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Chapter 475 My Master is the bestest!

Chapter 474 – Self-destruction?

Fuck. Liam frowned. He did not have a good feeling about this. What the hell was this blatant flattery? Was the king really going to fall for something obvious like this?

The demon Ghet also quickly joined in.

”Yes, your highness. How could this be possible? The stone tablet never acknowledged a genius like you. How could it possibly acknowledge someone like him? ”

The last demon also joined in. ”Your highness, we only won all the rift battles thanks to the vast knowledge and priceless advice that you have given us. ”

”Now the Thol city Lord wants to claim this as his doing? I will not stand by and simply watch this lowly demon claiming to be your equal, my highness. ”

Liam was speechless. He thought that he was shameless, but these guys were even more so. They were completely trying to push him into something else.

While the three continued to fawn and flatter the demon King, Liam started quickly ransacking his brain.

He had a feeling that he was only minutes away from being once again thrown into the Colosseum and fed to the dogs, so he had to act fast.

Wait, now that he was outside of the Colosseum, maybe he could just commit suicide and get the fuck out of this situation?

But then again, he would only get into more trouble if, by chance, the nearby graveyard was still within the Kingdom.

Someone might see him, and he would probably be caught instantly. If he ran away now, he could never come back from this blow.

He needed to think of something else fast. The clock was ticking.

The three demons, however, did not stop. They enjoyed Liam ’s plight while continuing to blabber non-stop to the guy on the throne.

The demon King remained silent so far, but Liam could see that he was hesitating, standing on the edge. He could go either way.

The main problem was that these three guys knew way more about the demon king than Liam did, and they completely used it to their advantage.

Stop. Don ’t panic. Let me think. Liam tried to remain calm and think about the whole situation. What kind of a person was this demon king?

He couldn ’t help but think of the numerous self-portraits hanging on the walls, these flattering words by the three city Lords and the full court with the dozens of demons just standing to show their presence to the King as if they did not have any other work.

All of these things pointed to one and only one thing.

This demon king in front of him was… undoubtedly… vain!

Liam had come across numerous personalities in his life, so he had no doubt about this.

Only if this were the case all of the blatant flattery would work. Otherwise, why would the three demons still keep spouting this nonsense?

So should I also start flattering? Liam momentarily considered this, but he quickly moved on. No, that won ’t be as effective.

He needed to do something that would completely change the tides in his favor, and he also had an idea of how to do this.

He was only hesitating a little because this was very risky, and he was also not sure if he would finish this. Nevertheless, he did not have too many options at the moment.

He had to make this happen somehow!

If he couldn ’t then he would have to flee once again, which was not new to him. The problem would be that he could never step inside the nether realm again.

And thanks to the ravens, he also couldn ’t return to the Xion realm. He would really be stranded. Liam sighed at his pitiful plight.

Even he sometimes couldn ’t understand how things became this bad.

’Ok. Here goes nothing. ’ Liam cleared his throat a little and bowed in front of the demon king. ”Your highness, if I may interject here… ”

The three demons immediately turned to glare at him, but the king on the throne raised his hand to give Liam a chance.

”There is a way I can prove my allegiance to your highness. ” Liam mouthed with a serious face. ”I am in the process of making a body cleansing elixir that would greatly benefit your highness. ”

”Please. I humbly request you to allow me to finish it and present it to you, your highness. This elixir would prove my sincere respect towards you and the Kingdom. ”

Liam once again bowed. He stood with confidence and humility, waiting patiently for a response.

And just like he expected, all the demons standing in the huge hall also looked shocked. The King sitting on the throne as well looked curious.

Liam ’s words were completely out of the blue. No one had expected him to say this.

Even the three demons who were laying down one accusation or the other over him now looked dumbstruck.

How were they supposed to react to this? This was a complete curve ball from the left side!

Ah. Ah. They looked at each other in uncomfortable silence.

Finally, the King sitting on the throne spoke, breaking the silence. ”Alright. I will give you the chance to prove yourself. Ahem Ahem. I am indeed in need of such an elixir. ”

Bingo! Liam immediately started sweet-talking further to cement these words. ”Yes, your highness. Rest assured. I will try my very best or die trying to. ”

”The effects of this elixir will be amazing. It will cleanse all the impurities from the body and completely change your appearance. ”

”Your highness will become even more handsome and charming! If that is even possible! ”

Once he started going, the lies and the words as well naturally flowed and Liam ended up promising several things.

Most of these were from the fat loss ads that he had seen on tv and on various social platforms. After all, weight loss was one of the biggest industries in the current world.

So he simply used that to his advantage.

He spoke non-stop for a couple of minutes, and the demons standing around had no choice but to accept defeat. How could they compete with this nonsense?

If their nonsense was at one level, this nonsense was at an entirely different level.

They continued to remain silent and did nothing to stop this. At first, they were speechless. However, later on, it was because of a different reason.

The truth was that the more Liam spoke, the bigger a grave he was digging for himself.

The King would have likely forgiven him before, but now after all of this nonsense, there was no way he was going to overlook this.

So why should they stop him and help him out of this grave?

There was an art to flattering as well, which clearly this idiot did not know. The demons looked at each other, exchanged meaningful glances, and silently stepped back.

They no longer needed to do anything to destroy Liam. He was doing that all by himself.

There was simply no suspense anymore.

When he eventually fails to deliver everything that he was promising, the King was going to completely obliterate him without as much as a thought.



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