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Chapter 478 - New BFF

Chapter 477 – The lucky bat

Liam ’s words were far too tempting for the demon king to pass up. He immediately raised his hand and ordered the other demons to stop their ruckus. ”SILENCE. ”

The entire hall instantly became very quiet. Not even Ghet or Nyaka tried to make any noises. Only Liam walked closer to the bat and patted the beast.

”It will hurt a bit now, but you should bear with it. ”

”… ” The bat silently stared back at Liam.

And just like he said, the very next second, the beast started twitching in pain. The demon king leaned closer and looked at this scene with a gulp.

The superficial impurities were first excreted through the bodily fluids, and now it looked like it was the turn for the deeper impurities to get out.

As the bat started groaning and whining loudly, struggling in pain, thick black pungent liquid started oozing out of its orifices.

Its eyes, mouth, nose, ears, ass, everything was leaking, and the beast was also suffering terribly as if it was in unspeakable agony.

It even started lashing out at Liam, who was standing nearby, but he casually evaded all of its attacks without much effort at all.

”Easy boy, easy. ” He calmly said as if nothing big was happening. However, this made the rest of the demons in the hall drop their jaw to the ground.

Even those who were shouting the loudest just a few minutes earlier were now gobsmacked. They no longer needed any further proof.

Everything was crystal clear, laid out right in front of them. The damned bat had consumed a top-grade elixir, and its body was currently being purified from its very roots!

The worst part was that if they had dared to step forward and test it out on behalf of the King, they could have had the chance to consume this top-grade elixir!

But now they had stupidly missed it!

Would they still be able to get one for themselves or for their garrison generals?

All the demons hurriedly started calculating how they could talk and make amends with the Thol city garrison leader after he stepped out of the palace.

They all wanted to be the first in the queue and get the elixir before the others could get their hands on it.

They even began listing all the treasures and weapons that they could use to exchange for this elixir.

Items can always be found sooner or later, but this elixir in front of them was priceless. It would permanently boost their strength and correct their origin.

They absolutely needed this medicine!

As the demons continued to rack their brains, a few more minutes passed by, and soon the bat stopped groaning and crying.

Under everyone ’s observant eyes, the beast slowly stood up. It was standing in a big puddle of filth, but it couldn ’t care less about it right now.

It was busily admiring, looking at itself in shock. Its previously flabby saggy body was now lean, mean, and strong.

Its wings were firmer, claws were healthier and sharper, and not to mention its eyesight was now a lot better.

However, it was not just these physical changes. Something else also changed, and the beast could feel it.

SWING! It turned its head towards Liam and looked at him with its eyes twinkling. This man was God! Give me more, please! The bat started acting cutely and begging Liam.

It was extremely comical, but no one felt like laughing at the moment. Such a lowly beast had stolen their treasure! They only felt aggrieved.

The King as well gulped and quickly stood up. ”Everyone get out. I have some personal business with the Thol city garrison- I have some personal business with Lord Liam! ”

”… ” Everyone speechlessly looked down at the ground and quickly cleared out. Of course, they had already expected this.

Even Ghet and Nyaka were now somewhat regretful.

”Your highness… that thing might still be poisoned? ” Ghet did not give up and mumbled, scratching his head, but the next instant something came flying at him.

It was a wine glass. ”You have still not left? ” The king ’s voice thundered, which made the ogre shiver and run away.

Soon only the King and Liam were left in the main hall, save for a few servants. ”Your highness, I am happy to provide you with more proof, but I only have two more of this left. ”

”No. No. Not needed. ” The King quickly replied, his eyes still on the cool-looking bat. He licked his lips in anticipation and then hurriedly waved at Liam.

”Quick. Let me try it too. ”

Liam nodded and gave him the two vials. ”Use both of them, your highness. ” Seeing the guy ’s condition, Liam was not sure if one would simply be enough.

Also, there was another thing. This was not the actual elixir. This was his own modified version. So just to be safe. He gave the two vials to the King.

The King as well eagerly received the two bottles in his hands as if they were precious treasures.

He almost drooled when he looked at them, but then he quickly changed his expression, returning to a stern gaze.

”Come here. ” He clapped his hands loudly and summoned two demons. He signaled something to them, and they ran over to bring another two demons.

Liam could instantly tell that these two were different. There was an overpowering demonic aura seeping out of them.

”Good. Good. I am glad you can sense their strength. ” The King haughtily spoke.

”If anything unsightly happens to me after I consumed these two elixirs, they won ’t hesitate to end your life immediately. ”

Liam nodded. ”I understand, your highness. But please be aware that the elixir would give you a certain amount of pain. ”

”Yes, I understand. I am not unreasonable. ”

Sure you are not. Liam cursed the guy inwardly and nodded. Worst case scenario, if he dies, then he would have to leave the nether realm and never return back.

He had already given this his all. So he did not have any regrets no matter what happened next. He silently watched the King toss the first bottle of elixir into his mouth.

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