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Chapter 501 - lts about time!

Chapter 500 – Bigger not better

”Fuck! ” Liam only needed one look at the thing to eat back his words. This field boss was indeed not something to be trifled with.

Every move it made showed its domineering strength. It was heads and shoulders above the boss elites they had come across so far.

Even before dealing with it, he could already tell that this one had a mana core.

Liam did not waste any more time and quickly took out the leftover anti-venom potions he had.

It was only a low grade potion and he was not sure if it would work against this boss but it had to suffice for now. At the least, it would reduce the symptoms.

”Bro! Tell me what should I do? ” Rey dunked it down and energetically asked. Unlike the two next to him, he had unshakeable confidence in Liam.

He said it could be done so it could be done. There was no other question about it.

On the other hand, seeing him Liam was speechless. What can a Level 10 do against a Level 55 boss?!

”Just sit tight and do what you can. ” He said and dashed forward. ”This is going to be troublesome. Luna, attack when you can. ”

Against absolute strength and speed like this, only equally absolute power would work. However, Liam lacked that at the moment.

All he had were tricks and now, tricks were not enough. To fully demonstrate the power of his mana core…

”I really need a stronger spell! ” Liam let out a deep breath and unsheathed his sword. This was not training mode. This was hard mode!

His heart pounded as he clutched his sword and waited for the monster to descend.

After the wasp shot up like a rocket, it completely disappeared for a couple of seconds. However, Liam did not have any doubt. It was definitely coming back down.

The thing probably wanted some fresh air after remaining underground for so long.

1 second… 2 seconds…

A few seconds passed by in ominous silence and then it happened, the wasp shot back down to the ground at incredible speed like a speeding train.

And it came directly for Liam!


Liam drew his sword to block the thing but he immediately regretted that decision.

Combined with the power of dropping down from the height, the wasp ’s single attack made his body tremble and shake.

The place where he stood went in a couple of feet just from the impact and a huge chunk of his health also disappeared.

This was not an opponent he could beat in hand to hand combat. Its speed and agility gave it an immense strength that seemed to be beyond his own.

After the first attack, the wasp did not stop there.


Its numerous legs thrusted forward, all of them wanting to skewer Liam. From the outside, it looked like a complete massacre but for Liam, this attack was actually somewhat manageable.

He used his own boosted speed and agility to block and parry with the legs threatening to make him into a meat paste.

In the midst of this, all of a sudden a huge flame scorched the wasp ’s back.

Kyuuuu! Luna angrily growled.

While the others were busy watching the fight even forgetting where they were, only Luna gave it her all and attacked the wasp.




Three damage numbers popped up. This was not nearly enough to take out the 5 million health field boss but it was a start.

The little fox ’s eyes twinkled as she prepared herself for the next attack. She looked particularly angry, watching Liam struggle like this.

And seeing her actions, Rey and the two others also started attacking the wasp providing the small amount of support that they could.

Rey was a hunter and the other two were mages so they were able to do something. However, the grand total of their damage was still miserably lower than Luna ’s.

At this rate, this fight was definitely not going anywhere. At least with Liam blocking the thing and with just them three providing the dps this battle was already a goner.

”Shit! How can I help bro? ” Rey quietly pondered.

Right at this second, he got a message. It was from Alex. He assumed that she was just checking on him but surprisingly it was about Liam.

[Do you know where Liam is?]

Almost immediately, Rey sent her the reply and asked her to come to his coordinates. He replied to her with an Urgent tag.

They were also very close to the guild residence. If this fight turns into a guild raid, this would be over in the blink of an eye!

Rey immediately got this idea and started sending out messages to all the friends he had made in the guild so far.

It was not difficult to spread the word and soon a big crowd showed up.

Liam who was fighting with the wasp saw this and chuckled. More number of players always did not mean a smoother battle.

He knew Rey meant well but this could easily backfire. Their guild was full of spies and shady players at the moment. The rest were blind fanatics of the two sisters.

There were some normal players but their skill level wasn ’t that good.

So in this situation, more than half the attacks could land on him rather than the wasp and they would essentially be putting him down.

It was basically open season on him!

However, Liam was not a newbie. He knew how to handle this situation perfectly. The moment he saw the approaching crowd, he immediately started changing his position.

He made sure to have the wasp facing the crowd from the guild and his own back was up against a hill, the huge wasp acting as a shield for him.

Now even if his ’loyal ’ guild members wanted to ’help ’ him, they couldn ’t do it. Their only option was to attack the wasp.

This worked out perfectly and with Liam ’s tanking, the other players started to slowly grind down the health of the field boss.

But how could a field boss be brought down with just this?

As soon as the wasp ’s health dropped down to 75%, something unexpected happened. The huge wasp once again shot up into the air, disappearing in the cloud cover.

Everyone tilted their head up to look at it and Liam had a bad feeling.

”Retreat! ” He shouted but it was already too late. The wasp that had shot up now came down plunging directly into the middle of the crowd.

It landed smack dab on the head of a player and instantly skewered twelve others around it.

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