves that they hadn ’t previously made.

It looked like this whole war on currently in a delicate equilibrium, a scale that was tipping every so lightly both on the right and the left side at times.

Liam couldn ’t help but wonder what would happen if he blew up this equilibrium…

More importantly, given how things were currently progressing, would this get them more time or less time than they had in his previous life?

This was the million dollar question!

The last time around, the Xion realm had won this war, but their world, the Earth had suffered. So what if, this time, the Xion realm lost the war?

A shiver ran down Liam ’s spine. A huge timeline landmark like this was too big for him to mess with. Only someone really crazy, someone with a death wish, would do something like this.

But he couldn ’t seem to shake this idea off. Was he really going insane thinking about something like this?

No, he was not the insane one. Insanity was doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

If someone wanted a change, then they need to do something differently!

If Liam messed with this balance and changed the outcome of the war, then it was akin to dropping an atom bomb on the whole timeline.

His fate, others ’ fate, everything would be uprooted and changed from top to bottom. There would possibly be a whole new world.

But maybe something insane like this was really required to save their future?

Liam sighed and decided to pin this idea for now. After all, he did not yet know even if he was capable of doing something like this.

For now, it was best to let things play out and see what was best. He shook his head and closed his eyes, once again staring at the stone tablet.

At this point, it seemed very futile to look at it, but he decided to give it a proper try before shoving it back into his inventory slot.

If that dumb ogre demon who couldn ’t make even a simple basic potion dared to dream about mastering this tablet, surely he shouldn ’t give up so easily?

Meanwhile… at the abovementioned dumb ogre demon ’s residence…

”My Lord, we searched everywhere. We were not able to find even a small clue about the Thol city Lord. ”

”Hmph. I already knew that. How would that rat still dare show his face after stealing something from me? ”

”Hmph! He would probably be holed up somewhere by now, waiting for us to forget about him and let this go. ”

”Since we are at war, that rat must have made these calculations, but he is wrong. I am not going to let him off that easily! Hmph! ”

”Go and inform our King. This matter will be settled quickly. ”

The ogre demon stood up with a loud grunt. ”I will see how long you are running around like this! ” He snorted coldly and then turned around to leave.

And before he could do so, one of the demons hurriedly chased after him. ”My Lord… ” The demon hesitated to speak.

”What is it? ” The ogre grunted impatiently as he was already in a bad mood.

”My Lord… What if the Thol city Lord managed to… find out the secrets about the stone tablet? Then… informing this situation to the King might work against us. ” The demon nervously asked.

”Hmmm? What did you say? ” Hearing him, the ogre ’s face changed. He turned around and stared down at him furiously.

”You mean to say… that useless rat would gain something from the stone tablet that I have been researching for decades? ”

The ogre ’s face then once again changed as he began to laugh loudly, clutching his stomach. ”Ba Ha Ha Ha Ha! You make good jokes! ”

”For him, that thing will only be a stone! ”

”Don ’t worry your pea-sized brain with things like this. Just do what I tell you. Ba ha ha ha! ”

”I bet that bastard wouldn ’t even be able to scratch the first level! It took me three decades to get to that point. ”

”And he does not have three decades! That rat wouldn ’t even last one day once the King issues his case to the twelve High Lords! Ba ha ha ha! ”

”Now tell me, could he possibly figure out everything in one day? Ba ha ha ha! ”

”Idiot! Ba ha ha ha! ”

The ogre demon ’s laughter rang loudly as he left the other demons dumbfounded. A few seconds later, they also realized the same thing and nodded in understanding.

Something like that was really impossible. Of course, the group of them have served the city Lord for several years now, so they knew what he was talking about.

Their special alchemy room had not always been like this.

It was only because of their Lord ’s genius that the stone tablet glowed one day, and a mystical garden appeared in the small room.

Nobody knew why it happened or how it happened. They knew that their Lord also did not know, but the fact that it happened itself is proof of their Lord ’s genius!

How could a random rat match their Lord ’s genius?!

The group of demons, including the guy who raised this question first, laughed amongst themselves, and everyone dispersed.

And unbeknownst to them… back at the Xion realm…

When Liam flashed his eyes open, he was no longer in an ordinary alchemy room.

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