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Chapter 471 - Wrong calculations

Chapter 470 – Boooo! Boooo!

Liam ’s eyes widened in shock as he realized what was going on. These people were treating him like entertainment! What was this? Some sort of survival test?

While slaughtering the boars, he checked out the sides to see who was sitting and quickly spotted all the key figures.

The heavy weight King, some other demons, and of course, his recent fans, Itaka city lord, and the ogre demon were all comfortably seated amidst the audience.

It looked like they had traveled here to see his plight specifically.

Apart from these few demons, the rest of the audience seemed to be commoners, perhaps the Kingdom city dwellers. These demons were simply enjoying the show for the heck of it.

From this, Liam could tell that this was probably their custom, nothing new to them. However, the question still remained… what was he supposed to do?

To slaughter these Level 20 boars, Liam did not need much.

He managed to kill every last one of them in just a couple of minutes, and that, too he only took so much time because he was trying to feel out the crowd.

Wait… where is Luna?

”Are you here? ” Liam tried to reach out to her but it was of no use. There was no reply coming back. Whoever picked him up and brought him here, must have left her out.

It was one thing to get lost in the Xion realm but it was entirely another thing to get lost in the nether realm.

Liam ’s expression turned grave as he thought about the little fox being alone in the vast wilderness. She was way too small and powerless to be alone in this region.

If he did not have a time limit before, he had one now.

Should I just die? He seriously considered this possibility, finishing off the last of the boars. If he died, he knew what would happen, but if Luna died, the consequences might not so simple.

Liam hurriedly tried to sift through the various system messages to see if he could get a clue about this place while the rest of the colosseum exploded into loud chaos.

Seeing that their first wave was easily defeated, all the demons stood up from their seats and started booing him animatedly.

”Down! Down! Traitor! ”

”Die! ”

”Take this! ”

Some even threw the things they had in their hands at him.

Not giving him any time to get a grip, soon a loud gong resounded and the next wave was released.


Liam ’s eyes widened. Not because he was afraid of these bulls, but because he finally caught hold of the notification that he wanted to see or rather didn ’t want to see.

[Ding. You have entered the Colosseum.]

[Ding. Penalties for death: Level reset, titles reset, skills reset, and inventory reset]

”I knew it! I fucking knew it! ” Places like this were never simple. He had even gotten experience points for all of the boars, so he knew that this was going to be a headache.

The better the rewards were, the worse the penalty of the failure and the danger surrounding it!

But even so, Liam had not expected the penalties to be this harsh.

This was do or die. If he failed in this, then everything he had obtained so far would become nothing. All his efforts would mean nothing.

He did not know that the penalty for being summoned by the King would be so bad.

If he did, he would have chased out those two long ago by hook or crook or maybe never stepped into the nether realm again.

But now that he thought about this, it also made sense. When Kingdom quests were so rewarding, a summon by the King would have an equally severe punishment.

He did not think about this before, and now that it had happened to him, he could understand it. Hindsight was always…

”Why don ’t you just go ahead and ban me from the game itself! ” Liam gnashed his teeth in anger. He tried not to think about the consequences and crumble down completely.

This was not the first impossible situation he had jammed himself into. There was definitely a way out of this. He just needed to think.

He needed to think about what to do next instead and how to act. His life depended on it. These forty or so boars were nothing, but what about the next wave and the wave after that?

He had to do something fast, or he would be out of time. Before things became worse, he needed to figure out how to save himself.

But it was not going to be easy.

No wonder the two city lords screwed over by him were sitting happily and watching the show with big grins on their faces!

It was his turn to get completely screwed over now!

All his chickens had come home to roost, and this time there was no running away.

”Damn it. I need to do something fast. ” Liam gritted his teeth staring at the bulls in front of him, thudding towards him.

He titled his head to look at the stands, particularly at the expression on the King ’s wide face. There was a smug, arrogant expression on the man ’s face.

Seeing him, Liam couldn ’t help but think of the obvious. Why go through all of this trouble? Even if this was a custom, surely all of this was too much just for him?

They did not even ask him for the stone tablet yet. Shouldn ’t they care more about that treasure?

It was almost as if someone had adamantly wanted to humiliate him before they got rid of him completely.

It was clear that the King had done all of this because his two most valuable city Lords requested him for it.

Now, what would happen if he proved that he was more valuable than the both of them combined? Wouldn ’t everything change then?

Liam then, without any hesitation, lifted his hand. ”Come out. ”

The next instant, his motley group of soul undeads appeared in front of him, standing between him and the raging bulls, galloping towards him, wanting to kill him.

The soul undeads immediately whirred into action, the group of them madly rushing towards the demonic bulls.

Rabbits, chickens, wolves, bears, imps, all of them charged towards the forty or so demonic bulls.

When things had come so far, there was no point in hiding his strength anymore.

The number of these undeads was actually more than the number of demonic bulls, and the level of these undeads, at least everything above the chickens and rabbits matched the bulls.

So in an instant everything changed and both the opposing sides were now evenly matched. This was without including Liam in the equation.

The forty or so raging demonic bulls clashed against the forty or so soul undeads.

A loud cacophony of deafening screeching sounds echoed, making everyone sitting around the Colosseum stand up in shock. The demons were utterly and completely stunned.

They did not expect this twist in their show.

Necromancers were feared and revered throughout the lands of the nether realm for their power and their proficiency in the demonic arts.

Every single necromancer was treated with respect by the demons, even by the city Lords and the King himself. They are usually strong allies that a garrison recruited.

And now unexpectedly, the person fighting in the arena was a Necromancer! That too, from the looks of it a very strong one!

Why was this person punished in the first place?

All the demons curiously turned to look at their King who in turn glared at the two city Lords who had conveniently forgotten to mention to him this small detail.

Liam could tell that his plan was working. Maybe there was a chance for him after all.


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