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Chapter 467 L Come In Peace

Chapter 466 Herbs everywhere

”These are indeed all the herbs that I need for the high grade mana potion… what is happening here? ” Liam immediately wanted to test the limit of this thing.

He quickly opened his system interface and closed his eyes to think about every single recipe he had collected, more specifically the low grade and high grade ones.

[Basic Healing Potion]

[Basic Mana Potion]

[Basic Stamina Potion]

[Basic Strength Potion]

[Basic Agility Potion]

[Basic Fire Resistance Potion]

[Basic Anti Venom Potion]

[Low Grade Body Cleansing Potion]

[Low Grade Stealth potion]

[Low Grade Anti Venom Potion]

[Low Grade Water Breathing]

[Low Grade Rage Potion]

[High Grade Mana Potion]

[High Grade Health Potion]

[Chrysanthemum Lethal Poison]

[Nine-Color Paralyzing Poison]

He waited for a minute or so again and opened his eyes hurriedly to check out the results.

Bingo! There were now ten patches of land in total with different herbs growing on them!

Liam silently stared at this amazing stone tablet for a few seconds, not knowing what to think of anything. He had never known or seen a treasure like this.

With this, he could learn everything that his heart desired! He would not have to waste his time searching for the herbs!

Even if he were not able to take this stone tablet back with him to the real world, he would still be able to make good use of it here.

And he had only barely scratched the surface. He could feel it. There was so much more to this stone tablet.

”Hmmm… This is still not enough. I need to learn more recipes. Maybe then I will gain more things from this stone tablet. ”

Liam opened the system interface and messaged Berat to start collecting as many recipes as possible at all costs.

And since he was in the trade city, he also transferred some 200 gold coins he had in hand to the guy.

This was just chump change when compared to the usual amount they dealt with, but for other guilds and players, this was still a huge number.

”Hmmm… Now that I no longer have to worry about herbs, I should go back to trying to figure out that recipe… ” Liam mumbled and took out another cauldron.

He settled in front of the patch of land on which the herbs for this specific recipe were growing. He looked at the cauldron and then the herbs.

Though all of this had happened, the truth was that he hadn ’t made that much progress in understanding the recipe itself.

If he tried it again, he knew that this time as well it was going to end in a failure. It would just be a waste of time to try anymore without having something solid to go on.

”What can I do… ” Liam quietly pondered. If he did not know something, the easiest thing to do would be to ask someone who knew it.

But this specific recipe… even the alchemy experts in the alchemy association might not be aware of it.

They might eventually figure it out. However, it could take a while. He did not have that much time on his hands. He needed someone who could help him with this recipe fast, ASAP.

Liam thought for a second and then nodded. He exactly knew who to ask about this.

If someone could help him with this recipe, it was the person… who he knew had already succeeded in doing it once.

King Dante!

In his previous life, this guy concocted this potion and sold it in batches. So surely he would be able to figure it out this time too.

He opened his system interface, but he did not have the contact for Dante yet. ”I guess I could ask those two. ”

Liam then messaged Alex to get Dante ’s information from the two spies, well past spies and now her followers.

”Not bad. ” Within a few minutes, he already received the information that he needed. However, Liam still frowned. It was not enough to know Dante ’s location. He had forgotten a key point.

He had forgotten that he was not able to step out of this PVP tower for the time being. So even if he knew where Dante was or would be, it was still useless.

He needed to make the guy come to him!

Liam sighed and once again contacted Alex, this time asking her to arrange a meeting for the two spies with Dante.

”Would he really come? ” Alex was doubtful.

But Liam was sure. ”Ask them to tell him that they had discovered a secret about me. He will come. ”

A couple of minutes later…

”Liam! Just like you said! That guy immediately agreed! The meeting is in half an hour inside the PVP tower on the ground floor, just like you requested. ” Alex replied.

”Alright. Here goes nothing. ” Liam chuckled and stood up.

Since he had already booked the room for a few more hours, no one else would be able to enter inside even if they wanted to.

So he left everything, including the stone tablet and Luna, and stepped out of the crafting room. But before he could take a few steps, he suddenly had an odd feeling.

A shiver traveled down his spine. He felt as if someone was watching him, someone far more powerful than him. There was an odd pressure that he felt.

”No. Let ’s not take any risks. ” Liam doubled back into the alchemy room and retrieved the stone tablet back, and placed it into his inventory carefully. He did not want to take any chances.

He also grabbed the small fox and brought her as well along with him, leaving behind only the broken mess and the useless debris in the crafting room.

Only now he felt relaxed. He then took the elevator, walked over to the ground floor, and patiently waited for the three to arrive.

A few more minutes passed, and finally, the first person arrived, shortly followed by the second one. The two spies were here.

After that, almost another hour passed when a fat chubby guy waltzed in through the door.

”This is Dante? Hmmm? ” Liam frowned as this was not the same person he knew.

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