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Chapter 470 - Boooo! Boooo!

Chapter 469 – Prisoners don ’t get to talk

Liam instantly sobered up. He did not have the time to take it slow right now. He no longer had any doubts.

He was definitely in front of the King who had summoned him for committing treason! He was fully surrounded by demons on all sides!

Most of them had question marks on their heads which meant that they were probably level 100 and beyond.

If they wished, they could even kill him right this second. There was simply no way for him to escape this entrapment.

The fact that he was still alive right now was a miracle. How did he even get here? Was this the work of one of the twelve High Lords?

If it was… then their real strength…

Liam shook his head. I need to focus. How do I get out of this? If they still haven ’t killed me… it should only be because of that stone tablet!

He then realized something else important. The demons hadn ’t really bothered with him even after he was labeled as a traitor and summoned to the King.

They had only taken action after he had stolen the stone tablet. This meant that they placed a lot of importance on the artifact.

This was strange because these people did not even know the real value of the artifact.

He himself had only scratched the surface, but these demons hadn ’t even been able to achieve that much. So why did they immediately drag him here?


Liam suddenly had a thought. What if these demons valued the person and not the stone tablet. Perhaps they valued potions and pills. After all, these items were a rarity in the demon world.

If this was the case… then maybe he still had a chance?

Liam slowly tried to stand up. His entire body was aching as if someone had kicked him all over while he was still unconscious. Probably the work of someone he knew?

He shook it off and looked at the round person sitting on the throne again. Now that he had a chance to take a better look at him, this guy in front of him looked nothing like Dante.

Both of them were dark-skinned, and that would be the only similarity between them. In fact, Dante would be his thin cousin.

Perhaps the demon ’s body structure was like that. Hormonal imbalance?

Liam cleared his throat and didn ’t concern himself with these extra details. After all, he was in serious trouble right now.

With high-leveled demons, one could never tell what sorts of attacks they might use, and sometimes, death could be far more damaging.

So he had to salvage this before something bad happened. ”Your highness, I- ” Liam opened his mouth hurriedly to explain his side of things and plead his case.

However, before he could utter a few words, a heavy blow landed on his back, making him buckle down.

One huge sturdy demon was standing beside him with his thick leg pushing him down.

”Prisoners don ’t get to talk. ” Another voice sounded, and Liam lost his consciousness once again.

When he opened his eyes…

”What the hell… ” Liam rubbed his eyes. The damn demon had knocked him out one more time. Just what were these people up to?

Couldn ’t they simply kill him and get it done with? At least he could respawn somewhere else and be on his way.

He knew that it was pointless to put up any struggle against those who were 50 or so levels over him.

In these cases, it was just better to die and not get caught once again in the hands of these high-leveled beings.

”So, where am I now? ” Liam looked around and tried to stand up.

His body swayed in the air, feeling weak and drained, but before he could get the hang of things, something big and brown rushed towards him from four corners.

Ziiiiinnngg. A blinding pain seared through his head, but Liam ignored it and quickly took out his sword that was hanging by his waist.

It was good that the person who ’kidnapped ’ him did not bother stealing his sword.

In one swift motion, Liam withdrew the weapon and swung it habitually without even thinking twice about it.

His head cleared only when the first big brown thing fell on the ground with a squeal. It was a boar. He was dealing with a demonic boar.

Liam instantly dodged the other three that came baring their tusks at him and swung his sword around to finish off those as well.

These boars were barely Level 20, so they did not pose any threat to him. However, it was not over yet. There were about thirty to forty of these boars, all of them coming straight at him.

Liam frowned and planted himself sturdily on the ground. As the boars began pouncing on him one after the other, he swiftly cleared each and every one of them with just the use of his sword.

He took his time to do this while dodging some attacks and bending his body at various angles. If he wanted, he could have cleared everything a lot faster, but that was not his aim here.

He wanted to see where he was and what was happening around him.

Liam ’s eyes darted left and right as he took a look at the giant ground in the middle of which he was currently standing.

It was a hardened red sand ground, and the space he was standing on looked like an arena. He then lifted his head up to see the huge crowd gathered around.

Only now Liam realized where he was!

He was standing in the middle of a giant colosseum. So many demons surrounded him, all of them sitting on the seats and observing him from the sidelines.

The crowd looked particularly rowdy, and since the ringing sound in his ears stopped, he could hear them clearly. They were enjoying the show very much, shouting and cheering loudly.

But… they were definitely not cheering for him!

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