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Chapter 500 - Bigger not better

Chapter 499 – Field Boss!

Liam quickly retreated back and used that few seconds head start he got to cast [Lava Rain].

A huge ball of lava crackled upwards and disintegrated into several big beads of lava that dropped from the sky.

The five wasps, who had already recovered from the last attack, once again shot after Liam with ferocity, only to be caught up in this lava rain.

Liam as well was under the same area but since he was not moving very much right now, he was able to avoid the lava rain drops easily.

The same could not be said for the wasps. They came at him with so much speed that they ended up getting hit several times before a good chunk of their health disappeared.

More importantly, their wings were finally ruined. All five wasps dropped down, struggling and both Liam and Luna quickly took care of the rest and finished the elites in no time.

Without their speed and agility, the wasps were not too much of a threat and the notifications popped up promptly one after the other.

”Did we hit everything? Let ’s go inside and check it out. ”

Liam along with Luna walked into the bunch of small hills in the area. From the outside, they might look like hills but inside they were clearly wasp nests.

”What is this? ” Liam touched something stringy and elastic. Several bundles of the same thing were hanging upside down.

It looked similar to something and then in a moment, it struck him. This was honey!

Honey was a rare ingredient that is used in several cooking recipes. So if this was really honey, then the abundant resources in front of him could be directly converted into gold coins.

Pressing the liquid in between his fingers, Liam directly licked a little to confirm. The next second a thick delicious sweet taste entered his mouth. This was definitely honey.

[Ding. You have consumed Striped Wasp Honey]

[Ding. Your agility is increased by 20% for the next 5 hours]

”Hmmm. This also has an additional effect? ” Liam stared at the inside of the hill in amazement. 20% buff for the next 5 hours was a pretty good one.

Especially, in normal dungeons and big dungeons, something like this could improve the whole group ’s stats and give a huge compound effect.

There was also a lot of honey available. This was a big jackpot.

Earlier Liam had plans of destroying these hills to clear out this wasp problem but now this was not a problem rather this was a natural honey farm right next to their guild residence.

There was no way he was going to destroy it.

”Come out. ” Liam summoned his soul undead army and ordered them to harvest half of the honey inside the first nest hill.

The group then repeated the same for the four hills in the area.

”Alright. Now how do I transport all of this to the guild residence? ” Just when Liam was thinking about this, a familiar face popped near him.

”Bro! I am back! ” Rey grinned from ear to ear and ran towards Liam shouting all the way.

”Ah. ” Liam took a step back uncomfortably. He had almost forgotten that he called this person over. ”Are you feeling better now? ”panda-novel,c,om

”Yes, bro! I am 100% better. See I am already up by 5 levels. Alex told me that she will help me level up but I wanted to do it on my own. ”

”Alright. That ’s good. ” Liam scratched his head. He then talked to Rey about the ruined plots around the guild residence and the latter quickly agreed to work on it with a big beaming smile.

”Anything else, bro? ”

”Right. Can you take care of moving all of this honey into our guild vault? ”

Rey once again nodded energetically with a big smile. ”Anything else, bro? ”

”Umm. No. ” Liam awkwardly smiled. ”Just take care and do your best to get stronger. ”

Rey nodded his head up and down, almost jumping in place. He then quickly began taking care of things. He called a couple of his friends over and started the transportation process.

Liam waited for a few seconds and then left the area. The wasps were only going to respawn the next day probably so he no longer had any work here.

He took another look at Rey who noticed him glancing and waved goodbye furiously. Liam was completely speechless. Why does this guy even like me so much?!

He shook his head helplessly and then left. However, before he could take a few steps, the ground underneath them suddenly started shaking.

Rey and the other couple of players from the Crimson Abyss guild instantly rushed out. ”BRO! Thank god you are still here! ” He shouted from the distance. ”BRO! There is a field boss here! ”

Hmmm? Liam turned around to see the guy waving at him madly and behind him, something huge was coming out of the ground.

It was a humongous wasp and it flew out of the ground slowly. It had a pair of big red eyes that murderously gazed at the four human beings in front of it.

Its legs were all sharp and pointed like the ends of a spear and unlike the other wasps Liam had faced, this one did not just have 6 of these legs.

There seemed to be numerous spear legs all bunched up together. Its sting was huge and dripping with some sort of venom. Overall, the wasp was terrifying to look at.

It held true to its status as a Level 55 field boss!

”Bro, how are we going to fight this thing? ” Rey gulped and asked.

The two other players standing near him looked at him dumbfoundedly. Shouldn ’t they be running away right now? Why was he talking about fighting!

They both looked at Liam, wanting him to talk some sense into the guy but Liam as well was unexpectedly nodding at Rey ’s words.

These two have definitely decided to die here! The two other players started backing away.

They knew Liam was already Level 50 but there was no way a single Level 50 player was going to be able to defeat a Level 55 field boss on his own!

This was the definition of insanity!

”You three stand back and support with DPS whenever possible, ” Liam shouted as he ran forward closer.

This wasp was indeed going to be a tough opponent but everything should have some weakness. And this one ’s probably should be… its huge body!

”Because of its huge body, this guy ’s speed shouldn ’t be impressive. The wings are probably just for show. We can do it. ”

However, before Liam could even finish speaking, the huge wasp suddenly moved. It flapped its wing and shot up to the sky with incredible speed.

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