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Chapter 479 - You are cursed by the raven witch!

Chapter 478 – New BFF


Liam cringed and so did the bat still standing next to him and also the other demons in the room.

Everyone was just barely stopping themselves from puking their guts out because the scene in front of them was truly disgusting.

At first, they had been curious to see how the pill worked, especially Liam. But now…

Blob after blob of something putrid and jelly like jiggled and fell down out of the King ’s ass. Horried pungent gas filled the entire hall.

The true impurities removing process hadn ’t even started yet but already a mountain of waste had piled up. It stunk worse than a rotting mess of corpses.

All this shit was actually inside a living breathing creature? It was simply unbelievable.

After a certain point, everyone including Liam ran to the opposite corner of the hall while waiting for the rest of the transformation to take place.

After the superficial cleansing, then came the next stage of cleansing. This generated fall less goo but it was a painful process.

Even Liam was surprised because it took an entire hour almost.

The demon king continued shouting and screaming at the top of his lungs for the whole hour and finally… something stepped out of the nasty mount.

The person was covered from top to bottom in filthy slimy rancid stuff. It was the demon king.

Huh? Liam ’s jaw dropped on the floor and so did the jaws of the other demons in the room.

No one had expected such a huge change!

The person standing in front of them in no way resembled the previous demon king.

”Your highness… ” One of the demons hesitantly spoke, worried that something bad had happened, but the next second the King broke into a burst of loud raving laughter.

Two rows of white fangs flashed brilliantly amidst the black filth, revealing a big grin.

”Get me cleaned up. NOW! ” The King ordered.

And Liam grinned. He still did not know the final result but he had seen enough to know that it worked.

That too, with just a single dose, there was so much change! This was good news!

Hopefully, this was enough to secure his place in the nether realm?

Having no other choice, he patiently waited for the rest of the clean up which not so surprisingly took another hour.

Everyone vacated the main hall and went to another hall where the demon king walked over to reveal his new appearance.

Heh. Liam was once again shocked.

Standing in front of him was a tall dark skinned elf!

Well, at least most of the features were elven. There were some other additions like small horns and a tail, but all in all the demon in front of him was unexpectedly handsome!

”Are you impressed Liam? What do you think? ” The demon king grinned. Unlike before, he was not stern or distant. Rather he behaved quite friendly with Liam.

Even Liam did not expect this treatment or this kind of transformation.

”Yes, your highness. You look amazing! Very handsome! ” Liam smiled and he was not lying!

”Of course, I am. He He. ” The King grinned and walked over to him. He then unexpectedly put his arm around Liam and pulled him along with him.

”Come friend. Let ’s have a feast! ”

”Your highness? ”

”Yes! From now onwards, all charges against you are dropped! Anyone who touches you will have me to answer! ”

”Here. Take my medallion. With this, you will have all the respect that a member of my court will have. Hell, you can have everything that my Generals have. ”

”Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Come my good friend, Liam. Let ’s go and feast! Today is a day to celebrate! Ba ha ha ha! ”

Liam smiled and followed along, inwardly sighing in relief. At least he had crossed this part of the danger. For now.

The two of them walked over to some sort of dining hall where a huge feast was served.

The King no longer bothered to keep a low profile and invited all the other demons back including Ghet and Nyaka for the big celebration.

The moment everyone entered the room, without fail every single demon gasped in shock. To see a handsome youthful person instead of their ’King ’ shocked them to their very core.

And of course, the King enjoyed all the attention he was getting to the fullest.

The celebration continued on for hours and hours and it was a big event.

Though in the beginning the King kept praising Liam, later it became all about him and Liam as well did not mind.

He silently retreated to a corner and stayed away from the spotlight. He already had enough targets on his back.

However, that did little to help him. How could he keep a low profile now?

All the demons started approaching him one by one and started sweet talking to him.

Some even mistook his interests and demon Nyaka ’s stories and were willing to trade some of their mistresses.

Liam did not know whether to laugh or cry.

He politely declined their requests saying that he was tired and drained out and would only be able to make more potions in a few weeks or when he improved himself more.

He was doubtful if someone would get offended but the demons were really bending over backward to please him and did not seem to mind it at all.

Heh. Liam grinned and sat back to enjoy without any worry. Life in the nether realm was now going to be smooth sailing!

Well… at least for a while. Liam ’s glance fell on his two fans who stood at the other corner and kept staring daggers at him.

Nyaka still did not give up and tried talking to the King again but he was swiftly sent away with a useless reply.

”Your highness! This in unacceptable! ” Nyaka trembled in anger. He was not willing to accept this answer.

Liam might be an alchemist but he was also an inscription master!

So how could he become more valuable than him? The demon trembled in anger.

However, not giving him any chance to talk back, the King snorted in disdain.

”If your wives are willing you can take them with you, I am not going to give out an order forcing them to follow your whims. They are also my subjects! ”

”Also, there will be no fighting in the kingdom between my garrisons. If you cause any disturbance in my kingdom, I will not show mercy. ”

After this, Nyaka or Ghet could not say anything and could only silently step back with their tails between their legs.

Though the King did not mention Liam ’s name while giving them their verdicts, everyone could clearly see the truth.

The Thol city garrison leader was not to be messed with!

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