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Chapter 468 Alchemy Grandmaster

Chapter 467 L Come In Peace

Liam stared at the chubby guy up and down for a few seconds. Nope, this was definitely not the ’King Dante ’ he knew of!

The person that he was familiar with was strong, lean, muscular, handsome, and charismatic. He was one of the richest players both before and after the apocalypse and had dozens of wives.

After seeing that person from afar, Liam couldn ’t simply bring himself to see this chubster as the same charismatic guy.

Perhaps all of that was the after effect of consuming various elixirs like the one he wanted. 

Liam decided not to think too much about it. 

ᴘᴀ nᴅᴀ – ɴ oᴠ ᴇʟ , ᴄ`ᴏ`m This was definitely Dante as the facial similarities were unmistakable, and so was his name and guild name. He stood up and walked over to the group.

”What do you mean you don ’t have anything yet? Then why did you call me here? ” Dante furiously shouted at the two good-for-nothings in front of him.

He had come here running all the way, thinking that these guys finally managed to get some intel, but they were just as useless as always.

”Tch. What a waste of time! Don ’t call me again. Fuck off. ” Dante glared at the duo, breathing fire down on them.

”Heh. Let them go. I am the one who called you here. ” A voice sounded from behind, making the guy turn around and look.

”Hello. ” Liam calmly smiled at the wide-eyed chubby player. ”Whatever information you need, you can directly ask me. ”

”You! ” Dante looked in confusion from Liam to his two underlings, and he understood what happened. These two dogs had betrayed him!

”This is what I get for trusting brainless idiots to do the job! Ptui! ”

”Hey. Hey. I come in peace. Calm down. Can we go somewhere more private to talk some business? ” Liam chuckled faintly and explained things to the guy before he popped his lid off.

”Hmmm? What about? ” Dant ’s face changed. He was also curious now. He silently followed Liam as the two of them headed inside the tower.

Since Dante was also qualified to enter until floor 50, they picked a restaurant on that floor and settled in a private booth.

”Tell me. What is so important that you had to meet me in person? ” Dante sneered. He was much calmer now, having a good grasp on what could have happened.

”Heh. What ’s the rush? Why don ’t we get something to eat first? ” Liam smiled. He wanted to feel out the guy to see if a business deal with someone like him could actually work.

Not that he had a choice in that matter. This was the only person whom he knew was capable of getting the job done.

”You want to eat something? Do it on your own time. I suggest you come straight to the point. ” Dante leisurely leaned back on the bench, putting his leg up on the table to sit in an arrogant, intimidating pose.

His gaze landed on Liam, looking at him from top to bottom in disgust. What a pretty boy! He hated guys like this.

And he had to admit. He had gravely misjudged this so-called top ranker. He didn ’t have a single noteworthy item on his body.

He probably just had some trick up his sleeve for fast-leveling. And as for those recipes…

”By the way… I already have your fire resistance potion recipe. KeK. ” Dante sneered. ”I hope you didn ’t come all the way here to beg me about it? ”

Liam chuckled again. ”But I didn ’t come here. You did. ”pan da-nov el ,c`o`m

Perhaps because he had already lived through many things, he felt like he was talking to a spoilt child.

Dante ’s face immediately changed, so Liam did not push him any further. After all, he was here for peace talks.

”Alright. Shall we have a proper conversation now? ” He as well leaned back with a smile. ”I have a recipe with me that you could greatly benefit from. Are you interested? ”

”Hmmm? ” Dante blinked in confusion, and then his fat lips curled up into a grin. ”Why? Are you not able to crack the recipe? ” He hit the nail directly on the head.

Liam nodded. ”Yes. ” He did not plan on hiding this fact from the guy. A little bit of honesty is needed when making a deal. Someone had to take the first step.

”Oh! He He He. So you really are here to beg for my help. ” Dante once again sneered. ”What is this recipe that even someone like you can ’t crack? ”

”Aren ’t you the famous alchemy genius who made the only fire resistance potion on the market? ” 

”If a genius like you couldn ’t crack it, why would someone like me be able to help you? He He He ” 

Liam ’s face twitched. He waited for the guy to get it all out of the system, but it didn ’t look like this peace talk was going to end smoothly.

”Yes. I am not able to crack it, but maybe you might? Are you interested in trying? It is an extremely lucrative recipe. ” He asked patiently, even trying to bait with the money card.

”Hmmm… maybe… what is the recipe? Share it first. ”

”Mmmm. We need to make some agreements before that. ” Liam shook his head. He was willing to overlook the other party ’s arrogance, but this was the important part right here.

”What agreements? Pfft. You need my help here. Not the other way around. I am not making any agreements. ”

”You shouldn ’t be so hasty. You should take a look first. I wouldn ’t be here discussing this matter with you if it was not something important. ” 

Liam looked at the guy calmly, placing his chin on his palm. ”Alright. How about I tell you the name of the potion as a sign of goodwill? ”

”Ok. ” Dante cocked his head to the side and listened.

”It ’s a body cleansing potion. It improves stats. ”

”Oh? ” Even though Liam downplayed its importance, Dante still looked shocked to hear that something like this existed. 

Of course, this would be extremely lucrative. The guy was not lying to him!

”So… what sort of agreement are you looking for here? ” He probed further.

”Hmmm. Nothing big. Just a 40% – 60% profit split and your word that you wouldn ’t be sharing this recipe with anyone else. ” 

”Of course, I would also need you to let me watch while you make it how many ever times I need to and supply me as many potions as I require. ” 

”Obviously, I will be providing the herbs for the potions that I order. ” Liam casually laid out everything on the table, and now it was Dante ’s turn to respond.

But the guy continued to look at Liam with a weird expression.

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