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Chapter 477 - The lucky bat

Chapter 476 No tricks

”What? What are you saying, Lord Ghet? ” Nyaka stood up from the chair, almost stumbling and swaying in the air. He couldn ’t believe what he was hearing.

That damned rat already returned back? And he even called for a meeting with the King?

”Impossible! ” He banged his fist on the table, breaking and shattering it into several small wooden pieces that went flying everywhere.

”Come with me. Let ’s go and see what is happening! ”

”Yes. That ’s why I am here. ”

The two Lords hurriedly returned back to the King ’s palace and walked in long strides to the main hall.

The two looked around and saw that the King hadn ’t arrived yet, and there were not many demons in the big hall.

”Wait, Nyaka. I have a plan. ” One demon whispered something in the other demon ’s ears, and soon, the entire hall became fully crowded with demons of all shapes, sizes, and colors.

When the King eventually arrived, even he was surprised that such a huge crowd had gathered. They were all waiting as if they had arrived to watch some sort of spectacle.

He had not called anyone, so why did the full court assemble?

He looked around in confusion for a couple of seconds but then shrugged and casually sat down. The more, the merrier. He liked the crowd and did not mind it one bit.

Seeing this both Nyaka and Ghet exchanged glances and grinned in satisfaction. The first phase of their plan was successful. Now only the second and final phase remained.

Once Liam arrived, that also would be perfectly executed, and the damned rat would also be slaughtered mercilessly!

The entire hall, including the King, waited in anticipation, and a few minutes later, the main chief guest finally arrived.

”Your highness. Please forgive me for my tardiness. ” Liam bowed humbly.

After he had set out to leave, he suddenly felt light-headed, perhaps from exerting himself too much. So he had to rest for a bit and then arrive.

It was quite rude to make a King wait, but Liam couldn ’t care less about it. This was because… the item in his hand was just that special!

The demon king waved him away casually. He also did not care about these formalities at the moment. His eyes were only on the prize.

”Never mind that. What have you brought for me? Show it. Quick! ” He impatiently asked.

Liam nodded with a smile and calmly stepped forward to hand one of the servants a small bottle. It was a nail-sized bottle with just a drop of liquid inside.

”Huh? What is this? ” The demon king frowned.

Using this as an opportunity, Nyaka started lighting the fire. He winked at Ghet and added, ”That looks very suspicious, my King. ”

”Just one drop? Only venoms and strong poisons are stored like this? I am worried for your safety, your highness. ”

The demons also agreed with this, and a few more raised their voices, all taking this chance to flatter their King.

”This potion has to be tested first! ”

”Yes! Yes! Test it first! ”

The King looked around and then nodded. ”What do you say about this, Thol city Lord? ”

”I have no objections, your highness. ” Liam simply smiled. He was already prepared for this. He looked behind him, and another demon dragged a huge bat into the main hall.

This was the same bat who had dropped him off and deserted him without his say so. Was Liam holding a petty grudge? Absolute not. Just a coincidence.

”We can test the medicine by feeding him if that is alright with your highness. ”

The king nodded with curiosity, and the bat took a step back. Liam then stepped forward and fished out another similar vial from his inventory.

Right in front of everyone ’s eyes, he opened the bottle and fed it to the beast, who had no other choice but to gulp it down.

Drop dead. Drop dead. Drop dead. Nyaka silently chanted under his breath and Ghet also had a similar expression on his face.

However, a few minutes silently passed, and nothing happened.

Yes! Both the demons cheered. They nudged the other demons standing near them, and everyone started whispering. Soon the whispers grew louder, and someone loudly commented.

”Nothing is happening! Is the Thol city Lord trying to scam the King? ”

”He is just trying to cook up something to escape from his treason charges! ”

”He is trying to fool our great benevolent king! ”

”The Thol city Lord needs to be punished for his impudence! ”

”Your highness, he is trying to cheat you! ”

All the demons soon became riled up and started raising their voices one after the other.

Even the ones who were supportive of Liam were now against him for wasting everyone ’s time and for trying to cheat their King.

At this point, the King himself had a strange expression. His gaze became stern, and he looked at Liam, who was still simply smiling.

”Your highness, give me a couple more minutes. ” He answered calmly.

Standing near him, Nyaka loudly harrumphed. ”Your tricks won ’t work in front of his highness, Thol city Lord! His highness has a wisdom that is beyond your understanding. ”

”Tricks? ” Liam shrugged. ”I think you are speaking too hastily, Lord Nyaka. ” He was as calm as the ocean, without the slightest hint of fear or anxiousness.

And the thing was… he was not even lying. He really did not have any tricks this time. One did not need any tricks when they actually had the real thing.

So why would he bother with all of this nonsense?

Liam ’s gaze was still on the bat, never leaving the beast. ”5 more seconds. ” He slowly spoke, and Nyaka ’s heart suddenly dropped.

He did not like this confident look on Liam ’s face. Weaklings should not be confident.

However, before he could finish this thought, the very next second, suddenly something cracked.


Everyone couldn ’t help but wonder what this noise was when a horrid pungent smell started spreading in the huge main hall.

And the source of this smell was unmistakable! It was the bat!

The bat had let loose a loud fart, and it did not stop there.

Splat! Splat! Splat! Things started falling out of its ass.

”What the hell is this?! Someone get this beast out of here! This is enough! ” Lord Nyaka cringed and shouted, clutching his nose. The King as well had a sour expression.

A couple of demons immediately came running to take the bat away, but Liam promptly stopped them. ”Not so soon. Your highness, this is just the impurities coming out. ”

”Aren ’t you curious about the transformation once all the impurities are squeezed out? ”

Gasp. Immediately the entire hall became silent.

So the Thol city Lord had really managed to find a cure for fatness? Cough. Cough. To take out all the impurities from the body?

The entire hall began to whisper and murmur amongst themselves.


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