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Chapter 483 - Experimental medicine?

Chapter 482 – Did it work or not?

”There. That should be good. Land under that tree. ” Liam patted Luna on the back.

He wanted to put a sufficient distance between himself and the guild group just in case the ravens decided to follow him into the nether realm.

They were also at a good distance away from the nearby demon cities, and this spot was well hidden. It was a perfect place to open the portal.

Luna dove down and quickly landed, and Liam hopped off from her back.

He took out the item from his inventory slot and looked at it curiously. Could he really trust this thing? He took it near his face and examined it more closely.

The so-called ’charm ’ bag did not have a pleasant smell. Also, he could not place his finger on it, but the whole thing was suspicious.

”Luna. You know what to do. ” He spoke after a few moments of hesitation. There was no point in thinking about this anymore.

The only way to find out if it worked or not would be to walk out of that portal and find it out for himself.

Liam stepped forward and opened the portal. He then let out a small sigh and entered it. ”Come at me, bitches. ”

Almost instantly, loud cawing noises sounded.

Caw. Caw. Caw. Caw.

Liam was startled, and he was about to do a double take when he realized that these birds were simply the distant birds flying away, startled by his sudden entry.

So they were scared of him just as he was scared of them.

”Crap. These are not the ravens. ” Liam shook his head and let out another sigh. He was on the edge because he needed to act instantly.

However, a couple of minutes passed, and nothing happened. it looked like he didn ’t have to do anything after all.

”Don ’t tell me… this thing actually works? ” He just couldn ’t believe it. The way the fishy old woman was acting, he was 100% sure that it was a scam.

Hmmm… Liam waited, and soon another 5 minutes passed by without anything happening. Only the gentle cooling breeze of the Xion realm brushed past his face.

”So the charm bag seems to be working? ” He scratched his nose and stopped opening the portal to the nether realm repeatedly.

There was simply no other explanation. It really worked!

Liam took another look at the weird thing and shoved it into his pocket before happily jumping on top of Luna again.

”Let ’s go. I can finally move freely! ”


[Where to, Master?] Luna happily jumped around the sky, sharing her master ’s mood.

”One second. Let me see. For now, keep going south. ”

Liam then opened his system interface and sent a short message to two people. This was one of the reasons why he had rushed back here.

”Mia, what do you think? ” Alex whispered in her cousin ’s ear, the two women keenly eyeing the group of players in front of them.

They were doing one of the quests together as a group with their selected fifteen candidates.

All of them were overjoyed to be working with the two big celebrities but what they did not know was that every single one of their actions was currently being examined under a microscope.

Every small action, including how they were looking at the drops, was noted without fail.

”Mia, tell me again why we are doing this. Even if one of these bitches betray us, that guy will skin me alive. ” Alex sighed.

The group they had managed to distill was not too bad.

Though there wasn ’t anyone with A or S grade affinities, six among the fifteen had B grade affinities, and the rest had C grade affinities.

Their skills were also not that terrible. With more training and practice, the group could truly shine.

”He is not that bad. ” Mia bluntly replied. ”Alright. That ’s enough. Let ’s join them and finish this quest. I don ’t think that we need to test these guys any longer. This group should be fine. ”

”Ok. As you say. ” Alex stretched her hand and prepared to dive head first into the troubled waters. Mia as well started casting some damage spells.

Since they were a group of priests and paladins, their damage output wasn ’t all that great, but everyone ’s coordination was coming along smoothly.

And once Alex and Mia joined the group, their damage numbers also started spiking. The pack of demonic jackals they had been fighting against was finally pushed back.

A radiant glow enveloped both the woman, and they dazzled brilliantly while slaughtering one jackal after another.

Seeing these two in action, the other players gulped with respect. Fighting alongside these two showed just how much the difference between them was.

In fact, before joining this group, they were not so serious and also didn ’t take Alex or Mia seriously, but now that they were here… everything was different.

The people trashing these two online and calling them empty vases or beautiful flowers were real idiots.

If any of those haters witnessed these two women fight in person, they would also feel instantly ashamed and shut their mouths.

Those people would probably lament their bad luck for not being able to enjoy such an opportunity. Everyone standing here knew just how big a deal this was.

To be in a group with not one expert but two experts was a true blessing! It was not even about the amazing quests or item drops they were getting, it was about the techniques!

Playing up close with these two, they were able to learn a lot about their own class.

The group continued working hard, and soon almost the entire pack of demonic jackals was under their control.

However, just as they were dealing with the last few jackals, suddenly Alex stopped fighting. Unexpectedly, Mia as well stopped in her tracks.

The two of them stood like statues rooted to their spots. Everyone else had no idea what was going on and stared at them in shock.

But Mia and Alex paid no attention to them. They did not even care about the rest of the jackals. Only the system prompt in front of them occupied their entire mind.

”I am… what is this, Mia? ” Alex gasped.

”You got the same message? ” Mia as well looked anxious.

”Is he being serious? ”

”I don ’t know. We… we need to go there and find out. ”

The two of them suddenly turned to leave, completely forgetting about the jackals and even the other players.

Only the message they received was on their mind. It was just a small message, but it was everything to these two.

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