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Chapter 490 - Magic Pond?

Chapter 489 – Greeny doesn ’t like visitors

Liam couldn ’t even see the attack. Something fast and powerful shot forward from the girl ’s hand. The next second, a dead glowing fish floated on the pond.

”1 point for me, Mr. Kouske! ”

”Aha ha ha. Miss Itzel is so strong! ” Liam awkwardly chuckled. This girl was strong enough to kill him a dozen times over!

”He He. ” The girl shook her head. ”No, Mr. Kouske. Big sister is the strongest. But papa says I am the prettiest! ”

”Of course, you are. You look very pretty, Miss Itzel. ”

”He He. Thank you, Mr. Kouske. Oh, look there! There is another fish! This time I will let Mr. Kouske get it. ”

”Ok. ” Liam nodded. He aimed for the glow just beneath the water surface and sent forward a lightning arrow, but his hit wasn ’t nearly strong enough.

With one hit from the girl, the fish began to float belly up but his attack did not even tickle the damn thing.

”Looks like I am very bad at this. ” Liam smiled.

”No, No, Mr. Kouske don ’t worry. You spot the fish. I will help you kill it! ” The girl excitedly said.

”Alright. Thanks for helping me. ”

The two of them then began playing and within a few minutes, several fishes were floating on the pond. It was a sight to behold.

”Ahem. Let me clear all of this up for you. ” Liam smiled. ”Since Miss Itzel is clearly winning, the loser should do this chore. ”

”He He. You are so bad at this, Mr. Kouske. ” The girl happily giggled.

Sure, I am. He obviously had to let this monster in a little girl ’s costume win. Who knows what will happen if she lost?

He waddled into the pond and a cool refreshing feeling swept across his entire body. ”The water feels good, Miss Itzel, ” Liam remarked.

He then began hurriedly sweeping up all the dead glowing fish and tossed them into his inventory. They were probably some good items with a lot of value.

The water also felt quite good. He wished he could take more of these.

However, just as he was busy stealing everything in sight, the girl sitting on the side suddenly yelped!

”Mr. Kouske! I almost forgot! Be careful! My pet greeny is inside the pond. He doesn ’t like visitors very much! ”

Huh? Greeny?

Liam instantly had a bad feeling. Call it intuition. He did not even think twice before starting to back out of the pond when something moved near his legs.

Fuck! He now started running out of the pond as fast as he could and he also almost reached the shore when suddenly green vines shot out of the pond and wrapped around his leg.

They were pulling him back into the pond.

Fuuuuuccckkk! Was he now supposed to fight this thing? Liam struggled to get away from the thing ’s grasp by digging his heels into the jelly ground.

But there was a different type of bouncy friction and no balance! What the hell!

He couldn ’t even attack the damn thing because it was the girl ’s pet. Luckily for him, the girl finally took action.

”Greeny! Greeny! Mr. Kouske is our guest! Don ’t be rude! ”


Something roared with discontent and Liam felt the vines around his leg loosen up.

”Thanks, Miss Itzel. Aha ha ha. I wish you had told me about ahem ’greeny ’ sooner. ” He awkwardly smiled, catching his breath.

He was just saying it, but the girl ’s face immediately changed. Unexpectedly she started crying. ”Sorry, Sorry. Mr. Kouske. Please don ’t hate me. ”

”What now? No. No. Not at all. Nothing like that. ”

”No one talks to me and no one plays with me. Papa is always busy and my sisters are always training. Mr. Kouske is the only nice person who is willing to play with me. ”

”Please don ’t hate me. ” The girl sobbed and as she did storm clouds began forming above their head and the pond water started churning.

The heck? Liam ’s eyes widened in shock. What the hell was happening? Just who was this girl?

And what was he supposed to do now? Comfort her? He quickly walked over and sat next to her.

”Please don ’t cry, Miss Itzel. ” He then had an idea and took something from his inventory. It was one of Shen Yue ’s meatballs. ”Here, do you want to try some food from my place? ”

The girl immediately lifted her head up and blinked at Liam. ”Ah really. Thanks, Mr. Kouske. Papa says never take anything from outsiders, but you are my friend. So I will eat this. ”

She nibbled on the meatball and the next second revealed a curious expression. ”I have never eaten anything like this! It ’s good! ”

”Do you like it? Here take some more. ” It was Luna ’s food and if it could save his life, Liam did not mind giving it away.

He was sure that the girl had probably eaten better things. What he was giving was maybe equivalent to fast food and sometimes fast food was what one needed.

Soon everything returned to its normal state and the girl was happy once again. She wiped her mouth after eating and then dusted her hand before standing up.

”Thank you for playing with me, big brother. Sorry, Mr. Kouske. ”

”You can call me big brother, Miss Itzel. I would be honored. ” Liam shamelessly smiled again.

The girl looked even happier and brimmed with excitement. ”I have seven sisters and not one big brother! Now, I finally have a big brother also! Yay! ”

”Ha Ha. ” Liam ruffled her head, just like he does with Mei Mei and the girl seemed to enjoy it. ”Alright, I should leave now. I will come back next week. That time we can meet again? ”

”Ah, but big brother ’s card is all used up! ” Itzel worriedly replied.

”You mean this one? ” Liam showed her the white card.

”Yes! ” The girl nodded. She paused for a moment and then tapped her ring to take out a white crystal.

”Big brother, use this one. That card you can use only once but this one you can use any number of times. ”

”Oh. I see. Thanks. ” Liam felt relieved. Because he did not know what it was he almost wasted this chance.

”Mmm. Goodbye, big brother. ” Itzel waved goodbye. Liam felt the white crystal glowing and his vision once again darkened. A second later, he was back in the same room at the PVP tower.

Liam blinked in a daze and then shook his head. ”What the hell just happened? Did I eat some strange herb? Was I tripping? ”

He hurriedly opened his inventory slot to find the items still there. So everything was real after all. He chuckled wryly thinking about that strange experience.

”Let me check out what this is. ” He took out a fish from the inventory slot.

Ding. [Glowing Silverfish – When consumed increases all attributes permanently by 1]


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