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Chapter 485 - Back to the beginning

Chapter 484 – Your love is weak!

”Relax, ladies. ” Liam quickly stopped the duo from spiraling. ”I got the notifications from the system, so it is a legitimate elixir. ”

The two did not look convinced, but Liam did not blame them. The guy in front of him was only barely holding on. There was a high chance that a single wrong dose could kill him.

So Liam opened his system interface and showed it to the two.

[Lesser Soul Cleansing Elixir]

[Lesser Mind Cleansing Elixir]

[Lesser Spirit Cleansing Elixir]

[Lesser Body Cleansing Elixir]

[Lesser Blood Cleansing Elixir]

[Lesser Marrow Cleansing Elixir]

[Lesser Root Cleansing Elixir]

[Lesser Muscle Cleansing Elixir]

[Lesser Meridian Cleansing Elixir]

”Elixirs? ” Mia ’s eyes widened. Elixirs were advanced high-grade potions, and this person can already make elixirs?

Not just that, but he could make so many elixirs?

”How… How did you manage to get so many elixir recipes? ” Alex gulped and asked the question in Mia ’s mind.

Such a thing was simply impossible. Maybe one or two was believable, and even that was pushing one ’s luck, but this guy had nine recipes?

For instance, they had been playing this game for so long and did not get a single elixir recipe drop until now!

So how did he have so much? Was there some sort of secret treasure spot? Loophole?

”No. That ’s not what happened. ” Liam chuckled faintly and shook his head. ”It ’s impossible to get these many elixir recipes. All of this… ” He bitterly smiled.

”I got all of this from a single recipe. ”

Huh? Both the women looked confused.

”These are all lesser elixir recipes that I derived. The original elixir recipe is far more potent, probably higher grade or greater grade. ”

”Then isn ’t using that better? ” Alex impatiently asked.

”Yes, of course, it is. ” Liam rolled his eyes. ”But I have to make it right? Unless you are some sort of secret alchemy genius that I don ’t know about? ”

Ah. Alex quickly shut her mouth.

Mia as well nodded in understanding. ”So this was why you had that meeting with Dante? To see if he can help you figure it out? ”

”Yup. ”

”He was not interested? ”

”Nope. But he did help though. Aha ha ha. He doesn ’t even know it! ” Liam grinned wickedly.

”After meeting him and someone who looked just like him, I got this inspiration to split up the recipe and then try making the elixir. ”

”I still can ’t make the original powerful one but mind you, the effect of these split ones are not at all bad. I believe this can help your brother temporarily. ”

”For now, he is not even playing and is in an extremely weak state. But with this cocktail of elixirs, he might be able to recover somewhat. ”

”At least he will be able to walk and talk normall and even resume playing the game without fainting every other minute. ”

The two women looked at Liam in a daze and nodded their heads in agreement. They did not know what else to say.

Sure obtaining the recipe was difficult; making the recipe was difficult but altering a recipe like this was also equally difficult!

If Dante was hailed as a genius by the other players, then what could this person be called!

”So shall I do it? ” Liam asked again, scratching his head. He was also impatient to see the results. He was using the poor guy as a guinea pig, but at least he meant well.

”Um. Yes. Yes. please help him. ” Alex hurriedly answered.

Before, she did not have any hope, but now, it looked like her brother ’s condition might really improve!

The two of them silently walked over to a side and watched as Liam started taking out four small vials.

”Why don ’t you give all the nine? ” Alex immediately blurted out.

”Not needed. ”

At first, he had split the body cleansing elixir into even more components to understand it better. However, he managed to make it wholly, so he didn ’t need all the nine elixir vials.

”We only need the main four. ”

[Lesser Soul Cleansing Elixir]

[Lesser Mind Cleansing Elixir]

[Lesser Spirit Cleansing Elixir]

[Lesser Body Cleansing Elixir]

Liam arranged the four in a line. ”Let ’s first start with the basic one. ” He opened the vial of the body cleansing elixir and tipped it into Rey ’s mouth.

”You both might want to step out. ” He warned them, but the duo resolutely shook their heads. If something went wrong, they wanted to be here to help out.

However… a few seconds later…

Secret garden or not, the two ran out of there, not daring to take another breath inside the room.

”What? Your love for your brother is only so much? ” Liam did not let them off and teased them, which made both the women feel embarrassed instantly.

Especially because their levels were so high and their body inside the game had changed a lot, their senses had also improved.

The two also had S-grade and higher divine affinity to begin with. So the bad smell was hitting them a hundred times worse. They simply couldn ’t stomach it, even if they were worried for Rey.

Liam, however, was calm and relaxed, as if this was not a big deal for him. He sat back leisurely and waited for the process to complete.

He gave it a few seconds, and since everything seemed to be going well, he started taking out a cauldron and prepared to do some work.

Meanwhile, something else also started happening. The garden that was completely ruined with the pungent smell and the revolting black sticky liquid started auto-cleaning slowly.

The dirt and debris started to disappear by sinking into the ground below. This was why Liam dared to do this process inside this garden in the first place.

It not only gave an unlimited stash of herbs, but it also cleansed itself. What an amazing artifact!

He observed everything for a few seconds and returned to his work. After seeing how Mia and Alex readily agreed to try something out even if it was not perfect, Liam got another idea.

It was time to pay the newbie town instructor a visit.

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