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Chapter 481 - Lets give brother a surprise

Chapter 480 – Up to no good!

”What did you say? ” Liam stared at the demon up close. He first thought that she was a vendor but it looked like she was also browsing the goods just like he was.

”I said. ” The old woman grinned, ”You are under a curse. Someone has put a strong curse on you. ”

Weirdly this time, her voice was different when compared to before. She had a sweeter more melodious voice when compared to the shrill coarse caw from earlier.

Liam blinked at this sudden change, and the old woman also cleared her throat, quickly realizing what had happened. Cough Cough. She once again continued in her shrill voice.

”Which witch did you piss off to be under such a powerful curse? ”

”Curse? ” Liam ignored the small hiccup as he was currently more interested in what the demon had to say rather than her voice.

Curse? He really did not remember being affected by something like that. At the least, a notification would have popped out.

The only other way would be…

Liam ’s eyes widened as he realized that there was another possibility!

The curse could be attached to the quest?

Something like that was possible?

Liam shook his head. ’What kind of quest did I accept? Wait, can I get rid of the curse by rejecting the quest? ’

He opened his system interface and pondered over it but in the end, he decided not to do it. The quest might be something important. There was also a map.

”Is there any way to remove this curse? ” He lifted his head up to ask the same old woman who was now back to browsing the herb shop.

”Mmmm. Maybe. But it will cost you a lot. ” The old woman snickered.

Oh? Was this his good day perhaps? Liam was pleasantly surprised once again. Not only did this person point out the root of his problem but she also had a cure for it.

”I will pay the cost. Can you tell me how to remove the curse? ” He fished out the medallion for the old woman to see.

The demon ’s eyes went wide seeing this medallion and she stared at Liam for a couple of seconds before she quickly changed her tone.

”Cough. For now, I can make a temporary charm for this curse. It will hide you from the curse, but it won ’t last long. ”

Liam became excited. This was good. This should give him enough time to form a mana core and also finish the quest so that the damn ravens wouldn ’t be all over him again.

”Yes. Make that for me. ”

”Ke Ke Ke. That will cost 10 gold coins. My Lord. ” The old woman ’s grin widened.

10 gold coins? In a demon settlement? It was strange but Liam did not care. If he could move freely in the Xion realm again, then 10 gold coins was too cheap!

”Ok. Here. ” Liam took out 10 gold coins and handed it to the demon.

”Wait here. I will return shortly. My Lord. ” The old woman snickered and ran away.

The heck? Is she even going to return back? Liam scratched his head. The person was not respecting him properly and the way she addressed him was also very weird.

Especially after showing the medallion, there should have been some behavior change but it didn ’t look like there was?

Did I just get scammed for 10 gold coins?

Liam sighed. He couldn ’t tell what just happened, but waiting for a few minutes was not a big deal. He also did not plan to be idle while he did that.

He turned to look at the demon running the herb shop and then gave him another gold coin. ”I will buy everything in your shop. Come here. ”

The demon immediately became overjoyed. He quickly helped Liam pack everything and the shop was completely empty in minutes.

Liam then gave instructions to the demon and made arrangements for purchasing the bat mounts he had come here for.

He flashed his medallion a few times and the work got done smoothly. After shelling out a few more gold coins, he managed to buy a total of 20 mounts.

Only this was available at the moment so he purchased these few mounts and stopped. Liam did not want to draw too much attention on himself.

Besides, this place seemed to have some sort of breeding facility established. He had never seen this in the other cities. He might be able to visit here regularly and obtain more mounts.

While Liam calmly interacted with the few demons and made some plans on what he could do, the old woman unexpectedly returned.

”Oh, she actually came back? ”

She was holding in her hand a soggy bundle that had some blood dripping from it?

”Here. This should solve your curse problem temporarily. ” She handed it over to Liam. She then also handed over to him another scroll.

”If you give me the items listed here, then I can make a permanent something for your problem. ” Liam hurriedly took the scroll from her hands and looked at it.

There were some herbs listed on it which was not a problem for him, but there were also some other things listed on the scroll, one of which particularly caught his eye.

Ice frog ’s tongue

”This ice frog… where is this? ” Liam quickly asked, though he already knew the answer.

The old demoness grinned and tossed him a parchment that had the rough map of the land. On it was marked a few crosses. ”The ingredients should be there. ”

So he basically had to travel to all these places and get items from the rare elites at these spots? Liam bitterly smiled.

The cure was worse than the disease. For this, he might as well take a look at the raven ’s quest and see what it is about.

Either way he did not have the strength to do these things at the moment. So they all had to wait.

He looked up to ask the old woman to see if there were any other alternatives but in the crowd, he was not able to find her.

It looked like she had left while he was busily studying the map.

”Well, whatever. ” It was not like he could get all the items required even if he found her.

”Time to check if this thing works or not and take a trip to our guild. ” Liam looked at the herd of bats all staring at him in unison and nodded contently.

In front of the group was the bat who had eaten the potion. The guy had taken the initiative to become the leader of the pack.

Liam looked through the streets once again to see if he could find the old woman and then commanded the group.

”Let ’s go. ” He hopped on top of Luna who kicked off, flying up into the sky. The bats as well then followed him, the group together lifting up in the air.

All the demons below in the city watched this strange scene and exchanged looks. Was something going on?

At a distance, the two demons Ghet and Nyaka were also watching. Of course, one of them recognized the fox on top of which Liam was riding.

”That guy purchased so many flying mounts at a time? ” Ghet gnashed his teeth in anger and enviously looked at the group disappearing into the distance.

Nyaka as well had a similar expression as if he had just chewed on ginger. The two of them hated the bastard who had humiliated them so much.

”How does he have the fund to purchase so many demon steeds at the same time? ”

”Yes. Yes. I also heard about the increased reward for the squads and platoons in Thol city. Something fishy is going on for sure. ”

”Let ’s investigate, Lord Nyaka. This guy is up to no good! ”

”This rat will definitely get caught! He is hiding something! ”

”Hmph. Rest assured. I won ’t let him off easily! ”

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