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Chapter 488 - Comelets play!

Chapter 487 – My name is Kouske

Hmmm? Liam stared at the glowing white card wondering what it could be when he felt a sudden force on his body. The next second his vision darkened.

On the bright side, now he no longer had to wonder. He was already very familiar with this feeling so he knew what was happening.

This was a portal! Teleportation magic!

Another second later, everything cleared up and Liam was once again able to see. He was no longer sitting inside the same alchemy room within the PVP tower.

Rather he found himself on the street, albeit a very strange street, one that was made of white satin threads.

It was like he was floating mid-air, seated on a bunch of threads. The land under him was non-existent.

Liam ’s eyes widened in shock. Where the hell am I?

[Ding. You have arrived at the Milky Way Auction City]

[Ding. Your Milky Way Pass is now charging]

”Milky Way Auction city? ” Liam had never heard of this place even in his previous life.

He finally looked up from the ground if it could even be called that and checked out the areas around him. The whole place was in fact similar.

This entire city or whatever was on top of this silverish white satin thread woven ground.

Moreover, he was also not alone. Around him, all sorts of creatures were walking around. There were elves, beastkin, demons, ogres, weird-looking apes, and even some metallic robots.

And none of them were fighting with each other!

They exchanged odd glances as they crossed each other, but no one was fighting. They were simply peacefully coexisting.

Some even cast a disdainful look on Liam as they went by him. He was after all weirdly sitting on the ’ground ’ in the middle of the walking path.

Hurriedly he composed himself and stood up, only to fall down all over again. The gravity was all out of whack in this weird place. He couldn ’t balance himself properly.

Ha ha ha ha

A burst of melodious laughter rang loudly near him.

”Great. Now someone is laughing at me. ” It took two more seconds for Liam to get a hang of things and he was finally able to take a step with balance.

”Are you new here? ” The same melodious voice asked him.

Liam turned to see a beautiful creature standing behind him. He couldn ’t even tell what race or type she belonged to.

She looked human structurally but she had a milky white skin that was glowing just like the street he was standing on.

There was no description system window that popped up over her head. In fact, no details popped over anyone ’s head.

It was almost like one couldn ’t find out another person ’s identity in this place.

”You are definitely new here. ” The girl giggled.

”Miss, you have very keen and observant eyes. Yes, this is indeed my first time coming here. ” Liam flashed a polite smile.

”Ah, you flatter me. ” The girl giggled again and she seemed to be warming up to him.

It was not a bad idea to befriend someone in this strange place and find out more details. This girl in front of him seemed as good an information source as any.

”My name is Kouske. Nice to meet you. ” Liam smiled and bowed lightly.

Mmm. The girl also returned his greeting and bowed a little in response. ”You can call me Itzel. I am happy to make your acquaintance too. ”

”What is this place? Can you tell me where we are? ”

”We are in the milky way city of course. ” The girl giggled.

Liam was too preoccupied to notice before but now that he was paying attention to this person, he couldn ’t take his eyes off of the woman.

There was some sort of spark or twinkle about her that was magnetic. Her smile was like the dazzling stars that could light up the entire night sky.

She was completely different from the other creatures and beings walking past them.

”Aha ha ha ha. You still look very lost. Come, I will take you for a tour around the place. ” She smiled again.

Liam as well nodded with a polite smile and he made sure that he was on the best behavior. He seemed to have bumped into a friendly stranger.

But he knew better than anyone that there was no such thing as a free lunch.

So he still kept his guard up. He was not naive enough to trust a strange girl just because she had a beautiful smile.

Also, he found it weird that the other beings who were passing them by completely ignored him and the blue shining girl even though they were standing right in front of them.

The disdainful and curious looks he was getting earlier were also gone now. It was almost as if the others couldn ’t see them or even if they saw, they ignored them.

Liam took a deep breath and decided to worry about this later. First things first. He needed to figure out where the hell he was and what was special about this place.

He followed the young girl with a polite smile as she started leading him away. A couple of minutes later…

”See this, Kouske? This one is an inn. You can rest here if you are tired. ”

”This one is an eatery. You can eat here if you are hungry. ”

”This one is a tavern. You can drink here delicious things! ”

Liam ’s face twitched. What the hell kind of introduction was this!

”Miss Itzel, can you tell me what currency is used here? How can I buy something to eat? ” He asked after listening to all the bullshit patiently.

”Ah. Sorry. I don ’t know about that because I am not allowed to go inside these places. ” The girl blinked adorably.

Liam was once again speechless. He did not know if this girl was acting cutely or if her nature was just that.

”But Miss Itzel should know about the auction house, right? ” Liam asked without giving up.

After all, the system prompt called this place Milky Way Auction city so there had to be an auction house here!

”He He He. Of course, you dummy. I can enter the big building. To buy anything in the big building you just need mana cores, but for more expensive items you need gems. ”

”Mana cores? ” Liam gasped. It was just like he thought. This place did not accept gold coins. Instead, it was mana cores.

With this, his doubt was now almost confirmed. He was probably not in the Xion realm at all! He couldn ’t sense mana. He couldn ’t sense nether. Just where the hell was he?

”Do you want some money? Why do you look sad? ” Itzel tilted her head as if she was taking pity and asked.

”No. No. I can ’t burden you, Miss Itzel. ” Liam smiled politely and quickly refused. He needed to find out more details.

He couldn ’t afford to ask for help and risk this person ’s strange kindness towards him.

”Shall we continue walking? ”

”Yes. Ha Ha. ” The girl giggled and once again started skipping and walking.


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