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Chapter 472 - Out of the frying pan?

Chapter 471 – Wrong calculations

The moment the soul undeads appeared in the arena, they started fighting it out with the raging bulls, and everything happened too fast.

But despite all of this, Liam ’s eyes never left the King. He observed the man ’s expression change down to the very last detail, and the plan in his mind solidified.

This could indeed work! Maybe all he needed to do to survive here was to show his worth!

Liam clenched his fists and sat down in the middle of the arena without paying attention to the soul undeads surrounding him who were madly clawing and kicking the bulls.

The agonized sounds of the bulls echoed loudly, making all the demons in the audience watching this gory fight wince.

The soul undeads were particularly energetic today as they were back in the nether realm, and considering that the bulls mainly specialized in physical attacks which were weak against the soul undeads, the bunch was going wild and crazy.

It looked like the bulls were going to buckle down and give up soon. The second wave was also going to be smoothly cleared.

All the demons had assembled here to see the prisoner being punished and tormented, perhaps stampeded to death by the dozens of boars and bulls, but what was happening here was the opposite.

And Liam was not done yet.

He calmly settled down in the middle of the arena as if nothing was happening around him and took out a cauldron.

”This better work. ” He murmured and continued tossing one thing after another in the cauldron. Of course, he was not doing anything fancy. He was only making the simple basic health potion.

And the reason for him to be doing this…

Liam grinned maniacally. He was pushed into a corner. If these two demons wanted to take him out, he was not going to go down without a fight!

By the time the soul undeads packed and parcelled the demonic bulls, Liam as well was done with the first batch of potions.

He packed everything into small bottles and calmly put everything into his inventory. He even opened one bottle and gulped it down.

What the hell was he doing? All the demons watching this scene were utterly shocked.

At first, they couldn ’t believe that the prisoner in front of them was a necromancer, and now they found it even more unbelievable to see the said necromancer brewing potions!

What the hell was happening here? Why was such a revered master being punished? All the demons once again looked at their King for some sort of explanation.

And the King…

The demon King was by now shivering in anger. He repeatedly glared at the two city lords, who were also not in much better shape.

Especially, the ogre demon was shaking from top to bottom. How the hell was this rat making a potion? He had been trying to make one for all of his life, and this guy did it so casually!

It was unbelievable for him. More importantly, something else scared him more.

When they had met previously, the useless rat was not this proficient in alchemy, and now he was…? How did this happen?

Either he was lying, or he gained something from the stone tablet!

The king valued him so highly because he had managed to get the garden transformation out of the stone tablet, but if this rat had gained something more, then the tables would instantly change!

No, that absolutely cannot happen! Otherwise, the consequences would be dire. Perhaps he would find himself in the same situation as the rat!

The ogre demon shivered and then quickly whispered something to the underling standing beside him.

The two city Lords silently exchanged glances, and seeing the first one, the second one also whispered something to the same underling.

Not good! Liam could immediately tell that something was going to happen.

While continuing his showmanship, he kept an eye on these three important figures at all times, and definitely, the two city Lords were making some sort of move now.

What are they up to now? He quickly checked the condition of the soul undeads, and all of them were doing tremendously great.

The second wave was almost entirely wiped out, with only a few more bulls left standing.

The group of soul undeads ganged up against these last couple of bulls and brought them down together.

The entire arena was now fully littered with the corpses of these beasts, experience points raining down on Liam without stopping.

As for the souls of these corpses, Liam watched his army of undeads devour the souls to heal themselves after the fight.

Everything was going smoothly according to his plan. Sure, these two sour grape foxes threw him a curve ball, but he was handling that now.

The King as well seemed extremely regretful, as if at any instant his decision could change. This was good.

”Please, my King, give me a chance to explain. ” Liam took advantage of this small gap of silence and quickly tried to talk to the demon.

However, before he could make any headway, the next gong loudly resounded, and the third wave of beasts appeared.

This time it was rats!

Numerous huge demonic rats with big fangs and sharp red eyes appeared in the area, completely surrounding Liam.

Not only that, but when looked at closely, these rats had some sort of black sticky liquid dripping from their teeth.

”Venom? ”

And judging from the thick black color of the venom, Liam had another doubt. Was this the nether venom?

This was the same venom he had faced back when he was fighting with Hongumbra, the previous garrison leader of Thol city, the city currently in his leadership.

Back then, the demon had been so arrogant because of this very venom.

And now… it looked like these two genius Lords had the same plan. The duo was clearly plotting to take him out using these rabid rats.

Liam looked up to see the two watching him with visible glee in their eyes. The two demons looked hell-bent on getting revenge now that they had their chance.

But unfortunately, they had chosen the wrong target. Liam grinned.


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