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Chapter 499 - Field Boss!

Chapter 498 – Luna ’s speciality

Liam pondered for a moment and then started bombarding the wasps surrounding him with more fireballs.

He tried doing a few more things to them like changing their shape, adding a spin and then slowly he began to stretch them out little by little.

The fire balls became more like flying fire walls that slapped the wasps but this form was not ideal as both the speed and power were lowered.

Liam continued experimenting with whatever he felt like while playing around with the wasps left and right. His improvement in strength was more than apparent just from this.

After a while when he was finally done with the last of the wisps, he managed to get a rough idea about the type of element fire was.

”I should use all the element type spells alternatingly to understand this type of difference better. ”

He made a mental note and jumped back into the hiding spot, waiting for the next swarm of wasps.

Luna as well followed him and was about to jump in but at the last minute, she dashed ahead towards one of the fallen wasps and picked something up.

She then ran back to Liam and dropped it into his lap.

”Hmmm? What is this? Did I miss a drop? ”

The next second he was startled because this thing was very obviously a mana core. It was a small pea-sized mana core that he had clearly overlooked.

Or rather he did not expect a level 50 wasp to already possess one.

While it was true that beasts above Level 50 had a chance to form a natural mana core, this was more true with Level 60 and above beasts.

Around Level 50, it was pretty rare to come across a mana core drop.

Even what he obtained wasn ’t a good one. It was just a low-grade mana core with a dull violet shade to it. Nevertheless, it was something he needed.

Liam patted the little fox and put the mana core inside his inventory. ”Good job! ” He could always count on the little greedy thing to grab everything in sight.

Soon the next swarm appeared and Liam started the process all over again.

[Ding. You have gained 1000 experience points]

[Ding. You have gained 1000 experience points]

The training went on for a while and the number of wasps from the nest slowly started piling up. Liam also managed to gather 3 low-grade mana cores from slaughtering about 60 wasps.

This was bad but compared to before this was still better.

In fact, he couldn ’t help but wonder if personally forming a mana core helps with the drops. Maybe he got these three mana cores as drops because he had one himself.panda-novel,c,om

”Well, whatever. ” Liam quickly put away that thought as figuring out the mechanics of this ’game ’ was not going to help him that much, especially these few small details.

He continued playing with the fire-type attacks and slowly grinding down the rest of the wasps as well when suddenly the big shots from the nest started appearing one after the other.

There were six elites that had stepped out to patrol.

”It looks like it is time to get a bit more serious. ” Liam took a deep breath and prepared himself for what was about to come.

It was 1 vs 6 and he was going up against six elites! This was not going to be easy!

So he took a second to set his mind and then began. With a Bang!

Six fire balls slammed on the 6 elites one after the other, taking away the first 5000 of their health. Each of these elites had about a million health so this was just the beginning.

Liam then did not give them a chance to locate him and kept spamming the same spells over and over again.

He was doing this even though it was not the most efficient way to burn through their health. This was because he was doing it to burn the wings first.

However, the elites were not that easily tricked compared to the normal wasps.

They quickly sniffed him out and before he could damage their wings, they shot forward toward him spiraling their pincers like drill bits.

”Damn it. ” Liam hurriedly started erecting several ice walls around him.

For the elites, this was child ’s play and they crashed against the walls, shattering them into pieces in just one or two hits.

But Liam was not done yet. In fact, he had planned for this exact same situation. The six wasps surrounded him and the hand that should have gone to the sword by now was also staying still.

He had already decided to fight with these guys as a mage so he was not going to change his plan midway.

As soon as the last ice wall crumbled, he grinned and instantly erected a few more walls. However, this time the wasps didn ’t get the ice alone.

In between the walls, sharp spikes of earth unexpectedly arose and caught the wasps off guard. Two out of the six elites were instantly impaled by the spikes.

And one of them was also impaled right in its already charred wing, making this wasp the first to fall down on the ground helplessly.

Once it did this, it was already a goner because now the elite was under Luna ’s domain. She started harassing the fallen wasp to no end until it was fried crisp and perfect.

[Ding. You have gained 5000 experience points]

Liam promptly received the notification as he continued to deal with the other five wasps. These guys had a lot of health but once they were crippled, they became pretty useless.

Their speed, agility, and numbers were their strongest points and Liam aimed to take care of these things first.

He erected a few more walls and earth spikes but after the first few attacks, the wasps became alert to this pattern. They now more consciously dodged his attacks and didn ’t fall for it so easily.

”Alright, time for the next phase, ” Liam mumbled as he quickly retreated back a few paces.

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