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Chapter 491 - BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

Chapter 490 – Magic Pond?

Ding. [Glowing Silverfish – When consumed increases all attributes permanently by 1]

Liam dumbfoundedly stared at the small fish in his hands, placed it down, and took out another fish from his inventory.

Ding. [Glowing Silverfish – When consumed increases all attributes permanently by 1]

”You have got to be kidding me… ”

He retrieved another five fish and all of them also had the same special effect.

”This is insane. What kind of fish is this! No wonder that damned greeny was so strong! That bitch is probably feeding on these fishes non-stop! ”

While Liam was busily looking at these fish, the other person in the garden also smelled the aroma of the meat and slowly padded toward Liam.


A fox shamelessly appeared.

Liam chuckled and immediately shook his head. ”No. No. No. Nope! Until you show me one of those flames you ate, you are not getting anything more! ”

Luna adorably pouted but Liam was resolute in his decision. He gave the fox some of Shen Yue ’s meatballs and he started his sushi feast.

How could the ordinary meatball compare to the special fish?

Luna made pitiful faces the entire time. ”No way, sweetheart. ” Liam did not waver.

He started roasting the small fish lightly before tossing them one by one into his mouth and chomping down on everything including bones.

Promptly, the notifications also started appearing one after another. His stats started steadily jumping.

”Heck yes! ”

After the repeated failures in making the elixir, it felt good to get some boosts. The entire room now smelled delicious and the sound of crunching bones filled the space.

Kyuuuuu! Luna whined again.

Liam grinned and shook his head. ”Still no. ”

He was done eating the fifth fish and tossed the sixth one in. He had a total of 20 fish and he couldn ’t wait for the huge boost this was going to give.

Every level up below Level 50 gave 2 stat points per attribute and every level up after Level 50 gave 3 stat points per attribute.

Besides this, he already had the stat boost from consuming the elixir. So if he consumed all of these fish, he would be much stronger than any other player at the same level!

He could even rival someone ten levels higher than him.

Liam grinned ear to ear and quickly ate up. The notifications also steadily rolled in.

But suddenly after eating the 7th fish, he was no longer seeing any difference. He quickly opened his status screen.


Name: Liam

Species: Human being

Gender: Male

Level: 50

Class: Soulmancer

Titles: Rolling in Debt, Perfectionist, Soul Devourer, Pioneer, Gresh Kingdom Duke, Thol City Garrison Leader, Stage 1 Ranker

Pet: Luna, Talon

Health: 5193/ 5193

Mana: 5056/ 5056


Vitality: 145

Stamina: 145

Strength: 145

Defense: 145

Intellect: 145

Agility: 145


There were no notifications of further stat boosts and couldn ’t see any more stat gains. The only boost he got was the additional stat points from the first 6 fish.

”Hmmm? ” Liam stopped eating. ”Is there may be a limit on how of these I can eat? Even if I eat more, I wouldn ’t gain anything. Ok, I will save these then. There is no point in wasting them. ”


Immediately, the fox next to him brightened up and she reminded him of her presence.

Give me! Give me! She looked at Liam with big adorable eyes!

”What a little scammer! ” Liam chuckled and after thinking for a moment, he gave the little thing three of the fishes, storing the remaining ten for future use.


Instantly, Luna revealed her shining teeth and revealed a big smile, the fish disappearing within seconds.

Liam was curious to see how many stats she would gain. The little fox was after all a celestial grade beast so she probably received more benefits?

And bingo! He was right!

He had only received +1 and Luna was getting +5!

He hurriedly opened her status page to take a look.


[Name: Pet1, Luna]

[Level: 16]

[Type: Spirit beast (Evolution possible)]

[Grade: Celestial]

”Why are you so mysterious Luna? What stats do you have? You won ’t show me? ” Liam lifted the fox by her tail and shook her playfully.

As if being high on the fish she had just eaten, the little fox as well laughed giddily.

”Heh. I will play with you later. I really need to do some work now. ” While everyone was busy fighting for their lives, it was ironic that he had already spent several hours just playing.

Liam tossed the fox aside and started arranging everything to study the recipe one more time.

He spent a couple of hours thinking about how he could make the compound more stable and prevent it from disintegrating and falling apart at the last step which was his main issue.

In fact, this was typically the main problem with most potions since it was only at the end when everything, all the separate ingredients come together to combine and become something new which was the basis of alchemy.

He mulled over this for another hour and then stopped for a few minutes. He was once again at a standstill and was not making any progress.

”Ok, I should learn and practice more recipes. ” He took out the recipe scrolls and learned everything one after the other. Some of them were easy but some of them were difficult.

”Hmm… Hopefully, this should improve my skills a bit more. ” Liam cracked his knuckles and started working on the new recipes.

He first went through the recipes and made sure he understood the process and the reason why certain herbs were used for certain recipes.

He had already sunk a few hours in now so after a few more minutes, he was completely exhausted.

Liam fell back, lying down on the grassy garden, and stared at the sky. ”I should just take a nap. ”

”Hmmm. Maybe I will try drinking that pond water. That was very refreshing. Maybe it can recover mental fatigue or help me concentrate? ”

Liam excitedly took out a canister and decided to check out the water as well.

He only checked out the fish before and since the fish was very special, the water it was swimming in was also special?

He opened the cap and took a small gulp. Almost instantly, the mental tiredness that he had accumulated so far disappeared.

He felt invigorated as if he had just woken up from a 12-hour sleep!

Even though it did not give him any stat boosts, this was also a very good item. ”I guess time to get back to work. ” Liam chuckled wryly as he peered over the recipes again.

But a few seconds later, he lifted up his head to look at the small pond not too far away from him. That ’s right! He also had a pond, didn ’t he?!

”I never checked out that pond. ” Liam clicked his tongue. The little fox was playing inside it all the time but he didn ’t think of it as anything special.

But now after seeing the other pond, he wondered if this could be anything good?


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