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Chapter 476 No tricks

Chapter 475 My Master is the bestest!

A few miles away from the big city where the demon king and the royal palace were located, a huge bat flapped its wings and was speedily headed out of that place.

Sitting atop the bat was a lean muscular guy who laid back and stared at the sky in deep thought. Liam breathed in and breathed out steadily, but he still could not calm himself down.

That was close! Too close for his comfort!

He would have almost lost everything he had worked so much for and completely wasted his second chance.

The higher you fly, the deeper you will fall.

Liam sighed and asked the bat to continue flying. He needed to find Luna first before anything else. Not knowing what the little fox was doing all by herself was quite troubling.

However, just as they were about to step into the next zone, a familiar voice sounded in the distance, and a ball of white fluffiness rushed into Liam ’s arms, crashing into his ribs.

”Huh? You are already here? ” Liam was beyond speechless. The little fox had tracked him all the way to the main city. This was impressive.

”Sorry for letting you down. ” He muttered in a low voice and then silently stared at the white fox who was busy nuzzling against him.

With Luna here, everything was now back to normal… well, almost.

The big issues still remained. He needed to sort some things out first. It was now far too dangerous for him to stay in the nether realm, and he was not done with this realm just yet.

He had big plans here that he was yet to execute. So he needed to settle this once and for all.

”Hmmm… now that you are here… ” Liam patted the bat, who was busily flapping his wings. ”Turn back to the city. ”

In reality, it was a bit risky for him to be out of the main kingdom city at the moment. He had just now humiliated more than one city lord who were all above Level 100.

Any one of them could easily kill him. Not to mention whoever dragged him to the Kingdom in the first place.

He either needed to take care of this crisis once and for all or completely never step into the nether realm again.

There were only two options left for him, and the next few hours would determine what the best option might be.

This was because Liam did not completely shoot in the blind. Even when he was running his mouth, he still had an idea. Now he only needed to see if it would pan out or not.

The bat landed in the middle of the city, and Liam hopped off the beast, which then took off without waiting for his instructions.

Liam didn ’t care about it and walked towards one of the inns nearby. He booked a big suite and went up to the room directly.

”Moment of truth. ” He took a deep breath and started busying himself.

Kyuuu. Luna padded over to him and looked at him curiously. As soon as she saw the cauldron coming out of thin air, she instantly panicked.

PTSD! She had suffered way too much recently because of this cauldron!

Nevertheless, she patiently watched Liam without disturbing him.

She put on a pitiful face and tried to scope out a location in the room that might possibly not be affected by the impending blast.

A few seconds later, she found one and jumped over to that spot, resting on the ground with her three tails coiled around her.

Since she had been searching for Liam for so long, she was also extremely tired.

Kyuuuu. She then silently continued to watch her master. It was always fun to watch him up until the eventual explosion.

She wondered when it was going to happen this time.

A few seconds passed in silence… and then some minutes… soon almost an entire hour passed by…

Kyuuuu? Luna cheered up and looked at Liam with stars twinkling in her eyes. Maybe the days of continuous loud explosions and black smoke were behind them?

However, just as that thought crossed her mind…


A loud explosion rocked the room.

Kyuuu… Luna pitifully coughed up puffs of smoke again, but when she looked at Liam, all her sadness disappeared. This was because Liam was grinning this time.

”What are you looking at? ” Liam winked at the small fox and then fell back onto the dirty floor and laughed loudly. This trial might have been a failure, but he now knew what he had to do.

So what if he was not a born genius who could become a grandmaster effortlessly!

He had more than enough brain!

I figured it out! Ha Ha Ha Ha!

Ha Ha Ha Ha!

Liam shouted at the top of his lungs.

If the room were not soundproof, the entire inn would be shaking with his laughter at the moment.

Not even bothering to clean up any of the mess, he hurriedly started the next batch of potions by taking out a new cauldron.

This thing that had plagued him and confounded him for hours now…. was finally going to get resolved!

Liam looked up at the small fox who was gazing at him worriedly. ”What are you looking at? Your master is going to do it next time. Do you know how? ”

Kyuuuu. Luna nodded in a daze.

”He He. It is actually very simple. If you can ’t do it all at once, then break it into smaller parts! Do you understand? ”

Kyuuuu. Luna once again nodded in a daze.

Her master was really a great genius. Everything he said sounded so profound. The little fox gulped, looking at Liam with stars twinkling in her eyes.

And thus, the next hour continued to proceed in this same fashion, with one human working hard in the cauldron and one fox staring at the human with a worshipping gaze.

And this time… just like her master had said… there was really no explosion!


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