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Chapter 479 - You are cursed by the raven witch!

y more of these? ” He pointed to the bat who suddenly became stiff from the attention.

Huh? The vendor looked at Liam and then eyes the bat from top to bottom, only recognizing it after a few seconds. A look of surprise appeared on his face. This was a top notch item!

”Ora! Whos dis? You can ’t buy our birds that easily! But… ” He grinned, ”I can take dis off our hands. How about 5 coppers? This is a generous offer no one else will offer you brat! ”

Liam ’s face twitched hearing this generous offer. ”No. Thank you. I think I will pass. ” He smiled calmly and then took out the medallion from his inventory.

Clang. The vendor ’s face instantly changed as he dropped the thing in his hand in shock.

”Ahhh! Forgive me, Lord! Forgive me! ” He began shaking from top to bottom .ᴄᴏᴍ

Seeing that Liam ’s expression was not softening, the demon gulped and quickly gave the information that Liam had asked him in the first place.

”These creatures are only sold in the King ’s square. If you go straight for a few more blocks and then turn right, you should reach the King ’s square. ”

”Mmm. ” Liam nodded and then walked away. Behind him, both the fox and, for some reason the bat as well scoffed at the poor demon with a lot of attitude before walking away.

This little thing is growing more arrogant by the day. Liam chuckled at the duo and went over to the special square that the demon had mentioned.

However, before turning the corner, he couldn ’t help but notice another vendor selling some herbs.

”Hmmm? ” Liam walked closer and took a look at the small stall. His brows immediately shot up because the herbs here were actually being sold for dirt cheap prices!

”5 bundles of herbs for 5 coppers? Unbelievable! ”

Even though Liam had the stone tablet ’s garden now for growing whatever herb that he needed, the alchemist inside him couldn ’t let this cheap sale go to waste.

Just as he was browsing the collection with the intention of buying everything irrespective of whether he needed it or not, suddenly a woman ’s loud voice sounded in his ears.


The woman ’s shrill voice and her peculiar words caught Liam ’s attention, and he casually turned to give the person a look.

It was an old female demon with oddly curled coarse hair. Some other things were also sticking out of her head.

”You! You are cursed! ” She looked at Liam and shouted again.

Hmmm. Liam paused for a moment and then decided to leave. He was wasting time here.

It was probably some charlatan trying to earn money, so he did not think anything special of it, but the next second, before he could take another step, the woman uttered something else.

Something else that she should not have.


Fuck! Liam ’s face instantly changed as he heard that familiar term, and he turned around to walk closer to the old demon, almost scaring her.

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