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Chapter 489 - Greeny doesnt like visitors

Chapter 488 – Come,let ’s play!

A few more minutes later…

”And that is the main big building! It is not open now, but there different nice items will be auctioned from time to time. ”

”This is the most famous place in the milky way city where everyone comes from far away places. Lots of nice things are also sold here. ”

The girl clapped her hands and turned around to face Liam.

”Ha Ha. That end ’s our tour! Did you like it, Mr. Kouske? ”

”I sure did. You are an amazing tour guide! ” Liam smiled. ”Miss Itzel, do you maybe know when the auction house will open again? ”

”Umm… It should open in another week. 6 days 4 hours to be precise! ”

”I see thanks, Miss Itzel. I am very grateful for your help. ” Liam politely bowed. The place was in fact not that big and most of it was just inns and restaurants and bars.

There were also a few other more useful shops that Liam wanted to revisit and check out. So he politely bowed and prepared to bid farewell to the strange girl.

”Thank you, Miss Itzel. I don ’t want to take up your time any longer. I hope you have a great day! ”

Unexpectedly, the girl ’s face changed. ”You are leaving so soon? Don ’t you want to play with me some more? ”

Play with her? Liam coughed awkwardly. Maybe she is joking? ”Ha Ha Ha. Whatever pleases you, Miss Itzel. ”

”Yay! You are the best! Come let ’s go to the duck pond! We can play fishing there! ”

Liam blinked. Was this really the best use of his time? He needed to be working on his alchemy right now.

He wanted to check out the shop that sold potions to see if there were any new recipes here.

After that, he wanted to use the white card to go back to the PVP tower and come back in a week when the auction starts.

He also needed to hunt beasts and get mana cores to be able to buy something in the auction. Not to mention he had to form his own mana core as well.

But this girl was calling him over to play fishing in a duck pond? He scratched his head not knowing what to do now.

He didn ’t know this strange girl ’s background so he did not want to casually offend her. On the other hand, he also couldn ’t waste time like this.

And which grown-ass woman behaved so childishly? This girl walked like a child, talked like a child, maybe she really is a child?

In the end, Liam decided to go along with it. ’I can give it another hour and find more information about this girl ’s background. ’

”Ok. Ok. We can play fishing, but isn ’t it getting late? Don ’t you have to go home? Where do you live? ” Liam asked.

”I live outside the city. That ’s alright. My mother is not home. ” The girl giggled.

”Oh. Aha ha ha. That ’s good then. ”

Liam now became even more curious about this girl ’s background. He thought that she was from another realm but turns out she was from here. Just what was this place?

The girl quickly began leading him to the said pond and he also quietly followed. Once again everyone walking around the streets completely ignored them.

”Where is this pond, Miss Itzel? ” Liam kept the conversation going to make the girl talk more.

Also, this was a genuine question because he hadn ’t seen any pond in their small tour from earlier.

The place was more like a typical city with only buildings everywhere, not much of anything else.

”It ’s right this way. ” The girl winked. ɴᴇᴡ ɴᴏᴠᴇʟ ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀs ᴀʀᴇ ᴘᴜʙʟɪsʜᴇᴅ ᴏɴ Frᴇᴇwᴇʙnᴏᴠᴇʟ.ᴄom

Hmm? Liam followed her and not long after they reached a dead-end street. Just when he was wondering where they were going to go, the girl stepped forward and tapped lightly on the wall.

Immediately the place started glowing brightly and opened up.

”Come in. Quick! ” Liam walked in and the girl entered too. The wall then closed behind them. The next second Liam received another huge shock.

Before he didn ’t see it or rather it didn ’t hit him properly but now he could! Without the crowd around them, the place was more visible to him.

With the dusk sky, and the satin thread ground extending as far as eyes could see it was like he was standing on top of a giant jellyfish!

And beneath the sating threaded jelly ground, there seemed to be a profound depth.

But despite this, strange environment, there were trees, plants, and bushes around them. They had black stems and luminous leaves.

More importantly, everything around him was shimmering.

Milky way auction city… The satin threaded jelly ground… The different gravity… No mana or nether…

It couldn ’t be, right? Liam gulped and turned to the childishly smiling girl. ”Miss Itzel, this place had star energy? ”

”Aha aha ha. Mister Kouske, you are a dummy. It ’s not called star energy. It ’s called astral energy. I will teach you later. We should play now first! Come, I will take you to my pond. ”

”Sure. ” Liam smiled bitterly.

’Astral energy huh… At least I didn ’t get any debuffs. ’

The two of them walked and soon they came to a big pond beyond which there was a palace. But it was not like the palace back in the Gresh Kingdom or even the Nether realm.

It was a gigantic palace. Liam couldn ’t see where it started and where it ended. He might as well be an ant in this place.

”Miss… Itzel… maybe it is not a good idea for me to be here. ” Liam couldn ’t help but notice that there were none of the other beings or creatures in this part of the city.

Was he once again somewhere he should not be with someone whom he should not be with?

”No. No. It ’s alright. Papa built this pond for me! Of course, I can bring my friends here! ”

”Papa? Your father? ” Liam gulped. ”Is he around? ”

”No. No. ” The girl shook her head. ”He went away for some work. He will be back only next month. ”

Phew. Liam relaxed a little. At this point, he just wanted to get this over with and leave the place. ”Let ’s play then? ” He smiled and asked.

”Yay! ” The little girl clapped and squatted in front of the pond. The pond had water that was once again shimmering.

Liam curiously dipped his finger in. He immediately got a cool nourishing feeling. He then scooped up some water and tried drinking it.

Immediately, his stamina, health bar, and mana bar glowed. It was as if every bit of tiredness from his body completely left him.

Liam noticed that the girl was staring at him so he quickly smiled. ”This water is so tasty! ”

”Yay, I am glad you liked my pond, Mr. Kouske. ”

”I feel thirsty often. So let me fill some water in my can. ” Liam shamelessly took out some big canisters and continued filling them one after the other.

Unfortunately, he only had twenty. If he had known about this before, he would have definitely brought more!

”Sorry. I am done now. ” He smiled.

”Just in time. See! There! I see a fish! ” Liam followed the girl ’s blue finger when unexpectedly… BOOM!


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