Re: Evolution Online

Chapter 49 - No Matter What It Took

he game launched?! ”

”This is crazy insane! This is totally going to be the next big thing! ” Rey shouted in excitement, his eyes still glued to the esports news channel.

However, in contrast to his cheerful mood, the person slouching on the couch next to him said and did nothing as she blankly stared at the television.

”Is this really growing so much? ” She muttered in a daze.

”Yes. Do you even know what is the gold to dollar ratio now? ” Alex shook her head, a few strands of her red hair falling on the side.

”By the way, our names on the leaderboard are already gone. People are grinding day and night and the… ”

Rey continued excitedly chatting about the new developments both in-game and outside the game, but the woman was clearly no longer paying any attention to him.

She had zoned out completely with several thoughts running in her mind. Several popular video games had come and gone.

They all typically had a high game currency to real world currency exchange rate but this inevitably dropped in a few months.

So even though this new game was shrouded in mystery and no one knew what exactly was happening, this hype as well probably wouldn ’t last long.

But still… if she was a gambler, she would surely bet on the hype at least lasting for a year…

This gave Alex several ideas.

If she perhaps could somehow become extremely powerful and strong in a short period of time, then maybe… just maybe she could gather all the resources they need to keep the company afloat and stop the hostile takeover.

So while Mia was busy dealing with all the company related issues, she could potentially help her out by gaining resources in this manner.

And by some chance, if the game somehow managed to last longer, then their company could even gain a lot by being an official sponsor of the in-game guild or esports team. The possibilities were truly limitless!

All in all, this was a wonderful opportunity. Sure she could probably work hard on some other route and achieve this same result, but the fastest, high risk high reward route was this one.

And call it intuition or gut feeling, for some reason, she knew that this was the way to go! Something told her that she needed to follow her instincts and invest more time and effort into this game.

Alex closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Now that she had made this decision, her brain already started calculating what she needed to do to achieve her goals.

How could she possibly rise head and shoulders above the herd of professional gamers and skilled players?

She took a few deep breaths and thought about it from different angles, but no matter how hard she racked her brain, only a single person ’s image flashed in front of her again and again and the obvious shortcut stared right at her face.

If she could somehow use him…

Alex gritted her teeth. She was determined to take things as far as it was needed. She was going to put everything on the line, so how could she hesitate about something like this?

After all, it was just a game right… just how realistic could it be? Something like that couldn ’t possibly matter as long as it didn ’t happen in real life!

She bit her lips and turned to look at her brother who was back to watching the news. ”Do you still have that jerk on your friend list? ”

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