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Chapter 469 - Prisoners dont get to talk

Chapter 468 Alchemy Grandmaster

”What? I am asking only for 40% here. The terms aren ’t too bad. Let me tell you this beforehand. This recipe is not easy to obtain. ” 

”No matter which mob you grind, there won ’t be another copy of this recipe. I got it from a special quest. ” Liam explained.

But the more he explained, the more Dante ’s face changed, and not in a good way. The guy continued to remain silent.

”Do you want to negotiate further? ” Liam probed.

But instead of answering him, the other party abruptly stood up. The big sneer as well returned back to his face.

”Did you think I was one of your slaves that you could order around? Heh. You can keep your recipe to yourself. I don ’t need it. ”

”Oh, and if you still desperately need me to help you with it, you can always come to find me and beg me some more. ”

”But don ’t ever talk about agreements or things like that in front of me. Heh. Who do you think I am? Do you know my professional rank?

”I am just a step away from alchemy grandmaster! ”

”Grandmaster? Already? ” Liam couldn ’t help but be shocked. He knew that the guy was a genius, but he did not know that he had already attained such a level!

Who was a Grandmaster? Someone whose status rivaled that of a King! They were as rare as clean politicians! Only a handful present in the entire Xion realm perhaps!

Their existences were mysterious, and items produced by them were at least of Epic rank. 

They were the only beings capable of producing Legendary rank items, even if it was only a slim chance.

And this guy was close to achieving such a level? More importantly, without even stepping into the Level 50 realm?

Was such a thing even possible?

Liam was completely shocked, and seeing this shocked expression of his satisfied the other party tremendously.

”Now you understand. Heh. Idiot. ” Dante scoffed before heading out. ”Talking to me as an equal? What arrogance! ”

He looked back at Liam one more time, enjoying the sweet look of shock and despair, and then walked away without looking back anymore.

Liam, on the other hand, was still in shock. He only recovered after a minute. He looked at the empty doorway through which the chubby guy had walked out and silently nodded.

That was a genius. If this were a novel, he would be the protagonist. Liam smiled wryly.

Dante was what people called a born genius, and he knew it. Hence, he also had the arrogance to match it. How would such a person accept any sort of deal?

Liam calmly grabbed the small fox near his feet, who had jumped out and now was hissing at the doorway angrily.

”Hmmm… I know how you feel. ” Liam patted her absent-mindedly. ”Maybe I could have been more polite and humble? ”

”No. ” He then shook his head. Sure, he needed this badly, but he also had a bottom line. He was willing to trade and make an alliance, but he was not going to beg anyone for help.

So what if he was a genius? He had already stolen the fate of one genius, what ’s one more?

”In a few days, we will see who is begging whom… ” Liam indifferently stood up and walked back to the alchemy room. It was time to go all out!pan da-nov el ,c`o`m

He pulled up the system interface and then started messaging Mia.

”If you are still in the guild recruiting divine affinity players, set up an announcement for gathering recipes. Don ’t hold back and give max contribution point rewards. ”

”I need alchemy recipes. Doesn ’t matter what recipe it is. The more, the better. As long as it is something that is not on the list, send it to me. ”

Liam quickly sent over all the details to Mia. If that guy could figure it out, then it should be theoretically possible for him as well to figure out. There was nothing stopping him!

The recipe was 100% doable. 

”I will get it done no matter what. ” Liam clenched his fists and hurriedly tried to see if he had covered all the corners.

He had already informed Berat, and now he informed Mia. This should be enough for the time being. 

This should bring him more than enough alchemy recipes from the Xion realm. As for the nether realm…

Liam thought about it and decided to venture back there once more. It would take some time for the recipes to be collected, so he did not want to sit simply until then.

That too, with the ravens on his back, there was nothing much he could do here, so it was best to return back for the moment.

He opened the nether realm portal and quickly stepped in. Luna as well ran in behind him. 

”Shall we do some hard labor? ”


Luna bobbed her head and then puffed up to become a big fox. Liam was just about to hop onto her when suddenly his vision turned black.

”Forced logout? ”

That was the first thing that came to his mind, but his consciousness drifted away before he could understand what was going on.

When Liam opened his eyes again… the blur slowly cleared to reveal a round something sitting on a sparkling throne made of bones?

Huh? Am I seeing things?

Dante was sitting on a throne in front of him? Impossible!

Liam rubbed his eyes again to see properly. There was indeed a fat chubby guy sitting on a really cool throne, but it was not Dante.

It was… wait, he had never seen this person in his life before… both his lives. Who was he?

Where the hell am I? He groggily tried to sit up and turned around to see the rest of the room, or rather the huge hall he seemed to be in.

ᴘᴀ nᴅᴀ – ɴ oᴠ ᴇʟ , ᴄ`ᴏ`m He was still confused, but everything cleared right up when the familiar faces came into his vision. 

Demons! There were demons everywhere!

This meant that he was currently in front of the King?

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