Re: Evolution Online

Chapter 47 - Grinding Time

[Ding. Congratulations. You have killed the Bear King Barabara. You have gained 20000 Experience points]

[Ding. Congratulations. You are the first player to kill the Elite Bear King Barabara and save the city from its terror. Your grand achievement will be etched in history]

Liam tossed the two notifications aside with a smirk on his face. It has begun now!

The very next second a loud ding chimed and bright letters flashed in front of him and also the several other players currently engrossed in the same world.

[DING. World Announcement: Player Chang Liam has successfully killed the Elite Bear King Barabara. This achievement is etched in the walls of fame and his glory will be sung for all eternity!]

Berat gasped. He was currently seeing the same thing as everyone else.

Being announced on the server within 24 hours of the game starting was something unimaginable for someone like him.

And considering that this was the first World Announcement… he just dumbly looked at the person and then back at the flashing bright words.

So his name was Liam?

Every player currently in the game would have received this message. They would all know his name too. This was a good thing, even an envious achievement, but at the same time…

Fame always came with jealousy and hatred. Even this single announcement was enough to put him under a spotlight, which would inevitably be accompanied by harassment and ganking.

Moreover, observing him so far, this person was definitely a solo player without any sort of backing. So Berat wondered how he was going to handle everything by himself.

He searched his face for the slightest trace of fear or concern. However, the other party seemed to be rather preoccupied, only barely paying attention to the world announcement.

His observation was indeed spot on as Liam already knew this was going to happen.

While this video game ’s or rather the tutorial mode ’s initial purpose seemed to be to prepare everybody for the upcoming changes in the real world, it was far from the truth.

While giving a helping hand to the inhabitants of the planet, this simultaneously festered chaos and commotion as well. This was why there was no option to hide one ’s identity or appearance in the game.

The more one stood out, the more the game would be disadvantageous to that person. No one player would be allowed to rise to the top.

This was going to happen sooner or later and Liam had no plans of delaying anything or changing his plans because of this.

Otherwise, he would only miss out on a lot of things and in the end, he wouldn ’t be able to achieve anything that he wanted. So he might as well get this over with right here and now.

Liam sighed and he was already gazing at the next couple of notifications. The night was still young and he knew that the last of the notifications was not over just yet.

[Ding. You have leveled up]

[Ding. You have leveled up]

[Ding. Congratulations. You have reached Level 15]

[Ding. Congratulations. You are the first person to be recorded on the world leaderboard. Your grand achievement will be etched in history]

And just as he finished clearing this notification, another announcement rang loudly.

[DING. World Announcement: The world leaderboard is now available. Only the deserving, the truly strong and powerful will be recorded on the world leaderboard]

Liam did not even bother opening this so called world leaderboard option in the game screen and checking. He already knew what it would look like.

There were 50 spots in total and currently only his name would be present, occupying the first of the fifty other empty slots, thereby putting another spotlight on him.

As if this wasn ’t enough, killing any of the players on the world leaderboard would fetch special rewards, bonus drops, and generous experience points.

Liam flicked all the notifications close as he subconsciously hurried his footsteps. Things were going to get very heated up a lot faster now, but his main goals still remained the same.

He lifted his head to calmly gaze at the huge city sprawled in front of him and walked towards it steadily with an unwavering gaze. Bring it on!

Ahh… Umm… Berat saw that he was once again being forgotten and ran behind the guy. ”Boss, wait for me. ”

”Why? Do you have more free time? ” Liam chuckled.

”Bro! You are famous now. Don ’t you think it ’s better to have someone by your side to watch your back? ” Berat tried to strike the iron when it ’s hot.

”Heh. Yup. You are absolutely correct, but I already have companions. You don ’t have to worry about that. ”

”Boss, come on. Aren ’t you planning to form a guild in the future? Also dungeons and raids… I am sure this game also has something like that! Don ’t you want more players? ”

”You can call me whenever you need help. I have a couple of friends. We can help you out. ”

Berat hadn ’t expected it, but hearing his words, Liam actually paused in his footsteps. ”Ok. Let ’s do this.. Add me as a friend and I will call you if I need anything. ”

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