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Chapter 484 - Your love is weak!

Chapter 483 – Experimental medicine?

”Ask Rey to log in and bring him to the guild residence. ”

Alex read and re-read the message again and again. However, no matter how much she did, she simply couldn ’t believe it.

”Mia, do you think he really got something? ” She asked the person next to her, who also looked anxious.

”We are almost there. We will find out soon enough. ” Mia answered.

Since Rey was fainting back and forth, it was difficult to get him logged in repeatedly and then bring him over to the guild residence.

It took a couple of hours when finally the three of them reached the guild residence.

”This is our guild residence? It looks super cool! ” Rey started to speak, craning his head and taking a look at everything.

But before he could utter his next sentence, he fainted again.

”Mia, I can ’t take it anymore. ” Alex crumpled on the ground. It was too much for her to see her brother ’s condition in such a state.

”To suffer so much he might as well be dead. ” She sobbed.

Mia ’s heart also ached to see her only family in this condition. With a small sigh, she looked up at the alchemy tower just a few feet away and silently muttered. ”Please, let this be real. ”

In reality, deep down her heart Mia knew that this was probably not going to happen. It was because the two spies turned followers had already spilled everything to Alex.

They both knew that the meeting with Dante did not go well. The guy was only starting to become famous so not many people knew about him, but Mia and Alex knew a lot about him.

Because it involved Rey, they had investigated the guy extensively. The person was a very egoistic person. Not to mention Liam.

He was a bit more practical but they knew that if worse comes to worst, he wouldn ’t beg for them.

So after the disastrous first meeting, it was impossible for Liam to have obtained the soul healing potion recipe.

So they really couldn ’t believe this message that they were seeing right now. Did he perhaps discover some other method?

This was the only small hope they had, but this was also…

Mia let out another sigh. There were many things about this game that were difficult but the most difficult part was finding anything that was related to soul.

Recipes related to soul, items related to soul, consumables related to soul, pets or even weapons related to soul, all of these were almost impossible to find.

So was it really possible that Liam found one of these recipes? The guy was capable of a lot of things but in this case, both of them didn ’t think that even he would be able to help.

After logging out and in another time, the two women finally managed to bring Rey all the way over to the top most floor of the alchemy building.

Both of them hadn ’t bothered with any professions until now so this was the first time they were visiting this floor.

”What is this guild residence sis? ” Even Rey was shocked.

Being sick all the time, he had only been watching TV and following news about the game until now, so he knew how much of a difference there was between other guilds and their guilds.

”Shhh. Don ’t talk too much. ” Alex shushed him. Everyone was worried about this guy and even in this condition, this fellow had the guts to be so laid back.

”Don ’t get too excited. Just try to rest and relax. ” She patted him lovingly and before she could finish her words, a door opened and Liam stepped out.

And just like that, suddenly the guy next to her was already missing.

”Bro! Oh my god! I never believed it when these two told me but we are really in the same team! We are in the same guild! Bro, we are going to become… best… friends… ”

Thud. Rey fainted again and fell on the ground before he could even get to Liam.

”This moron! ” Alex facepalmed and gritted her teeth in anger. ”Look at this idiot. You did this to him, and yet he is running like a dog to you. ”

”Alex! ” Mia immediately stared at her, hoping that Liam hadn ’t heard this small outburst. These things were all in the past, and she did not want to bring them back again.

Alex sighed and let out a deep breath. She also didn ’t want to think about the past but the wounds were still fresh and her brother was still suffering.

So she couldn ’t just let it go. Especially when he was flailing in front of her like this. ”I know. I know. I am sorry. I will log out and log him back in again. ” She sadly mumbled.

”No need. ” Liam interrupted her, ignoring everything else. ”Just bring him in like this. ”

”Ah. Inside this room? ” Alex carefully dragged the fainted person on the floor toward the room. She also did not argue about anything else and tried to be present.

She slowly lifted her brother up and pushed the door to step inside.

And the moment she did…

”What! ”

Thud. Alex dropped Rey in shock. She looked around her in confusion, and when she still did not understand, she even leaned back to look outside before looking back inside once more.

”Liam… what is this… ”

One second they were in a plain-looking corridor and the next second they were in some sort of secret garden?

”It is just something that I picked up. Some sort of artifact. ” Liam pointed at the stone tablet, which was lying inconspicuously under a huge branching tree.

He didn ’t bother explaining more than that because he was really impatient about this next part. He stepped forward and lifted Rey to put him in a more comfortable posture and in a better spot.

Mia noticed this and asked, ”You really got the soul healing potion? ” She didn ’t dare believe it but now, after seeing everything around them. Maybe… just maybe?

”Yes. I did get something like that. ” Liam vaguely replied.

”But the meeting with Dante didn ’t go well? ”

”Mmm. It didn ’t go well. ”

Seeing the guy answering everything half-heartedly, Alex was about to go crazy! I am going to kill him!

Liam chuckled. ”Don ’t kill me just yet. Wait till I at least try and save your brother. ”

Alex immediately became bright red and turned her face towards the side. ”I didn ’t say anything. ”

”Sure you didn ’t. See, I can ’t explain anything at the moment because I am not sure if this is even going to work in the first place. ”

”What are you saying? ” Mia asked worriedly.

Alex also panicked. ”Hey! You better not try something fishy! ”

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