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Chapter 473 - l am innocent

Chapter 472 – Out of the frying pan?

The two demons watched the horde of rats surrounding Liam on all sides. This time the number of rats was simply too many. The soul undead army couldn ’t keep all the rats occupied.

They managed only to stop half of the demonic rats, and the rest charged toward Liam with full gusto, baring their fangs at him.

”Hmph. Die quickly. ” The ogre demon grunted.

”It ’s best to finish this off soon. ” Nyaka as well seriously mumbled.

The two of them were starting to feel anxious. They also did not like the way the King was looking at them. It was best to finish this fight as soon as possible.

If Liam was dead, then they could probably say something and smoothen the situation, but if he somehow ended up being alive, then things would become very tricky.

Who knew that the damn rat would be hiding so many cards in his sleeve? He had purposefully tricked them by acting weak and stupid in front of them!

If possible, they would have wanted a stronger horde to fight against the damn guy and finish him off in one hit, but then the King would definitely know that they had intervened.

So these rats were their only hope. The two demons clenched their behinds and watched the scene tensely.

However, their actions did not go completely unnoticed. The demon King, who was hesitantly allowing everything to occur up until now, completely lost his cool on seeing the rats!

This was going to kill the prisoner!

If the other Kings came to know about this, he would become a laughing stock! Who in their right mind would kill a strong city Lord.

On the other hand, now that they were in the Colosseum, he also could not interfere. That would also damage his reputation and make him look like a fool.

The demon looked completely torn. In the end, he snorted coldly and called over the underling standing behind him. He as well whispered something in his ears.

If Liam managed to survive this wave somehow, then he was going to stop the show and reward him, but if he did not, then he could only let this go and punish those two.

The demon ’s big round eyes locked onto Liam and observed him curiously.

He was half-expecting the necromancer to raise another group of undead, but surprisingly he did not do that.

Huh? The demon king was shocked. He blinked a few times and then peeled his eyes to watch the arena in front of him. Am I seeing things?

Unexpectedly, the person standing in front of him was casually battling with the bunch of rats without caring in the least about the nether venom.

Does that mean this necromancer has venom resistance? The King was not stupid. He immediately recognized what was happening.

Just as he did, the other two seated a few feet away from all realized their mistake. They had bet on the wrong horse. They should have used something else, some other beasts, maybe.

These rats were absolutely worthless!

Meanwhile, Liam silently enjoyed their panicked expressions while continuing to take care of the rats. He didn ’t reveal all of his trump cards just yet and played it safe.

He cleared the rats one after the other and left the remaining for his soul undeads. Thanks to this unexpected arena, his soul undeads were getting a lot of experience points.

He was also receiving a big chunk of their hard-earned experience points. That too, the rats were Level 40, so the experience points reward was quite decent.

He received about 200 for each rat, the rest getting distributed to the undeads. Some of them even leveled up once.

As for Liam leveling up, he needed 10 million experience points to progress from Level 50 to 51. So this was not happening any time soon.

Otherwise, he would have been more concerned about reaching Level 51 without forming a mana core.

That was not an ideal situation, and such a thing would definitely affect his foundation.

Liam wiped the black sticky liquid off his forehead after cutting down the last of the rats. Black venom had splashed all over him, making him look like a tar demon.

But he did not care about that right now. This was a crucial moment. Though he was now a bit more confident, he knew that he was still not out of the hot water.

If things had gone any differently, he would be in a really bad situation right now. However, thankfully the King was not a complete blockhead.

But that didn ’t mean that Liam was out of danger. There would still be some price to pay. Liam knew it.

Now that this wave of rats ended, with the silence that ensued, Liam quickly bowed in front of the King again. ”Your highness, give me a chance to explain. ”

And just like he expected, this time, the King cleared his throat and stood up. ”Your brave actions merit a reward. Follow me. ”

The huge demon jiggled as he walked, or rather slid over the floor and exited the colosseum under everyone ’s watchful eyes.

The faces of the two city Lords paled. All the demons sitting in the arena erupted into loud cheers! Not boos but actual cheers!

Meanwhile, two demons quickly approached Liam and escorted him from the arena into another room to get cleaned up and changed.

Liam as well dismissed his soul undead army and followed them. The treatment this time was already vastly different.

Though the two demons were higher leveled compared to him, like the last time, they did not knock him out this time and drag him out of the arena.

Instead, they treated him respectfully like a VIP.

They waited for him to finish up everything, change into a new set of clothes, and then escorted him to the royal palace using one of the royal mounts, a giant big-toothed bat.

The palace was near the colosseum, so they didn ’t have to travel for long. The two demons then hopped off the mounts and once again escorted Liam into the palace.


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